How to dress like a Clubbable man

24 oct. 2019

How to dress like a Clubbable man

We interviewed actor and producer Matthew Fitzthomas Rogers on the topic of how to dress in a clubbable way since Matthew with his swagger was considered the ideal candidate for this due to the circles he socialise in and always dress the part.

  1. So Matthew, I don't think  we have ever seen you without a blazer or some sort of dinner jacket. Do you always wear one and do you have special ones for different occasions?

I never considered my attire to be special, but I am increasingly stopped and engaged in conversation about my style. I consider myself to be someone who dresses properly, which of course is usually smart. I don’t believe in ‘dressing up’, and certainly don’t understand the concept of ‘dressing down’.

Naturally I recognise my style is akin to the halcyon days of Society, and as such have clothing for any occasion, be it a Soiree at home, an afternoon of Polo or a White Tie dinner. I am always prepared, with tie in pocket so that I may attend any establishment of my choosing at a moments notice. After all, some of the finer establishments still have codes of dress.

  1. These pins you have on your jacket look very clubbable. Where are they from?

I have a small collection, they are either purely decorative or represent societies I am a member of, and thus some are more visually interesting than others. I favour an ornate and stately design, but that is a matter of taste and doesn’t speak to the significance of the accessory.

  1. Are there different seasons to your outfits?

I have an inclination to organise my wardrobe in to other scenarios rather than seasons. Scenarios might relate to formality.

  1. Do you ever wear hats?

As above, I like to have the proper attire for a particular purpose. As such, I have a variety of hats with a Top hat being at the more formal end. I rarely wear hats on a day-to-day basis, unless in the South of France where I need the shade.

  1. Scarves you wear quite often right?

Yes, I have a collection of silk scarves and cravats. I also have a larger winter scarf for the icy weather. The former are largely for aesthetic purposes.

  1. What is your favourite type of shoe?

My favourite is a Prince Albert, or a velvet slipper / loafer of some kind. I have a large collection both for indoor and outdoor use, and find them to be most comfortable and attractive. I do of course, like to wear the proper shoe for any given occasion and as such have different footwear for the Opera, Yachting, Riding, County walks, and a variety of handmade leather shoes for more formal occasion.

But I favour a handmade tassel or embroidered loafer while I relax in my withdrawing room.

  1. You don't wear jeans very often do you? What trousers do you wear?

I don’t believe I own any jeans at the moment, although have in the past worn them, especially when I lived in the country. There are other trouser types I feel are suitably hard-wearing. It is rather dull seeing nearly 100% of the population wearing jeans, they are remarkably popular and terribly unimaginative, but they have their purpose, and are of course a practical choice for many situations.

I favour trousers. Proper trousers that could accompany a blazer. With a belt usually, or more formally, with braces. I tend to wear Black or Burgundy, but have a range of trousers for most occasions.

  1. What colours of trousers are trending right now and which colour should one definitely avoid currently?

I am wearing black at the moment, and Burgundy this morning. I believe one should wear what one wants, though I would advise against creating trends out of Society's choices. The red-trouser explosion has become tiresome, which is a shame, as in the 80s they had quite a different impression. I would avoid white in London, unless at an event, purely because the polluted air will make them tarnish rather quickly, and lighter colours are more suited to better weather.

  1. Bow or tie?

I have several of both, suitable for the formality of the occasion. I usually carry a small tie, often a bow tie, so that I may effortlessly be prepared to enter any establishment that might have a code. My most formal is the White bow tie of course. Ties are a personal affair and as such believe people should dress as they wish, although I  would advise against pre-tied options, they are particularly indecorous.

  1. How many buttons do you think are ok to unbutton(on the shirt)?

None for formality, one for post-formal soirees, two for the Riviera. I think it depends on the individual and the occasion, but it is vulgar to display an unnecessary amount of one's body. What is necessary however is  up to the individual and the occasion. There are certain masked balls where little other than the mask is worn!

  1. We know you like the members clubs of course. Which ones do you prefer?

Most clubs that I believe you refer to, I find to be unapologetically targeting the Nouveau Riche, and few proper clubs still exist. I am a member of only a couple but have visited many. The best tend not to promote themselves heavily for fear of becoming like the Red Trouser. There are some beautiful stately clubs that I find most agreeable and private, while others people visit are merely to be seen at. Tramp and Annabell's are usually lots of fun though.

  1. Someone told us that you have on occasion been seen at some of the VIP nightclubs. Which ones are your favourites?

At some point in my life I have been to most in London and many in New York. I tend to avoid the places that shout about their VIP clientele or who classify anyone spending over a certain amount to get a table be a VIP. However, with services like Clubbable I have discovered a way to explore that world that suits me, from the establishments to the company.

Thank you Matthew and good luck with everything!

Check out his adventures and art on his instagram. @hon.fitzthomas and @m.rogers_artist

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