Dubai dune buggy tour

1 avr. 2021

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Travelling to Dubai is always exciting but if you are looking for a special thing to do to spice up your holiday why not try a tour over the desert in a cool boggy! 

All adventure enthusiasts should try the most memorable buggy tours imaginable. There is no better way to traverse across the majestic Arabian desert than in a powerful dune buggy. The guided tours will see you tearing up the dunes in the range of Can Am Buggies – all with impressive horsepower.

The friendly guide will provide you with all the necessary tips to ensure a safe adventure throughout the tour. The dune buggies are expertly maintained and fitted out with advanced safety features, as well as standard features including 4-point race harnesses, doors and full roll cages. These buggies comes with a 4-wheel drive system and automatic gearboxes – making them super easy to operate. 

The Experience:

Rip through massive golden sand dunes in an endlessly magnificent landscape.

Well-paced tour based on driver ability, enjoy power on demand in our meticulously maintained vehicles.

You will visit the most iconic Arabian desert landscapes such as Big Red dune, Pink Rock, Valley of a Thousand Dunes and the majestic Lost Trees Oasis.

The options are:

1. Polaris XP buggy - 2 seater - 1 hour for 1300 aed - 2 hours for 1600 aed

2. Polaris RS1 buggy - 1 seater - 1 hour for 1000 aed - 2 hours for 1300 aed

3. CanAm Turbo buggy - 2 seater - 1 hour for 1600 aed - 2 hours for 2250 aed

4. CanAm X3 Turbo buggy - 4 seater - 1 hour for 2000 aed - 2 hours for 2600 aed 

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