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Dear Darling

Dolce Club/Discoteca London


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Reign Showclub Club/Discoteca London

Reign Showclub

Tonteria Club/Discoteca London



Nightlife in London is a wild collection of experiences, reflecting Britain's imperial past, but with a more modern, wholesome, fun twist. Having cultural influences from across the world, London embraces the fast pace extravagance of Hollywood nightlife, the beauty and charms of classic Europe, and food, sights, and sounds from across Asia and Africa.

Add to that the fact that London is a wealthy, powerful city, and you know you are getting the latest and greatest in club technology. Expect sound systems which will have you feeling the beats in your bones, state of the art lighting, and huge features, from indoor fountains to wall displays, modern art to moving platforms, and everything your heart could possibly desire.

Celebrity-spotting in the London club scene is next to none. This city is a magnet for celebrity holidays and, with the cool and temperamental weather, there is no better place to rub shoulders with the rich and famous than in one of London's warm, cosy, themed nightclubs. After a day of shopping or having lunch with famous friends, many visiting celebrities love to stop by the clubs at the end of the day to hang out in the VIP and have a few nice drinks. What better way to end the day, after all?

And yes, speaking of the themes, they can get a little wild. London clublife takes the idea of a "concept club" to the next level, creating true adult playgrounds for all to enjoy. Full scale murals and sculptures, themed furniture and lighting, and even special artists and acts to fully immerse you in the idea of being in a whole new world.

Because many London clubs are so strongly themed, dress codes can be a little more fun than in more traditional clubs. There is a bit more flexibility where at hip hop clubs you can wear (extremely stylish and neat) streetwear, or at animal or jungle themed clubs you can enjoy seeing guests or hostesses in animal print minidresses. Not to mention themed events featuring neon, urban camo, retro looks, and all sorts of wild and sexy costume ideas. Who said dressup is just for kids?

Another major benefit of clubbing in London is that the legal drinking age is eighteen. Which means that the minimum age to get into clubs is, you guessed it, eighteen. Although in some parts of the world you have to wait until three years into adulthood before you taste your first legal drink, in the UK if you are old enough to drive a car, get a credit card, and go to uni/college, you are old enough to have a drink and a good time.
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  • Alessandra Usuaria
    Usa l'applicazione per uscire fuori a Londra
    5 stelle! Mi piace molto questa applicazione, troppo facile da usare, accurata al 100% e trova i migliori club, discteche e promotori! Voglio ringraziare Waib promotore che ha fatto un ottimo lavoro con i biglietti per Charlie Mayfair per le bevande ed anche per la musica
  • Viktor Åkerblom Attore svedese
    Viktor Åkerblom
    Attore svedese
    5 stelle! Un servizio perfetto in tutto. Ho passato una notte fantastica a Londra. L'applicazione e le persone che lavorano con esso sono state fantastiche!
  • Syed Khan Promotore numero 1 a Londra
    Promotore numero 1 a Londra
    5 stelle! Mi piace come in realtà ti dà una esperienza da VIP! E attrae il miglior tipo di persone!

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