5 апр 2020


Q: Why book a VIP table?

A: All VIP nightclubs are best experienced as a VIP, which means you have a VIP table booked. This means you can arrive at peak time and still skip the queue. At the door you will be greeted by a host who escorts you to your own table where you have top service at the table. Booking in advance always gives you a cheaper price since the clubs increase the prices as they fill up.

Q: What is included when you book a table at a nightclub?

A: Tables are usually booked at a “Minimum spend” price. For this amount you get to buy bottles from the bottle menu. VIP entry and the table itself is included. Bottle prices vary but you can usually find some from around 350 Dollars/Euros/Pounds. In the United States tax and tips are usually charged on top of the minimum spend which most often comes to around 31%.

Q: When I book a table, what is included in the price?

A: In the minimum spend price you will have included flexible arrival time, vip club access which means you’ll jump the queue, a standing or sitting table, one or more bottles of alcohol that you will get to choose and mixers.

Q: Why do I have to pay a deposit to book a table?

A: The deposit paid is for us to know that you are a serious client who will go out to the club we have booked you in and to secure your table.

Q: Am I guaranteed entry with a table booking?

A: Mostly yes but the door staff always has the last word into who gets in and who doesn’t.

Q: How can I get my deposit back?

A: Send us a picture of the receipt you received after paying the bill at the club.

Q: Why should I book a table in advance instead of just turning up?

A: Firstly it is a big risk that the club might be fully booked by the time you arrive. Secondly, because if you just turn up they know you really want to get in and often quote you a higher price. Third, if done with the Clubbable app you can then invite others to join your table if you want a bigger crew.

Q: I didn’t go out but I want my deposit back.

A: Write to us an explanation of why you’ve put down a deposit and did not go out.


Q: When do I know I am on the guest list

A: You will be notified in the app and via email when receiving invites from various promoters to different clubs, if you have requested only one club and a promoter can offer to put your group on the guest list you will receive a message that you have already been added to a guest list but it is mandatory for you to chat to the promoter about all details.

Q: Why do I have to put pictures on to apply for guest list?

A: Most nightclubs have an exclusive guest list, in order for the club promoters to know if you are a good fit for the nightclub they need to see how everyone in your group looks like.

Q: Why does the app/website require at least 50% females in a group to apply for guest list?

A: Mixed groups are preferred by clubs, this goes for both guest list and table bookings but guest list is more strict as it is usually an exclusive way to enter a club offering free entrance and drinks.

Q: Why am I not getting any offers of guest list?

A: Our promoters might have not seen your group yet, the guest lists can be already full, your group might not be what they are looking for or the pictures you’ve added are not clear enough.

Q: Can I accept more than one offer?

A: No you can only accept one offer since guest list is only for early entry and if you would go to one club first then you would be too late for guest list for another club. 

Q:Is it important to have recent photos?

A: Yes. Promoters judge by the pictures what clubs they will get them passed the door lady. If inaccurate, then it is more likely the door staff may say no and the promoter will not be able to do anything. Putting pictures on that are from the good glory days will only result in disappointment.

Q: Can promoters retract the offers that they have sent you? 

A: Yes they can but they rarely do. If they do it is typically due to them going away so they would not be able to help you anyway.

Q: Can I receive offers up until the day before the event? 

A: Yes you can receive offers from the point your group request has been sent to two hours before an event.

Q: Should I wait as long as possible to accept an offer?

A: I would say wait with accepting until a day or 2 before to get the most offers to choose from but do not leave it until late on the party date since you need some time to chat to the promoter to get everything sorted.

Q: The promoter I had accepted an offer from removed it,  what can I do?

A: If it’s not too late and you do have other offers just accept another one. You might receive more offers from other promoters too.


Q: I want to accept an offer but I’m getting the message “go to bed”.

A: You are seeing that message because it is after 10.30PM which is the limit time to accept an offer because by that time people usually have to be ready to go to the club and promoters will not have time to give instructions and chat with the guest.

Q: Why can’t I create a group before I want to go out but receive “go to bed” notification?

A: The go to bed message is sent only after 10.30PM. There is not enough time to plan a night out in half an hour, to have a successful night you need to create your group at least 12 hours before your go out event.

Q: I can’t find in the list the club I want to go to.

A: Firstly check if that nightclub is open for the day you chose. If we don’t list the club at all feel free to send us a feedback message suggesting to add the club you’re looking for, our team will review and if it matches our concept it will be added shortly.

Q: Why can I create only four groups?

A: This is to prevent non serious guests from spamming the system.

Q: I lost my purse/phone/jacket/wallet/id at your club.

A: You need to contact the official club as we just book tables and help with guest list for many clubs.

Q: What is the dress code?

A: The dress code varies between each city, club, day of the week and event but wearing formal clothes will get both men and women in for sure.

Q: Can I show a picture or copy of my Id at the door?

A: No, it needs to be the original ID, passport, driving licence etc.

Q: I can not download the app. It says "Account not in this store". What should I do?

A: It seems like you have selected a store in a different country than the country on your Apple account so make sure you select the store in the same country as your phone is.


Q: Can djs play at your club?

A: We are not a club but we book at many venues. Use the contact form and send us your details and we might be able to help.

Q: Can I get my venue listed on your platform?

A: Use the contact us form to send all the details of your venue, we will review and get back to you with an answer.

Please let us know if you have any further questions through the contact us form. 

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