16 ott 2023

Clubbable Yacht

The founder of Clubbable and his friend has ordered this stunning top modern brand new 62 foot solar electric catamaran from Silent Yachts.

It will have 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms in total where 1-2 are used for crew. So 5-6 double en suite guest bedrooms. It can have 12 guests in total

This yacht will be available for charter from July 2024 in the Mediterranean. On occasion individual cabins will be available for rent and if you are a influencer with good following you can get invited to cruise in return for publicity. Follow @luminous.solar.yacht and message us there if you are interested in charter, cabin or come as a influencer and let us know when and where you would like to be on the boat

While being completely silent due to its solar power and large batteries removing the need to run the generator while on anchor, it also has a 145kW diesel generator for when it is needed.

It has the largest motors and batteries available, hydraulic lifting platform, automatic computer controlled towing kite system, an epic owners suite cabin on the 3rd deck

When the Mediterranean season is over we will get it across the Atlantic and spend the winters in the Caribbean. Would you like to cross the Atlantic with us?

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