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  • Moni nightclub Mykonos view of the interior inside the club modern interior design white beige colors
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Agia Moni Square Mykonos 84600, 846 00, Greece



11:59 - 6:00


11:59 - 6:00


11:59 - 6:00


11:59 - 6:00


11:59 - 6:00


11:59 - 6:00


11:59 - 6:00
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Located in the historic square, called the Agia Moni square, neighboring its namesake monastery, is where you will find Moni club. The word ‘’Moni’’ means alone in the Greek language and the Agia Moni monastery was one of the only churches to be built solo whereas most of the other churches are built in pairs. The clubs slogan ‘’More than family’’ is to represent the Mykonos way of everything, a deep connection to family and family values, something the founders of the club cared deeply about. Moni club was founded by regular visitors that came and left the island for over 25 years. Having been there so many times and interacting with both the locals and the tourists, the founders were able to build a club that is true to the history, values and culture identity of Mykonos, making everyone feel right at home by offering modern and international twists in its architectural design like using stone white walls and neutrals colors in its décor.

Moni club is only 100 meters away from one of the most iconic churches in the world, Panagia Paraportiani as well as being close to other churches like St. Nicholas church and The Church of the Three Hierarchs. The fact that these churches influenced the design of the club greatly can be easily seen in the club. It offers a homey environment, making your night of partying much more comfortable and like a family event.

Don’t let the churches and the slogan of the club fool you, however. Moni club is an international host for world renowned DJs and celebrities. Moni is definitely one of the world's finest clubs when it comes to their line ups and epic mixologists. They also offer VIP catering to those who seek an upscale, exclusive party experience. Famous celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Ariana Grande and other A listers visit Moni Club during its peak season. The USA basketball team was also spotted partying at the Moni Club, making the club one of their celebratory stops after a long, hard season.

If you want to party with the elitist of the elite and the kind of people that are at the top of their fields while staying true to Mykonos’ culture identity, Moni is the place to be. Offering a peaceful, safe but incredibly fun environment, Moni club captures the hearts of people dancing into the new day, until the sun rises or as they would say ‘’Whenever it happens’’.

Whether you spent the day touring the islands most famous locations or had dinner at one of the many restaurants (like the Greek restaurant Paraportiani Taverna,yum) around the Agia Moni square, or you were on your way back from the boat tours taking off from the Old Port of Mykonos city, the possibility of you stumbling upon Moni club are high. And trust us, if you see it, you will want to experience a night of partying in this incredible looking place. Their upbeat and well-known DJs and line ups are just another selling point of the club. So, plan ahead and make sure to have you have your IDs and are dressed appropriately for a night you will always remember fondly.
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Moni en Mykonos 18 jul. 2024

jueves, 18 julio 2024

11:59 - 06:00

Moni en Mykonos 19 jul. 2024

viernes, 19 julio 2024

11:59 - 06:00

Moni en Mykonos 20 jul. 2024

sábado, 20 julio 2024

11:59 - 06:00

Moni en Mykonos 21 jul. 2024

domingo, 21 julio 2024

11:59 - 06:00

Moni en Mykonos 22 jul. 2024

lunes, 22 julio 2024

11:59 - 06:00

Moni en Mykonos 23 jul. 2024

martes, 23 julio 2024

11:59 - 06:00

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