24 Oct 2018

Club Rating

How good are the clubs really? How do you actually know what clubs are good or bad? At Clubbable we are proudly claiming to have the only available reliable and accurate rating of the VIP nightclubs. If you look at any other site who has ratings of any decent nightclub you will pretty much always find a terrible rating since the people who make the effort to create a review are mainly the upset guests who did not get in. In fact these types of ratings have almost gone so far that the lower rating a club has the harder it must be to get in which in turn means it is popular and therefore must be good one might assume. This is not really the case though since it more often reflects how delicately the door lady handles the refusal of guests not deemed clubbable. That is a chapter on its own nicely described by The Telegraph. The Clubbable club rating on the other hand, is purely based on the feedback from the guests who actually did get in. Also this rating is done by everyone who did use the app to go in, not just the ones who did not like the club or so. This means that our rating truly describes the experience at the club and should be a reliable source of recommendation for anyone planning a night out. Apart from rating the club, the guests also get to rate the promoter who took them in, which is then used to calculate a average rating of the promoter. The rating of the promoter is visible on every offer you get from the promoters in the app, when you have created a group for going out. Not only does this give you as a guest a good indication of which promoter you decide is worthy of your choice to be the lucky one to take you onto the club, but it also keeps the promoter on his toes to give you the best possible night out, since he or she very much would like to maintain a high score - much like a uber rating. For a serious promoter is having a high rating crucial in order to get their offers selected by the guests. Let's create the best conditions for VIP clubbing together - by rating clubs and promoters in the Clubbable app, resulting in guaranty for a safe and fabulous VIP nightlife!

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