24 oct. 2018

Promoter License

If you are a well established nightclub promoter who has good connections with the clubs you work with we can award you a promoter license. This allows you to switch the app over to promoter mode where you can see what groups want to go out. You can view the profiles of the people in the group, what clubs they are interested in going to and if they want guest list or VIP table booking. After reviewing the group you can choose to send them a tailored offer of either guest list or a table quote and what is included. The group organiser will get notified instantly and can review your offer. If they choose your offer a chat channel will be opened and you can chat directly to the group organiser. In the chat you as a promoter will provide the instructions of where to go, what to wear, how to get in and when to meet etc. To get a free promoter license simply download the app and click "Apply for promoter license" in the menu and Clubbable will get back to you.

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