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Bikini boîte de nuit Barcelona


Bling Bling boîte de nuit Barcelona

Bling Bling

Downtown boîte de nuit Barcelona


Duvet boîte de nuit Barcelona


Go BeachClub boîte de nuit Barcelona

Go BeachClub

La Biblio boîte de nuit Barcelona

La Biblio

Otto Zutz boîte de nuit Barcelona

Otto Zutz

Rumba Mansion boîte de nuit Barcelona

Rumba Mansion

Sutton boîte de nuit Barcelona


The Secret Q boîte de nuit Barcelona

The Secret Q


Nightlife in Barcelona is one of the most intense experiences you will have anywhere in Europe. All night long, whatever sort of music, dance, and drinks your heart desires. Barcelona is one of the few places in the world where you can experience an authentic cultural medley in any club of your choosing.

Barcelona embraces its international culture and has done so for generations. You can experience Argentinian Tango dayclubs complete with lessons, carnival themed clubs and events, German and American style nightclubs, and more. Nothing is impossible in this beautiful international city.

Barcelona nightclubs are the origin of many excellent new nightclub trends and chains of nightclubs, such as Opium Barcelona which, although not the very first Opium, was the inspiration for the current look at the Opium Madrid and Opium London clubs' looks.

It shouldn't be surprising that Barcelona is a trendsetter though. With so many different cultures, and such an active art and fashion scene, Barcelona brings the best from nightlife around the world and wraps it all neatly together, providing an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

Barcelona clubs stay open pretty long, even by European standards. You'd be hard-pressed to find a venue that closes before three in the morning. If you find yourself getting tired, you can always retire to one of Barcelona's many lounges, have a cup of coffee or a cocktail with plenty of caffeine, and recharge for the rest of the night. Most clubs have comfortable seating if you make sure to book a table, though.

Barcelona also boasts dayclubs. By day, on the beach, you can lounge in sunbeds, hang out under gazebos, or hit a club's pool party, to make the most of the sunshine and flowing alcohol. Much like Las Vegas or Los Angeles, in Barcelona you really need to decide on a time to go home and commit to it, because if you're not careful you can wind up so excited about partying all day and all night til you're so tired you can barely remember where your hotel is.

Finally, don't forget that Barcelona is host to a range of boat parties, where clubs and other venues sometimes hire a boat or another floating venue for their beach parties for a night, weekend, or longer. There are also boat party cruises that actually set off and give you an experience full of drinks, sun, and party fun, all afternoon, evening, and night.
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