Bling Bling Barcelona


Bling Bling's variety of music choices is the perfect combination! While in the nightclub Bling Bling you will hear the best hits from all your favourite musical genres accompanied by exciting party atmosphere that gets together the coolest locals, as well as international people. 

At Bling Bling you will find 3 rooms: Main Room, VIP Room and Zona-Private where you can enjoy the fancy and exotic cocktails while listening to the electronic, dance, commercial house, hip-hop music and party anthems. Located on Tuset Street, the Club is undoubtedly the most chic and trendy option you can find in Barcelona's Zona Alta. Its decoration is inspired by ostentation and the exaggeration of luxury. Its interior designer, Estrella Salietti, in collaboration with the studio Futur2, wanted to give this touch of glamour using luminous LEDs and elements of bright jewels on its walls and multiple panels.

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