24 ott 2018

How to go out VIP

With Clubbable the control is moved back to us - the party people. You will yourself create the best conditions for a successful luxury night out VIP clubbing with the Clubbable app - all with a few clicks on your smartphone! You will be certain how your night will work out when arranged in beforehand with the Clubbable app - you can just enjoy the fun! Usually, to be able to enter exclusive VIP clubs in metropolitan cities like London and party places like Cannes, you either have to book your own VIP drink table by phone or email, or you will need to know a so called ‘promoter’. A promoter is a kind of party planner that have contact with the clubs, and decides who to let in where and when. In many cases, people don't know promoters (especially tourists) and they have no chance in entering VIP clubs. And if you do know a promoter, you will not be able to plan your evening yourself, it will be the promoter that you happen to know that will decide what club you will attend and the arrangements for the night. With Clubbable, the control is moved to you - you have yourself the power for your night out! The way the app works is that you create a group in the app with your party crew. You pick a date, invite your friends and select which clubs you would consider. Here, you have two options to make; you either request guest list, or book your own VIP drink table. Ladies preferable request guest list and guys book a table. If you book your own VIP table, everything will be arranged for you at your arrival and the service at your table will be magnificence. If requesting the guest list, you will get many offers for that night from all the best promoters in that city. The offers include free entrance to the club, free drinks, often taxi, pre-drink on a nearby bar, queue jump to the club and sometimes dinner. Here, you have the control. You discuss with your party crew in an associated chat in the app what offer you like the most, and after accepting an offer you are also able to discuss the details of the evening with the promoter in the chat. The promoters will not be able to contact you before you actually accept an offer. A new cool feature in the app is the possibility to join a VIP table through the app. People with a VIP table can invite others to join their table, and people on the guest list can request to join a VIP table during the evening. This is a great way to meet new friends and drink lots of Champagne! With the Clubbable app you can in this way yourself arrange the best conditions for a successful luxury night out - all with a few clicks on your smartphone! Please don't mix this with making VIP clubbing 'easy' to do - it's only for ‘Clubbable’ people - but for us it will be smooth - and as mention, putting the power over the night with us - where and how!

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