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30 мар 2024

Formula 1 Race in Monaco

Located in the glamorous French Riviera, Monaco stands as a symbol of luxury, sophistication, and unparalleled beauty. Once a year, this principality becomes the epicenter of the motorsport world as it hosts one of the most iconic races on the Formula 1 calendar - the Monaco Grand Prix.

Since its inception in 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix has been synonymous with prestige and glamour. The race is a formidable challenge for drivers, earning it the nickname "The Jewel in Formula 1's Crown." Over the years, it has witnessed countless moments of drama and excitement, from Ayrton Senna's legendary battles to Graham Hill's record-breaking victories. The Monaco Grand Prix is not just a race; it's a spectacle, steeped in history and tradition.

Beyond its challenging circuit, the Monaco Grand Prix is also a showcase of wealth and extravagance. Celebrities, dignitaries, and high-profile guests gather to the principality each year to witness the spectacle firsthand. The streets come alive with the roar of engines, the clink of champagne glasses, and the buzz of excitement. From the luxurious yachts docked in the harbor to the VIP parties held in exclusive venues, the Monaco Grand Prix is as much a social event as it is a sporting one.

If you are within the few lucky people who can afford to be part of this amazing event, you must not miss the best and most selective club that everyone wants to attend, Lilly's. Make sure to prebook your table or purchase tickets for many special events and make the F1 experience unforgettable.

The Monaco Grand Prix is more than just a race; it's a symbol of excellence, glamour, and tradition. From its legendary circuit to its star-studded guest list, the Monaco Grand Prix captivates audiences around the world year after year and it will continue to do so for generations to come.

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23 фев 2024

Milan Fashion Show 2024

Milan, the centre of Italian fashion, once again welcomes all fashion elites and enthusiasts at the Milano Fashion Week. A spectacle of style, innovation and creativity, this biannual event showcases the latest trends from renowned designers and emerging talents alike.

Milan Fashion Week is well known for its ability to captivate audiences with iconic collections that push the boundaries of fashion. From the classic elegance of Italian luxury brands to avant-garde designs that redefine contemporary style, the runway becomes a canvas for artistic expression.

One of the defining features of Milan Fashion Week is the star-studded front rows, where celebrities, influencers, and fashion icons come together to witness the spectacle unfold. From Hollywood A-listers to international supermodels, the front row becomes a melting pot of glamour and sophistication.

If you are lucky to find yourself in Milan during this unique week in February you must experience the Milanese nightlife which mirrors the luxurious fashion aesthetic. The best clubs in Milano are:

Just Me previously known as Just Cavalli, the most famous nightclub in Milan.

Tocqueville 13 is a vibrant club that offers a various selection of music genres throughout the week.

Republic is the best nightclub for younger crowds and if you like electronic and techno music.

Play Club plays a mixture of hiphop, reggaeton and commercial music, it attracts stylish and selected individuals. 

Volt, Sound, 55, Aria, The Club are also great nightclubs to attend. 

If you are unsure about which club is the best fit for you just fill in the table request form and a representative will get in touch within minutes. 

From iconic collections to celebrity sightings, Milano Fashion Week offers an unforgettable experience for fashion enthusiasts around the globe. With each passing season, designers push the boundaries of fashion, captivating audiences with their ingenuity and vision. As the industry evolves, one thing remains certain: Milan Fashion Week will continue to inspire, delight, and surprise us for years to come.

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1 фев 2024


level 27 Rooftop in Warsaw offers a unique nightlife experience from its prime location on the 27th floor, providing stunning views of the city skyline. This club is famous for its "Higher level of clubbing," featuring social and cultural events, dance, and music performances. level 27 has received numerous awards, including placement on the list of the World's 100 BEST CLUBS by the International Nightlife Association and recognition from Tripadvisor for excellence​.

The club is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 23:00 to 5:00, inviting guests to enjoy its two distinct zones: a central part with a modern interior and an open terrace, enhancing the atmosphere with its unique design elements​. 


The menu at level 27 is extensive, offering a range of premium beverages, from champagne and wines to unique cocktails and spirits, catering to various tastes and preferences​. The menu includes champagnes from renowned champagne houses such as G.H. Mumm, or Perrier-Jouët, as well as premium sparkling wines from the Italian brand Lamborghini. The offer includes both standard bottles and larger ones, such as magnum or jeroboam. level 27 also offers Pampelle, a premium French aperitif made from red grapefruits, which is the base for popular cocktails such as Pampelle Spritz. The club serves high-class vodkas, including Dutch LOUERS Vodka and Swedish Absolut Elyx. For shisha fans, the club offers high-quality tobacco available in various flavors, which is a perfect complement to a night's rest.


For VIP services, level 27 provides options such as VIP table bookings, which include benefits like skipping the entrance line, free entry, premium seating near the DJ and dance floor, and unique bottle service rituals. There are also various membership club cards offering additional benefits, from free entry to discounts on orders​.

level 27 hosts a variety of events, from DJ nights to special-themed parties. Each event is designed to offer a memorable experience with a focus on music, dance, and socializing. The venue is also available for private events, offering a unique setting for corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, and more. With its stunning views and luxurious ambiance, level 27 can guarantee an unforgettable party on the rooftop.

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19 янв 2024

Paris Fashion Show 2024

The Paris Fashion Show is an annual spectacle that epitomizes the pinnacle of the fashion world, drawing together designers, models, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts from across the globe. Renowned for its opulence, innovation, and trendsetting prowess, the event is a showcase of creativity, craftsmanship, and the ever-evolving nature of the fashion industry.

The Paris Fashion Show is not merely a display of clothing; it is a carefully curated experience that explores the intersection of art, culture, and commerce. The runway becomes a canvas upon which designers paint their visions, pushing the boundaries of style and challenging conventional norms. Attendees witness a fusion of textures, colors, and silhouettes, with each collection telling a unique story that reflects the designer's inspirations and aspirations.

High-profile fashion houses, such as Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton, participate in the event, showcasing their influence and shaping the industry's trajectory. However, the Paris Fashion Show is also a platform for emerging talents and independent designers to make their mark. This inclusive approach ensures a diverse range of perspectives, fostering innovation and diversity within the fashion landscape.

Celebrities, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts flock to the City of Light to witness the unveiling of the latest trends and to immerse themselves in the electric atmosphere surrounding the shows. The front row is a coveted space, often graced by the presence of A-list celebrities, fashion icons, and industry insiders, creating a dynamic environment where fashion and celebrity seamlessly intertwine.

Behind the scenes, the Paris Fashion Show involves meticulous planning, collaboration, and coordination. From casting models to designing sets, every detail is carefully orchestrated to create a visually stunning and memorable event. The fashion show is not only a celebration of style but also a reflection of the ever-evolving nature of the industry, responding to societal shifts and cultural influences.

Make the Paris Fashion week memorable by attending some of the amazing events and parties held at the renowned venues such as: 

L'arc, one of the oldest and most famous nightclubs in Paris, a must see.

Boumboum is a unique venue which changes their decoration and music type everyday, you cannot get bored here.

Cova gathers famous rappers and is well known for its hiphop parties.

Deflower is the best nightclub for a younger crowd, it is fun, sexy and exciting.

L'Aquarium is also a must see, you will not get the chance to party next to mermaids swimming around in an enormous aquarium too often. 

Matignon is the best venue for a more mature crowd, it is a luxurious and classy restaurant and club that will please your senses. 

Hopefully these recommendations will help you create a nightout you will not forget!

Meaning of Clubbable
24 окт 2023

Meaning of Clubbable

The old definition according to the Oxford dictionary is "suitable for membership of a club because of one's sociability or popularity". Nowadays the term is more often used to describe the suitable clientele of a VIP nightclub with is so much more than simply based on looks.

This meaning of the word goes perfect with what our nightlife brand is all about. Being "clubbable" is so much more than just looks and money. Style, charm, contacts and social skills are also important aspects of a clubbable person.

Recently politicians used the word to describe the British prime minister Theresa May as "not Clubbable" according to articles in The Telegraph and by the BBC.

Spellings such as clubable has also been seen though out history as well as clubabble which are both wrong.

As for pronunciation it is closer to "club bubble" than "club able". In phonetic writing it is: kləbəbəl. 

Make sure to tag your VIP club photos on Instagram with #clubbable and @clubbableapp and we may feature them on the Clubbable Instagram account.

Clubbable Yacht
16 окт 2023

Clubbable Yacht

The founder of Clubbable and his friend has ordered this stunning top modern brand new 62 foot solar electric catamaran from Silent Yachts.

It will have 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms in total where 1-2 are used for crew. So 5-6 double en suite guest bedrooms. It can have 12 guests in total

This yacht will be available for charter from July 2024 in the Mediterranean. On occasion individual cabins will be available for rent and if you are a influencer with good following you can get invited to cruise in return for publicity. Follow and message us there if you are interested in charter, cabin or come as a influencer and let us know when and where you would like to be on the boat

While being completely silent due to its solar power and large batteries removing the need to run the generator while on anchor, it also has a 145kW diesel generator for when it is needed.

It has the largest motors and batteries available, hydraulic lifting platform, automatic computer controlled towing kite system, an epic owners suite cabin on the 3rd deck

When the Mediterranean season is over we will get it across the Atlantic and spend the winters in the Caribbean. Would you like to cross the Atlantic with us?

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30 ноя 2022

Best NYE parties 2022

Once again we are approaching the end of a year. 2022 has brought us back to normality and we are very grateful for it. 

Here is our list of the best New Year's Eve parties that will happen in EU, USA, Asia and other continets.

We will keep updating this list throught the following couple of weeks.


There are so many options in Paris that it might feel overwhelming to choose, we will list our most preffered clubs from top to bottom to make it easier for you to decide.







London, our hometown where everything started always offers magnificent clubbing options, it is not easy for us to pick a favourite but we will list the best options.


Reign Showclub

Cirque le Soir





A new addition to our vast cities list, Rome is becoming a popular party destination. 

Toy Room


If you end up celebrating NYE in Miami prepare for a hangover week afterwards!

Mr Jones



Bottled Blonde



To be continued

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1 апр 2021

Dubai dune buggy tour

Travelling to Dubai is always exciting but if you are looking for a special thing to do to spice up your holiday why not try a tour over the desert in a cool boggy! 

All adventure enthusiasts should try the most memorable buggy tours imaginable. There is no better way to traverse across the majestic Arabian desert than in a powerful dune buggy. The guided tours will see you tearing up the dunes in the range of Can Am Buggies – all with impressive horsepower.

The friendly guide will provide you with all the necessary tips to ensure a safe adventure throughout the tour. The dune buggies are expertly maintained and fitted out with advanced safety features, as well as standard features including 4-point race harnesses, doors and full roll cages. These buggies comes with a 4-wheel drive system and automatic gearboxes – making them super easy to operate. 

The Experience:

Rip through massive golden sand dunes in an endlessly magnificent landscape.

Well-paced tour based on driver ability, enjoy power on demand in our meticulously maintained vehicles.

You will visit the most iconic Arabian desert landscapes such as Big Red dune, Pink Rock, Valley of a Thousand Dunes and the majestic Lost Trees Oasis.

The options are:

1. Polaris XP buggy - 2 seater - 1 hour for 1300 aed - 2 hours for 1600 aed

2. Polaris RS1 buggy - 1 seater - 1 hour for 1000 aed - 2 hours for 1300 aed

3. CanAm Turbo buggy - 2 seater - 1 hour for 1600 aed - 2 hours for 2250 aed

4. CanAm X3 Turbo buggy - 4 seater - 1 hour for 2000 aed - 2 hours for 2600 aed 

Contact us for reservations and more information.

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22 фев 2021

Find a promoter

If you are a club goer you already know that getting into a club can sometimes be a tricky job and if you’re a nightlife newbie then the following information is essential to know and keep in mind. 

Let’s start with the key word here, promoter. 

What is a promoter?

A club promoter is someone who works for clubs. 

Promoters are very passionate about the entertainment business so they help clubs to keep a fun, upbeat atmosphere by bringing many guests into the club and keeping them entertained. It is also their job to make sure only good guests come in.

There are two types of promoters:

The first one is the in house promoter which means that the promoter is working directly with the club making him/her a trusted person by the club and by guests.

The in house promoter can offer special table deals and has his/her own guest list.

The second type of promoter is the freelancer one. They have agreements with all the clubs they work with but are not hired directly by the club and usually do not have the same priority or authority as inhouse promoters.

This promoter can still offer a guest list but most of the time it will be someone else’s guest list. 

Then there are sub promoters who are junior promoters working on behalf of a senior promoter who has the deal with the club.

For example Adda is a freelance promoter and she will be offering guests John’s guest list, John being an in house promoter he has his own guest list.

But why would you need a promoter anyway?

That’s because most venues are not taking bookings directly, instead they are paying the promoters to take care of bookings.

If you try messaging the club you will most probably not receive a reply. Many nightclubs are just impossible to get into without a promoter.

Now that you know how important a promoter’s role is you’ll soon find out that finding a good one is not as easy as it might seem. 

We have noticed the need for a space where party people can find those good promoters who give good deals and can add you on their guest list, where the upcoming parties, newly opened clubs and the ones that close their doors are always up to date.

Using Clubbable to go out makes the entire process stress free and easy. 

You can either book a table for the set prices that are suitable for your group or you contact us if you have special requirements and we will make it happen. 

If you want to be on the guest list you can apply for it by creating a group with details such as date, preferred club, number of guys/girls, age and pictures for yourself and your friends. Our promoters will be notified about your group and offer you to be on their guest list. If you like their offer you can accept it which will then let you chat with the promoter to find out about all the extra details. 

It really is that easy. 

If you are a promoter check out how it works for you.

Picture by @wayhomestudio

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27 мар 2024

Best NYE parties 2020

We are once again approaching the end of another year, taking all that has happened in 2020 we think everyone is happy that this eventful year is coming to an end. 

Hopefully we can all remain positive that the future will bring a sense of normality back in our lives and resurrect the greatly missed nightlife.

If you are currently living within the EU you already know that celebrating the New Year is prohibited by all governments, which means that public celebrations are not allowed. You might be allowed to host a small house party with a maximum of 6 people, depending on which country you live in, but that is the best one can do regarding this situation. 

Check the availability of flights to the following destinations, you might get lucky and be able to party in a more tolerant country.


All clubs are fully booked!

As we have mentioned in our up to date post about When will nightclubs open again, Dubai has been the hot spot of partying since this summer when most countries have still been kept under partial lockdown. 

If you go to this luxurious city the options of parties going on everyday are just amazing. Tens of events being host on a daily basis with famous djs, bands or live shows entertaining you while being served your favourite champagne or conceptual cocktails. If you prefer to dine before partying, host your own private boat party, tan at a beach club or cool down in a swimming pool the choices are almost countless in comparison to other cities.


All clubs are fully booked!

The most happening city in the States! Florida is well known for it's hot days that last throughout the year which makes Miami a refreshing holiday destination. 

Miami's nightlife is flourishing this season so don't hesitate to give it a go, it will definitely not disappoint you. From proper nightclub events to outdoor beach or pool clubs and even boat private parties you can pick what suits your party tastes best.

There are some tickets left at Compound in Atlanta, buy them here.

Check the availability of Dubai or Miami, pick the club you've got your eye on and use the Book table button to reserve your table.

Pre booking a table is mandatory to enter any venue.

4 Tips That Will Help You Enjoy Drinking Whisky More
14 дек 2020

4 Tips That Will Help You Enjoy Drinking Whisky More

Whisky is something magical. You can share the enchanting elixir with friends and family or you can make new friends at your local cocktail or dive bar over a fine pour of the stuff. Whisky has such a diverse palette that it can appeal to almost anyone: bourbon, rye, single malt, blends. And you wouldn't mind using a few quick tricks to make your whisky taste better if you like the taste of alcohol. To learn how to enjoy drinking whisky more, read on. 

  1. Straight or Neat

When you have a glass of whisky next time, fight the temptation to throw ice into it immediately. You'll find that many whiskies are greatly improved by ice, but if you don't at least try a neat whisky, you'd be doing yourself a disservice. If you find you don't like your whisky neat, that's totally okay. A glass of straight whisky can be like a slap in the face to your taste buds with its high alcohol content (approximately 40 percent to 43 percent alcohol by volume) and bold flavor profiles.

  1. Whisky Varieties

Whisky drinkers love whisky because of its array of flavors, ranging from light and fruity to rich and smoky. Whisky experts from Glenfiddich 15  strongly recommend experimenting with various types, ages, and proof of different whisky varieties to find your preference. Also within a single form of whisky, a lot of variety can occur. Don't just try one form of Irish whisky, for instance, and decide it's not for you - you may prefer another bottle that's been aged a bit longer or has a higher or lower alcohol content. Ordering your next whisky won't be a challenge after you've heard about the various types of whisky and how best to enjoy each variety, whether you want to savor your whisky straight or a blend.

  1. Cocktails

Cocktails can be a perfect means of discovering their way into the world of whisky for beginners. We advise you to try it in a cocktail if you really don't like the taste of whisky by itself. A well-balanced cocktail will highlight the versatility and sophistication of the spirit to those who may have been put off by some whiskies' strength and strong flavors. Embrace whisky's special complexities by drinks, as it comes in many variations. If you want a sweet and easy drink, you should try the Old Fashioned Classic first. Or drinks such as Manhattan, Mint Julep, Hot Toddy, or Whisky Sour that have been time-tested.

  1. On the Rocks

Although some whisky lovers turn their noses towards the thought of drinking whisky on the rocks, there's nothing wrong with adding a little ice if you like. If you prefer chilled and diluted whisky, consider adding large ice cubes or a sphere of ice instead of small cubes to your whisky glass. The larger the ice, the slower it melts. This will allow you to experience and enjoy multiple flavors of the same drink with patience. If, without the dilution and you want the freezing effect, you might try adding chilled whisky stones.

Whisky is extraordinary when drunk in moderation. On a celebratory day, you should share a good shot of whisky with your friends and family. While there might be strong opinions from some serious drinkers about the proper way to drink whisky, there are really no hard and fast laws. Hope you can make sure you're drinking and serving the best-tasting whisky with these tips. Enjoy your drink the way it pleases you.

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30 сен 2020

Private boat parties

 We have decided to share with you the best option there is right now to have fun and party.

The coronavirus, which was first found in a seafood market late last year in 2019 December, has spread to at least 177 countries, making the Global Health organization declare a pandemic on 11th of March followed by month of quarantine and most public places to shut down. 

Since that people have been staying at home, some countries allowed party venues or outdoor locations to hold events under certain safety rules but we know that everyone is longing for having some good fun, meeting people, drinking, listening to music and dancing respecting the uneventful pandemic.

How to party during covid?

Rent your own private yacht/boat. 

We know that it sounds a bit extravagant but the prices of booking a big boat for a day have dropped significantly and it really has become the most popular way people party nowadays.

The benefits of renting your own yacht are:

- unique party experience 

- similar price as booking a table in a VIP nightclub

- personalised party

- have around only the people you like

- blast music as loud as you want

- there's no bouncer not to let you in 

- you make the rules

What we also help with is providing a DJ to perform live, bring the booze (any type of drinks from soft drinks and beers to the finest Magnum champagne bottles), offer some finger food and last but not least get together a mixed group of people.

If you don't know who to invite or don't know enough people that can attend your boat party we can certainly get a fun crowd together.

In Miami prices start from $1500.

In Dubai prices start from AED4000. 

Book directly on our website or contact us for more details.

We are sure that you will love the experience of hosting your own luxurious yacht party!

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12 июл 2021

Paris dress code

We assume that you are reading this because you’re either planning your trip to Paris or just about to go out in the city of love and you’re wondering, what to wear in Paris?

When you think about Paris you probably imagine a little chic café, paved streets, the Eiffel Tower, couples holding hands and people dressed up as if they are coming out of a Vogue magazine. 

But when it comes to dressing up for a night out, what do you actually wear?

If you know that the door policy at evening restaurants and clubstaurants is fairly strict, then the nightclubs are 100x times more rigorous. No worries though, we’re here to help.

Clubbable helps people to get in the hottest clubs worldwide all the time, but Paris is one of our main spots so we know the dos and don’ts more than anyone around! 

Dress codes can be confusing, so let us help you with our detailed, visual guides of what can pass the door staff and what never gets in. 

We will split this in two, for ladies and for men, so it will be easier for you to find what you’re looking for. 

As always, ladies first. 

What does get in?

Please keep in mind that we did not make these rules but they are enforced by the club’s policy.

Parisians love an elegant, chic but sexy look. So anything that’s young, badass or flirtish, depends on your personal style, will get in. 

Let’s show you some real examples from girls who did get in at various clubs in Paris to make this easier. 


  1. Elegant, dreamy, vaporous short dresses 

  1. Edgy look - biker, leather jacket/pants, skirts with a cool top or mini dress, mainly black

  1. Jeans, but only if you make it fashionable, it’s recommended to wear some type of higher heels with this look 

  1. Long dresses, in Paris you can never be overdressed so don’t worry about putting on that fancy dress 

  1. One word, sparkle! 

  1. That tight short dress that looks like your second skin

  1. Proper pants with a casual or elegant top

So as you can see, the styles are very versatile and fit different types of taste when it comes to what one is comfortable to wear. 

You can go all the way out and put on the most expensive royal looking dress or have a laid back look by pairing jeans with a nice blouse or cropped top. 

What’s very important are the shoes, if you’re a very tall person, above 1.75m/5’9, then you might get in wearing flat shoes, nothing sporty though, but if you’re shorter you will have to wear platforms or some type of higher shoes, even heeled boots can work depending on your outfit and the nightclub.

A few examples of what would not get in are: 


Do NOT wear big sweaters, unified jeans/ pants, granny dresses, sneakers, sports wear, puffer jacket, beach wear, flip flops..

That’s it for you ladies! 

Just look put together as per dos above examples and you’ll be fine.

Now what should our guys wear?

Booking an expensive table does not guarantee you entrance, if you want to spend 5k on a nightout but show up at the door dressed poorly you will not get in and we can’t help with that. 


We’ll keep it short and simple for the nightlife men, shirts! 

  • Proper shirt

  • Floral shirt

  • Funky shirt

  • Casual shirt

You name it, just wear a shirt! 

Pair it with smart casual jeans or pants and you’re good. 

Go for a blazer or leather jacket rather than a puffy jacket to keep you warm.

You can also opt for a sweatshirt, turtleneck or a simple t-shirt but they need to look smart. 

Accessories such as watches, necklaces, hats are also very welcomed. 

Or the best option that doesn’t ever fail you, a proper suit

Keep in mind that your shoes are also very important, pick the ones that look smart or even formal shoes

Footwear is also very important and even if you have a nice outfit on your shoes can determine if you get in or not. Only wear 1 - proper shoes or 2 - smart shoes

Here are the examples 

Proper, formal shoes

Smart casual shoes (careful with these, they shouldn’t be too casual)

Now that you know how to dress to impress and be allowed entrance you must know what to avoid.


NEVER wear fanny packs, caps, sports wear, backpacks, sneakers, hoodie over head, jogging bottoms, tennis shoes, tank tops, an overly colorful outfit that doesn’t match, sandals, visible socks, flip flops, big designer logo. We repeat NO big logos on your clothes. They will for sure get you turned down at the door.

There you have it, what to wear and what not to wear when going out in Paris for girls and guys. 

If you follow our advice you will be looking good in the eyes of the door staff but you also need to have a good attitude, be sober and behave while waiting to get in. 

Good luck at the door and most importantly always have fun! 

Erick Morillo, death, dead, found, lifeless, passed away, famous, dj, RIP, rest in peace, died
2 сен 2020

Erick Morillo dead

The famous dj Erick Morillo has passed away this Tuesday, first of September. His body has been found in a house in Miami beach.

An unidentified person has called 911 at 10 in the morning to report the death. There is currently no explanation to what has caused his death. 

Officer Ernesto Rodriguez of the Miami Beach Police Department told the PA news agency: “We received a 911 call this morning at 10.42am to 5660 La Gorce Drive. Detectives are currently on scene and in the preliminary stages of the investigation.”

Erick Morillo was only 49 years old and has been in the music industry for about 30 years, he started his career in the USA where he lived most of his life.

His most famous song "I like to move it" was release in 1993 but has gotten more famous after it has been featured in the animated movie Madagascar.

Only a month ago Erick has been charged for sexual battery after his victim has done a rape kit test that tested positive with his DNA, the incident happened back in December 2019 in his Miami villa. He has denied the allegations but after the test that finds Erick guilty he has turned himself in, he was due to appear in court on September 4 but that is now cancelled due to his death.

Morillo drew attention in June 2013 when he failed to appear at a June 6 show in Long Island, and then on June 12 when he had to be escorted off stage 45 minutes into a set, due to "erratic behaviour." According to reports, he appeared to be dazed when he began his set, and his condition worsened after he began it. At one point, he vanished from view, leaving a single loop playing over and over. Erick later stated on his Twitter page, "The time has come to take a break and refocus my attention on my health and well-being."

Morillo has won the best house DJ prize at the DJ Awards three times and the best international DJ in 2002, 2006 and 2009.

Erick Morillo has been a Colombian American disc jockey, music producer, and record label owner. He used to go under a few pseudonyms such as Ministers de la Funk, The Dronez, RAW, Smooth Touch, RBM, Deep Soul, Club Ultimate, and Li'l Mo Ying Yang but after becoming very famous he chose to be public under his real name. He received a total of 15 nominations in the music industry awards from 1998 to 2010.

Morillo has hosted various other club nights across the globe, such as his mid-week Subliminal Sessions parties at Champs in New York. When they were evicted from that venue, the Sessions relaunched at Centro-Fly. 

Erick has once said : "I party with the promoters I play for. A lot of DJs don't like to do that; they play the party, go back to the hotel and then get ready to go home. Not me. I don't deny it! For me a DJ is someone who brings a vibe. If you don't party, then how do you bring that vibe?"

Morillo hosted various other club nights across the globe, such as the annual Crobar party in Miami (ULTRA), and his legendary Subliminal Sessions parties at Pacha in Ibiza, which was named "Best International Club" of 2002.

club reopen covid covid19 corona virus reopening nightclubs again party parties
26 сен 2022

When will nightclubs reopen

Now when nightlife has finally opened up after all clubs have had to close down during the outbreak of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 it is not easy to keep up with all the changing restrictions all over the world therefore you can use this post that is updated regularly to be up to date to all the important information about the nightlife scene worldwide.

Since March 2020 everyone has been asking the same question "When will nightclubs open again?", here are some of the latest updates from 2022:


There have been a few lockdown waves all over Europe since the pandemic started with clubs, bars and restaurants opening and closing on and off. 

London has all of it's nightclubs open. Some of them are LibertineTape, Maddox, Luxx, Reign, Cirque Le Soir, The Box and a few more. Prebooking a table is mandatory in order to be allowed to get in. Showing a negative test, a proof of vaccination or wearing a mask are no longer needed to be allowed to enter any venue or to enter the country.

Clubs in UK, especially London, England have been open in 2020's summer but operated as lounges and fun restaurants only, the atmosphere was party like but dancing was not allowed, guests had to sit at their prebooked table, wear a face mask when entering and leaving the venue and keep the 2 meters distance. 

In Paris all nightclubs have reopened, our recommendations are L'arc, Rose BonbonDeflowerBoumboumCova and a few other. 

Bagatelle and other clubs have closed down for this year's season. 

Check the tips we provide on the Parisian dress code here to make sure that you will get in. 

In Cannes the 2022 season has ended, all clubs are closing down until the summer of 2023. 

In Marbella all clubs and restaurants have reopened. We recommend Mirage, Playa Padre, BandoVuduBless and Mosh. Prebooking a table is mandatory. 

In Barcelona all nightclubs have reopened properly. A few nice clubs are Opium, Shoko, CDLC, Bling Bling and a great club/lounge venue is Hookaai where you can smoke shisha. 

Madrid has also reopened most of it's clubs, the ones that we recommend are Liberty SupperClubOh My Club and The Agua Bendita.

St Tropez's clubs have shut down for the season. 

In Mykonos all nightclubs have initially reopened but most clubs have shut down for the season. 

Monaco clubs are closed for the season. 

In Lisbon the best club at the moment is Lust in Rio

In Warsaw all clubs are open, one of the best clubs is Level 27.

The Nordic countries are fully open.

Copenhagen has reopened all it's nightclubs. The best clubs at the moment are MuseoArch, Chateau Motel and Hive

In Stockholm all nightclubs have reopened. The clubs that we recommend are KyotoHell's Kitchen, V Wall and Sturecompagniet.

Oslo has reopened all nightclubs.


In Los Angeles all clubs are open, our recommendations are LiaisonPoppy, Ballet, Bootsy, Hyde SunsetDragonfly and many other. Derriere has reopened as Dragonfly.

In Miami all nightclubs and day clubs have fully reopened. Our nightclub recommendations are Mr JonesVendome, DAER, E11even and LIV where tables have to be prepaid for. If you prefer day parties then DAER Pool Club is the place to go.

Another option available is to rent your own private boat or apply for guest list to get invited to join someone's private yacht party!

In New York City clubs have fully reopened. A couple great clubs that are open right now are LavoNoir and a few other. 

Las Vegas has reopened all clubs, a few great ones are XS, Encore, OmniaDaylight Beach ClubMarquee Day, Liquid Pool Lounge and more.

Chicago is fully open, the good spots are Joy District, Electric Hotel, Tunnel and more. 

In Dallas there are many places open, the best ones are CitizenBottled Blonde and Truth and Alibi.

In Atlanta there are a few clubs up and running. One of the nicest options is Suite Lounge. The famous Compound is closed down for renovations until further notice. 


In Dubai all clubs have reopened. The best and most happening clubs are 1Oak, FloatMafiaThe Penthouse and Sky 2.0. A few nice venues that still operate as lounges are Aer LoungeSky 5Nargui Five, offering seesha/hookah, and more. Boa has reopened as BLU under new owners with a fresh new look. One of the hottest parties takes place on Billionaire Yacht twice a week. Secret Room has changed it's name to Bling but it has remained the same exclusive club as it always was. 

All places request a pre booked table, no guest list is available due to the virus restrictions. If none of these options are what you are looking for then the most VIP exclusive thing to do is to rent your own yacht and throw a private party! Ladies can apply to join via guest list.

In Tel Aviv some clubs have reopened, a few of them are Light HouseAtlanta, Jimmy Who and Radio EPGB. To get in any of these venues you need to be vaccinated against Covid19 or carry a green passport. To get in most venues you need to buy tickets which are getting sold out a few days before each party.

Hong Kong has a few venues open, some are only for drinks and food while other ones allow some parties with live DJs.

In Seoul many clubs have permanently shut down, some bars and lounges are still open.

Singapore doesn't have nightclubs open but it has lounges, bars and restaurants fully functional.

Tokyo has many clubs and lounges open where they party just as pre pandemic.

Manila, the capital of Philippines operates as normal, a new fun club is open everyday from evening til early morning is YSO Rich and a cool bar club that closes at 2AM is Agimat


In Marrakech most clubs are open. A few nice outdoor clubs are Nikki Beach, Famous Beach, Sky5 which does pool parties during the day and rooftop parties during the evening.


In Cancun the famous Coco Bongo has remained open throughout the pandemic and a few venues have recently reopened. Mandala beach club, Mandala nightclub and HRoof club are a few of them. All bars, nightclubs and restaurants in Cancun require guests to show a negative PCR test or proof of vaccination.

In Tulum one of the best venues is the famous francize Bagatelle. All venues have to close by midnight. 

Buenos Aires has initially shut down but lately is started to open up some places such as INK.

In Toronto a few clubs have finally reopened. Some of them are EFS, Toybox and Rebel. To be allowed entrance you have to show the vaccination certificate. 


Sydney has reopened a few nightclubs, they are Flamingo Lounge, MVP, Red Room and a few other. 

In case you don't like the options listed below feel free to check our private boat parties, maybe it will suit you!

Watch this video to see how clubs have operated during the pandemic.

Be sure to keep up to date by following us on our Instagram and Facebook where we will first post any news! 


How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Barcelona
27 мар 2024

How to Celebrate New Years Eve in Barcelona

How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its beautiful architecture, beaches, great weather, shopping, food, and entertainment. The vibrant and colorful city attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

The city is also one of the hippest and hottest travel destinations in Europe. From major poker championships to festivals like Festa Major de Gràcia, Sónar, and Primavera Sound, Barcelona is one of the best places to go for a non-stop good time all year long. So it should be no surprise that, every New Year’s Eve, the entire city of Barcelona gets ready to party.

So, how should you celebrate New Year’s Eve in Barcelona?

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

Dinner is not just about eating in Barcelona. It is also a time to celebrate with loved ones. Throughout the city, there are cafes and restaurants, all with menus designed to help diners welcome in the New Year.

There is a popular tradition on New Year’s Eve: When the clock strikes midnight, it is thought to be good luck to eat 12 grapes. One grape per each ringing of the clock. This is something that many do with loved ones at home or while out, but there are also events and restaurants around the city that celebrate this tradition.

Little Italy

Love live jazz and fabulous Mediterranean cuisine? Then this might be the place for you. Its cozy atmosphere is ideal for gatherings with friends and family. Their live jazz is also hard to beat. Along with the grapes to eat at midnight, the restaurant has a broad menu. Enjoy everything from shrimp to sirloin steak as you wait for the start of the New Year. 

Ecafe Kafka

This is a modern restaurant not far from Ciutadella Park. They have a special New Year’s Eve menu that features dishes with scallops and corn to monkfish and shrimp suquet. Once you are done dining, head over to the park to enjoy the fireworks show.

Barcelona’s Best Nightclubs

Barcelona has several great nightclubs that will make sure you remember the start of the New Year. The only goal of these clubs is that you have an unforgettable night, no matter if you show up before midnight or after.

Poble Espanyol

They are proud to offer one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties in the city. The club can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. There are three spaces, each with a different atmosphere, so there is something that everyone will enjoy. This is one of the most popular New Year’s Eve party spots in Barcelona. Expect crowds and bring a coat. The club’s party spaces are outdoors, too. The club is close to the Magic Fountains of Montjuic, so be prepared to be amazed at midnight when the fireworks and fountains light up together. 

Pacha Barcelona

This club is packed with residents and tourists on New Year’s Eve. It offers great music and very delicious drinks. The location is also stunning, just imagine spending New Year’s Eve next to the beach having some cocktails with your best friends. Is there anything better?

Shoko Club

Want to celebrate New Year’s Eve on the beach? If this is one on your wish list, the Shoko Club is the place to be. You can enjoy a drink on their heated terrace along with a decadent dinner. When you’re finished enjoying the food and the beach view, join the party in the club. The party starts a little before midnight and the club does not close until 6 a.m. Live entertainment, along with an in-house D.J. will keep the party going.

Opium Barcelona

This club is close to the Shoko Club. Get tickets for both and enjoy a change of venues and atmospheres. At Opium, the party starts at 11 p.m. and goes until 7 a.m. Over 3,000 guests can fit into the main club room. There is also a terrace that overlooks the ocean. The club décor is over the top, but this is also what this hot spot is known for. If you get hungry, they have an extensive menu that offers four- and five-course meals.

Hollywood VIP Pool Party by Clubbable
27 мар 2024

Hollywood VIP Pool Party by Clubbable

A fabulous VIP invite-only party spent with friends, pool playing, food, music, performances, dancing, premium drinks, going into the night. All at a fabulous Hollywood luxury villa packed with celebrities, actors, models and social media stars.. Can you afford to miss out on this?

To make the most of everything - combining good fun with a good cause - Clubbable is arranging the Clubbable app US launch party as a collaboration with musician Andrew Cole - the man behind the song #NoJoke with the star-studded cast and full length documentary film to combat bullying - to raise awareness of bullying, as well as to celebrate the launch of the Clubbable app in US. The event will be held in the garden of a extraordinary venue with jacuzzi, overlooking the city of angels, on Saturday the 17th of March between 7-11pm. If we’re lucky, some of the biggest stars of our world, participating in the #NoJoke movie, will turn up to this event to support the cause and mingle..

During the event there will be DJs, different spectacular performances, BBQ, as well as having people from many genres are attending; celebrities, glamorous movie stars and engaged film industry people, musicians, artists, social media stars, as well as getting covered by the press - there is certainly great networking, exposure and collaboration opportunities. We will also have a top quality video made during the event that everyone attending the party will get to participate in, which will later circulate on different platforms.

Our star performer is magician, prankster and worldwide entertainer Julien Magic who has over 1 million followers on Facebook and 686k subscribers on YouTube. With his witchcraft, he makes sure to take his audience on a spectacular journey of enchantment.

Playing as warm-up DJ for Avicii, Kaskade, Axwell among other renowned artists, DJ METTA is making a name for himself around the world and at the Clubbable Hollywood VIP Party, with his ‘progressive tropical space house’, which is described as “Nothing you’ ve ever heard before, because there is no sound like METTAs.”

Swedish LA-based upcoming artist and songwriter Manda Malina, is initiating the party with her band, playing covers of today's hottest songs, as well as Mandas own work. Having her single “Sweetest Heartbreak” on iTunes tracklist and placed 6th place in XFactor Manda Malina is a true rising star.

A interesting and innovative performance is to be expressed by Camilo Gomez, a live act with deep house.  

An extraordinary performance will occur by the great ZOR - The FireBender. He will in a raging spectacle with flaming swords, DragonStaffs and ball chains captivate the audience with a breathtaking fire show.

The VIP Hollywood party will have the similar vibe as the hugely successful Clubbable launch party in Cannes during the film festival last year with lots of celebrities, as mentioned in award winning Huffington Post.

You’ll receive your exclusive invitation by email. Are you not invited? Request guest list in the Clubbable appSome happily chosen will get to attend the fabulous party. To stay updated with the news about the party, make sure to RSVP to your email invitation, as well as click attend on the Facebook event and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Hollywood VIP Party in collaboration with NoJoke and Andrew Cole
27 мар 2024

Hollywood VIP Party in collaboration with NoJoke and Andrew Cole

In collaboration with musician Andrew Cole and the #NoJoke song and film, Clubbable app arranged a VIP celebrity party on St. Patrick’s Day. Host of the evening was director Troy Duffy. The party took place in his legendary back garden The Iron Sides in Los Angeles. The event was thrown to celebrate the launch of the VIP nightlife app Clubbable in US, and as well combat and raise awareness of bullying, which the star-studded documentary film #NoJoke is all about. To do that, we encourage all of you to watch the trailer for the No Joke Film. To support this great cause, please like and comment, as well as share it to your friends and ask them to do the same. 

We would like to send a big thank you to all friends, movie professionals, artists and business acquaintances involved in the party! This Clubbable app US launch party, got a different theme than the Clubbable Cannes launch party last year, as mentioned in award winning Huffington Post. This event was instead of daytime beach club party, a evening event in a private villa garden, which was suitable for the day of the party, St Patrick’s day, as well as with the spectacular venue and collaboration partners and sponsors; Jameson Irish Whisky and moonshine brand Prohibition 13, accompanied with Irish themed gourmet food cooked by star chef Dixon.

Attendors of the party were many film industry guests; actors, directors, filmmakers, as well as celebs, models and influencers, many of which friends and business acquaintances to the organizers and host of the party, among others, friends and cast from Troy Duffy’s cult movie Boondock Saints.

Headlining the event was the famous artist, magician and YouTuber JulienMagic, with 1 million Facebook followers and 686k subscribers on YouTube. The event and  JulienMagic’s breathtaking magic performance

were live streamed and sent worldwide on his and Clubbable’s social channels.

During the evening, event organiser and musician Andrew Cole performed the unreleased new song ‘The Offering’ and his famous ‘Colorblind’, with Damien LeRoy, aka, Dj Ammo from Black Eyed Peas on the decks.

We were also honoured with the presence and performance by Marilyn Manson's tour DJ Victoria 'Harry' Harrison, aka Dirty Harry or DJ Amazonica, along with Lifestyle maestro Wade Cresent.

ZOR - The FireBender - gave the guests a fire show performance out of the ordinary when he spinned flaming swords, dragon staffs and ball’n’chains in intricately woven circles of fire while moving in a arts and tribal dance and also moving through the audience swinging his fire gear and doing fire eating. A truly captivating performance by the fire master!

The young celebrity and musical sensation Case Walker with millions on fans worldwide, showed up with his mum to mingle and actually, mostly get fascinated and entertained by prankster JulienMagic as he played with the socializing guests.

Another young rising star whos soulful performance became a fun element during the evening was Elie Samouhi on the electric guitar, playing rock solos while pulling professional guitar hero facial expressions.

The founders of the award winning No Such Agency PR, a branding, marketing, media and PR agency specializing in the fashion, music, media and lifestyle industries, attended the event and had a great time, getting entertained as well as mingling and networking.

Apart from the live stream video sent on JulienMagic’s Instagram, an event video was recorded during the event, which will circulate on different platforms, representing the Clubbable as a VIP nightlife brand, the collaboration with Andrew Cole and the #NoJoke song and movie against bullying, as well as all guests and artists attending the party. The video was produced and shot by Bland Productions, a fresh and innovative video production company active in Los Angeles and Denver.

Clubbable, which is a brand for VIP nightlife with a highly sophisticated app that makes going out VIP more fun, easier, safer and a lot better where you can see what’s on and the rating of both clubs and promoters. With the app, you are also able to invite/get invited to join VIP tables. It is only for the high end crowd so not for everyone. For this VIP invite-only event in Los Angeles, the public were actually also able to attend - by requesting to get on the guest list in the Clubbable app in advance. A few happily chosen got to attend the fabulous celebrity packed party.

As this VIP party was a great success in many ways, its guests having a fabulous time, as well as everyone meeting new friends and networking, there might be some upcoming party in the near future.. That time with different theme and more enchanting performances. Stay tuned on the Clubbable Instagram..

Many photos can be found on the press page and on dropbox you can find a selected and sorted collection on images.

Watch the official video of the event here (short version), or find all our videos, including the full version of the LA Party video on our channel. Enjoy!


Josh MadsonFernando J. ChocanoWilliam SouzaAmit MosheBland Productions

Horse in nightclub causes shut down
24 окт 2019

Horse in nightclub causes shut down

UPDATE: Mokai has now reopened at the same adress. Guest list requests and table bookings can be found in the app.

The Miami Herald reports Mokai Lounge, a nightclub in Miami Beach, was shut down Friday after video went viral showing a woman riding a horse onto the dance floor. 
Video posted on social media shows a women wearing only lingerie trying to bring the animal out into the packed Mokai Lounge club on Thursday evening.

The white horse, visibly distressed by the environment, throws the rider off its back and begins to thrash about, prompting some clubbers in the venue to scream in shock.
City Manager Jimmy Morales said he revoked the club's business license Friday, citing a threat to public safety and animal cruelty laws.
"I was disgusted and offended that any legitimate businessperson would think this was an appropriate action to take," Morales told the Herald. "This activity was not permitted, and as soon as we became aware, I immediately instructed staff to act swiftly in remedying this situation."

As Mokai’s shutdown was announced, Mayor Dan Gelber supported Morales’ decision.
“What kind of idiot would do something like this to an animal and endanger people’s lives at that club?” Gelber said during a Friday news conference. “It’s not tolerable, not right, not humane.”
The Mokai Lounge's owner, Roman Jones, told CBS that :
"The horse is not hurt. The marketing director, who arranged the stunt, that I was unaware of, is suspended without pay," Jones said. "I am cooperating with the authorities."

How to dress like a Clubbable man
24 окт 2019

How to dress like a Clubbable man

We interviewed actor and producer Matthew Fitzthomas Rogers on the topic of how to dress in a clubbable way since Matthew with his swagger was considered the ideal candidate for this due to the circles he socialise in and always dress the part.

  1. So Matthew, I don't think  we have ever seen you without a blazer or some sort of dinner jacket. Do you always wear one and do you have special ones for different occasions?

I never considered my attire to be special, but I am increasingly stopped and engaged in conversation about my style. I consider myself to be someone who dresses properly, which of course is usually smart. I don’t believe in ‘dressing up’, and certainly don’t understand the concept of ‘dressing down’.

Naturally I recognise my style is akin to the halcyon days of Society, and as such have clothing for any occasion, be it a Soiree at home, an afternoon of Polo or a White Tie dinner. I am always prepared, with tie in pocket so that I may attend any establishment of my choosing at a moments notice. After all, some of the finer establishments still have codes of dress.

  1. These pins you have on your jacket look very clubbable. Where are they from?

I have a small collection, they are either purely decorative or represent societies I am a member of, and thus some are more visually interesting than others. I favour an ornate and stately design, but that is a matter of taste and doesn’t speak to the significance of the accessory.

  1. Are there different seasons to your outfits?

I have an inclination to organise my wardrobe in to other scenarios rather than seasons. Scenarios might relate to formality.

  1. Do you ever wear hats?

As above, I like to have the proper attire for a particular purpose. As such, I have a variety of hats with a Top hat being at the more formal end. I rarely wear hats on a day-to-day basis, unless in the South of France where I need the shade.

  1. Scarves you wear quite often right?

Yes, I have a collection of silk scarves and cravats. I also have a larger winter scarf for the icy weather. The former are largely for aesthetic purposes.

  1. What is your favourite type of shoe?

My favourite is a Prince Albert, or a velvet slipper / loafer of some kind. I have a large collection both for indoor and outdoor use, and find them to be most comfortable and attractive. I do of course, like to wear the proper shoe for any given occasion and as such have different footwear for the Opera, Yachting, Riding, County walks, and a variety of handmade leather shoes for more formal occasion.

But I favour a handmade tassel or embroidered loafer while I relax in my withdrawing room.

  1. You don't wear jeans very often do you? What trousers do you wear?

I don’t believe I own any jeans at the moment, although have in the past worn them, especially when I lived in the country. There are other trouser types I feel are suitably hard-wearing. It is rather dull seeing nearly 100% of the population wearing jeans, they are remarkably popular and terribly unimaginative, but they have their purpose, and are of course a practical choice for many situations.

I favour trousers. Proper trousers that could accompany a blazer. With a belt usually, or more formally, with braces. I tend to wear Black or Burgundy, but have a range of trousers for most occasions.

  1. What colours of trousers are trending right now and which colour should one definitely avoid currently?

I am wearing black at the moment, and Burgundy this morning. I believe one should wear what one wants, though I would advise against creating trends out of Society's choices. The red-trouser explosion has become tiresome, which is a shame, as in the 80s they had quite a different impression. I would avoid white in London, unless at an event, purely because the polluted air will make them tarnish rather quickly, and lighter colours are more suited to better weather.

  1. Bow or tie?

I have several of both, suitable for the formality of the occasion. I usually carry a small tie, often a bow tie, so that I may effortlessly be prepared to enter any establishment that might have a code. My most formal is the White bow tie of course. Ties are a personal affair and as such believe people should dress as they wish, although I  would advise against pre-tied options, they are particularly indecorous.

  1. How many buttons do you think are ok to unbutton(on the shirt)?

None for formality, one for post-formal soirees, two for the Riviera. I think it depends on the individual and the occasion, but it is vulgar to display an unnecessary amount of one's body. What is necessary however is  up to the individual and the occasion. There are certain masked balls where little other than the mask is worn!

  1. We know you like the members clubs of course. Which ones do you prefer?

Most clubs that I believe you refer to, I find to be unapologetically targeting the Nouveau Riche, and few proper clubs still exist. I am a member of only a couple but have visited many. The best tend not to promote themselves heavily for fear of becoming like the Red Trouser. There are some beautiful stately clubs that I find most agreeable and private, while others people visit are merely to be seen at. Tramp and Annabell's are usually lots of fun though.

  1. Someone told us that you have on occasion been seen at some of the VIP nightclubs. Which ones are your favourites?

At some point in my life I have been to most in London and many in New York. I tend to avoid the places that shout about their VIP clientele or who classify anyone spending over a certain amount to get a table be a VIP. However, with services like Clubbable I have discovered a way to explore that world that suits me, from the establishments to the company.

Thank you Matthew and good luck with everything!

Check out his adventures and art on his instagram. @hon.fitzthomas and @m.rogers_artist

Hottest dayclubs in Vegas
24 окт 2019

Hottest dayclubs in Vegas

So it is officially dayclub season in the Northern Hemisphere!


All around the US, dayclubs are opening their doors once again for excited guests. But what actually is a dayclub? And are they worth it?


Dayclubs are exactly what it says on the box: a club that largely operates by day, but that maintains the great beats, exclusivity, and flowing drinks of a nightclub. Dayclubs are a great idea, especially during the Summer, when warm weather makes you crave a dip in the pool.


And if you want to hit an amazing dayclub in the USA, look no further than Las Vegas. Now, Las Vegas never used to be known for its daylife. Not only did the nightlife really steal the scene, but, let's be honest, nobody goes to Vegas to see grandpa James with his hairy beer belly hanging out, taking a mob of ice-cream covered kids to the pool. That is not the glamorous experience we signed up for.


Fortunately, there are plenty of options when you want to party in style by day. During late Spring and all through the Summer, Las Vegas's best dayclubs open their doors for eager partygoers. Hit any of the best dayclubs in Vegas, and you can make sure the party never ends.


Wet Republic: A Crazy "Spring Break Style"Pool Party.

If you have always wanted to experience the all-American, movie-style Spring Break, then this is the place you want to be. With Las Vegas's only saltwater pools, you get the best of the beach, the best of the nightclub, and the best of the pool, all rolled into one, under the warm Summer sun! Voted Thrillist's Best Pool Party in the US, you're guaranteed a great time.


Liquid Pool Lounge: An Oasis From Daytime Vegas.

If the sights and sounds of daytime Las Vegas have you wishing you could just sleep until the club open again, then the Liquid Pool Lounge is a great place for you. It's a contemporary, luxurious club that provides both relaxation and party atmosphere in spades.


Rehab: Among The Top 10 Pools In the World.

The Travel Channel assigned Rehab a place among the top 10 pools in the world, and its expansive selection of pools and cabanas makes sure that your poolside experience is nothing short of VIP. Unlike some more relaxed pool parties, Rehab keeps the energy high all day long. Expect to be dancing, swimming, popping bottles, and playing blackjack all day.


Lavo Dayclub: Nightclub Glamour By Day.

Of course, not everyone wants a high-energy dayclub experience. Some of us would rather relish the chill atmosphere and glamour of the VIP rooms at the club, with a comfortable lounge experience, intimacy, and true class. You will find all this at Lavo Dayclub.


Daylight Beach Club: Bringing Ibiza To The USA.

There is something unique about the allure of the Ibiza party life. The combination of the crowds, the great music, the all-day party, and the quality of the VIP options makes it a well-rounded experience. Daylight Beach Club brings those same elements together for one of the best dayclub experiences in Mandalay Bay.


Encore Beach Club: Literally The Best Dayclub.

Although different publications and club reviewers will all list a different dayclub as "the best" based on their personal preference, at the end of the day, the real title is given by the guests. Encore is loved by its clientele for being highly exclusive, with a more adult version of the Spring Break type of atmosphere, perfect music by celebrity DJs, and even celebrity guests.


All in all, if you want to hit an American dayclub or four this Summer, Vegas is the place to be. Out in this wild party city, you can expect 24/7 fun and music.

Make Money
24 окт 2019

Make Money

Make £10 by getting 3 friends to download the app and go out once in the app! Or make £50 if you get someone to book a VIP table! This is only valid for new users and the night out need to be booked through the app and the day after survey filled out by all. You get another £5 if you post a picture of all of you and the promoter plus venue and @clubbableapp all tagged and link sent to us. VIP table needs to be of at least £1000. If less but more than £500 you get £25. If you recruit a promoter we will give you 10% of what we make on this promoter forever. When the person you recruited has gone out they get prompted to fill out a survey where he or she say if they actually did go out or not. If they say yes you will get get notified and can see the reward as Tracked on your transactions tab in the app. We invoice the fee to the promoter monthly and when the promoter has paid his or her corresponding fee it will get marked as Paid and you can press the button to request a payout. If you do not for some reason get automatically notified then please contact us with the names and date and we will sort it out.

We also offer a more long term option for promoters and people we set up as brand ambassadors where we share the profits we make on your recruits 50/50 with you no matter where they go out in the world every time they go out.

If you are a blogger and want to write about us get in touch and we can sort out a deal!

VIP table at Gotha/Palm club in Cannes
29 авг 2019

Join VIP Table

We are super excited to announce a new super cool feature which makes nightclubbing in style a lot more fun! It is a new type of offer you can get in the Clubbable app called "Join VIP Table".

If you have created a guest list group for going out you can now also get offers from people who have booked a VIP table for the same day as well as from promoters and club manages like before.

When you get an invite to join a VIP table group you can click on it to view photos of the people in that group of friends. If you find them #clubbable enough and you accept their offer, you can then chat to them and agree on time and place to meet before the club or if you just say a booking name at the door.

Not only does this remove all the waiting and trouble to get in early but you will also be drinking premium drinks at the VIP table with some new friends. This is how to go out in style!

If booking your own VIP table at a nightclub is your style then do so in the app by picking a day, select Request Table Quotes and inviting your friends. You will straight away be getting tailored table quotes to all of the high end nightclubs in town and you can see all the guest list groups who have not yet accepted any of the offers they have received. When entertaining clubbable guest list groups you are responsible for getting them in, paying the bill and being on your best behaviour since they will rate you afterwards. A good rating is key for getting your offers to join accepted in the future so you have to be on your best behaviour.

No doubt this new way of going out will radically improve VIP nightlife forever, as promised.. Have some really good times clubbing the new #clubbable way!

How to get into a nightclub top 10 ways to enter a club easy options getting in try to successful make sure
5 мар 2019


Not everyone actually gets into a nightclub, wanna be sure you’re part of the ones who do? Follow our best tips on how to do so!

First of all, a really obvious one, you have to bring your ID. 

To prepare you should also have a photocopy of either your passport or ID on your phone in case something happens with your originals and can’t be shown.

Dress to impress and make sure to follow the dress code for the club.

For short or average girls, if you didn’t already know high heels are a MUST, you can have a pair of flats with you to change later but don’t let the bouncer know that. Taller ladies are lucky and can get in wearing flats but they have to be elegant, no sporty shoes, no trainers, sneakers etc. Boys height doesn’t matter but you have to wear proper shoes to be 100% sure you’re getting in, not everyone thinks Yeezy’s are cool.

We provided the dress code for some clubs for both men and women but a good tip is to have a look at their latest social media pics and note what the crowd is wearing!

Best way to make sure you get in is if you get in touch with an inhouse promoter, they are usually (but not always) better since they have more influence over the door lady and can often queue jump their guests. 

Soon we will show the average success ratio on promoters in the app meaning how often they actually get people into the club. Pick offers where the promoter says he or she will be there personally to let you in. If they just instruct: say my name at the door, you are usually better off pressing skip on that offer to then pick a new one.

If you are lucky enough to get invited to join a VIP table definitely go for that since with a table booking you’re definitely getting in and skipping the queue.

It is not everyone's “right” to get in and it can seem pretty harsh and shallow but the clubs are businesses and they need to make sure they have a top quality crowd to attract the VIPs buying expensive tables. The door staff always has the final say if someone gets in or not regardless of any guest list. If they don’t like a group for whatever reason they will make up some reason why they are not coming in. Keep this in mind and respect it. Don’t try to claim it is your right to get in because you are on some list. 

One rule of thumb is that the more males you have in the group, the harder it will be to get past the door lady. A trick that usually works is to put the girls in the front of the group and have the guys at the back. Think about what the door lady sees. Shorter ladies should generally stand in front of taller ones since they wouldn’t otherwise be seen.

Make sure you know the group count before you reach the front of the queue so that when the door staff asks how many you are, you can answer how many girls and boys without having to turn around and do a headcount.

Remember that the interaction with the door lady/security is like an interview. The questions they ask are not necessarily because they really want to know exactly how many drinks you have had prior your arrival, it is usually just a tool to gauge how intoxicated you come across and how well you carry yourself. Try not to appear nervous or shy as if you don't think you are worthy of entry but at the same time it is important to not be arrogant as if the door lady doesn’t have the power to stop you.

Now the tabu way, bribes:

Sometimes it may be possible to bribe yourself in if it’s done elegantly. The way to do it is to fold up a note in a little square that fits in your palm without sticking out and make sure the number in the note is clearly visible. You press it against your palm with your thumb without covering the value of it. You angle your hand so that only the security guy you are trying to bribe can see it, no one else, don’t forget about security cameras. You put your hand up in a confident way as if you are about to shake his hand while making eye contact. You need to see that he sees the note in your hand before he grabs it since if he shakes your hand without seeing the note, he may get caught off guard and freak out. You may want to quickly signal with the eyes to look at your hand so he knows what is going on. Add a cheeky smile and say something like: “Hi, you know my friend from before right?” 

In the US in a top club you need to give a $50 while you can get away with a $20 at some clubs. In London, UK a £20 should still do it. If you are coming with a friend he should have a note prepared just in case the security guy is hesitating, then your friend might stick out the hand as well. Remember, no one wants to get caught taking bribes so timing in this is crucial!

Create your group in the Clubbable app early to have time to get many offers and make sure to accept an offer ideally before 8pm to give the promoter the chance to sort things out. Later can work as well but earlier is better. Keep the conversation going with the promoter. Confirm in early evening that you are definitely coming.

Make sure to say to say what the promoter said you should say at the door. For example: If the promoter says: X guest list at the door, you then say: I am on X guest list. Not: My name is Emma and I am on the guest list with this Clubbable app thing.

Always have £10-20 in cash per person in case the club is getting full or the door lady is not impressed by the group, she might decide to charge you. The promoter has no control over this but it is more likely that a promoter with a good rating has a better track record of getting people in without paying anything.

If you wear glasses, take them off before getting in front of the door lady, it’s not a must or anything wrong with it but you want your face as visible as possible, same goes around hats that might cover your face. 

When its cold you should open up your jacket just before your reach the front of the queue so the door lady can see your glamorous outfit, you don’t wanna look like an eskimo covered up in a polar jacket.

The best way to guarantee you definitely get in is always to book a VIP table for your group if you have a special night and want to be sure there won’t be any complications. Sure they are expensive, particularly at the most popular clubs such as The Box, but you’ll have your own table, no need to queue and you will have top level table service. If you want to know how much a table is for your group just select Request Table Quotes when you create your group in the Clubbable app.

If you want a more elaborate scheme to go VIP clubbing without paying anything check this video.

So here you have it! From dress code to bribing and other tips and tricks on how to get into a nightclub. 

Make sure to share this with your clubbing friends, you want them in, right?

New Years Eve in London 2018
19 дек 2018

New Years Eve in London

To celebrate the New Years Eve in London is truly a great way of breaking in the new year and has for many years been very popular so ALL nightclubs will require tickets to be purchased in advance.

Entry price at the VIP nightclubs start at £60 and up but not just anyone can just buy a ticket at most of them. Your group needs to be at least 75% female unless you are a baller and go big with a VIP table which also eliminates all the queuing. Your group also needs to be approved for ticket purchase. This is done by creating your guest list group in the Clubbable app as you normally do. Then if approved a promoter form the club will send you an offer of guest list with the entry price attached. Once you accept the offer your promoter will provide you with payment instructions and you have your exclusive spot reserved.

Here are some of our favorites:

Winter Wonderland New Years Eve at Reign Showclub

Reign showclub New year

The London Reign welcomes you to celebrate the new year in our winter wonderland. With an amazing year coming to a close we want to wish our friends and family a happy new year and we look forward to celebrating it with you all. Expect the glamour and opulence that The London Reign is famous for. Our host at Reign will provide you with complimentary drinks. Tickets cost 60

Scandal at the Grand Budapest Hotel is at Scandal nightclub, not the actual hotel, in Budapest but sure to be a one to remember

Scandal New year

At Libertine they have an extravagant MASQUERADE New Years Eve party so get your masks ready!

Libertine New year
4 ноя 2018


London has long been one of the greatest tourist cities of the world, although what it represents has changed dramatically through the eras.

The city's main attractions.

  1. London is a beautiful city, with buildings and businesses dating back thousands of years, a rich history that translates into all its elements.

  1. Food in London is nowhere near the way the stereotypes would suggest. The collection of cultures has brought new flavours to bring life to English cuisine.

  1. London offers options for everyone, which is part of its charm. Introverts and extroverts, lovers of the high life and lovers of pure fun can gather.

  1. All of these aspects come together to create London's nightlife experience, allowing you to experience a night you will never forget.

What makes nightlife here unique.

Nightlife in London is a wild collection of experiences, reflecting Britain's imperial past, but with a more modern, wholesome, fun twist. Having cultural influences from across the world, London embraces the fast pace extravagance of Hollywood nightlife, the beauty and charms of classic Europe, and food, sights, and sounds from across Asia and Africa.

Add to that the fact that London is a wealthy, powerful city, and you know you are getting the latest and greatest in club technology. Expect sound systems which will have you feeling the beats in your bones, state of the art lighting, and huge features, from indoor fountains to wall displays, modern art to moving platforms, and everything your heart could possibly desire.

Celebrity-spotting in the London club scene is next to none. This city is a magnet for celebrity holidays and, with the cool and temperamental weather, there is no better place to rub shoulders with the rich and famous than in one of London's warm, cosy, themed nightclubs. After a day of shopping or having lunch with famous friends, many visiting celebrities love to stop by the clubs at the end of the day to hang out in the VIP and have a few nice drinks. What better way to end the day, after all?

And yes, speaking of the themes, they can get a little wild. London clublife takes the idea of a "concept club" to the next level, creating true adult playgrounds for all to enjoy. Full scale murals and sculptures, themed furniture and lighting, and even special artists and acts to fully immerse you in the idea of being in a whole new world.

Because many London clubs are so strongly themed, dress codes can be a little more fun than in more traditional clubs. There is a bit more flexibility where at hip hop clubs you can wear (extremely stylish and neat) streetwear, or at animal or jungle themed clubs you can enjoy seeing guests or hostesses in animal print minidresses. Not to mention themed events featuring neon, urban camo, retro looks, and all sorts of wild and sexy costume ideas. Who said dressup is just for kids?

Another major benefit of clubbing in London is that the legal drinking age is eighteen. Which means that the minimum age to get into clubs is, you guessed it, eighteen. Although in some parts of the world you have to wait until three years into adulthood before you taste your first legal drink, in the UK if you are old enough to drive a car, get a credit card, and go to uni/college, you are old enough to have a drink and a good time.

Staying in the city.

London, like any capital cities, can be a bit pricey to stay in. This is especially true if you only want the best. But rest assured there are a range of options available to suit all tastes and budgets.

As with any major city, there are hotels ranging from very cheap value ones and highly exclusive ones only open to very exclusive guest lists. What is more, there are some private members' clubs that have their own exclusive hotels or rooms associated with them, so if you are a member at any of these you might want to ask which hotels they recommend. You might be eligible for a truly luxurious, exclusive experience!

If hotels aren't your style, there are plenty of services dedicated to reserving an entire flat or house for a night, a week, or longer. Far from just AirBNB type services, there are whole agencies dedicated to renting out apartments and houses in London, so you can have all the security of a hotel with all the luxury of staying in your own apartment, penthouse, or townhouse.

You could also consider one of the many all-inclusive services offered in the city, with tours by day, meals on offer, and a place to stay at night. Some people like the experience of hostels for cheapness and convenience, but you will not get the same quality here as in other places. Another option is a traditional B&B, or bed and breakfast, where you get a nice, cosy English inn room with a traditional full English breakfast, every morning, included in the price.

Wherever you stay, make sure to ask about check-in and check-out times. Some places are more club-friendly than others! You will want to know if you can check-in and get settled in good time to hit the town, but you also want to know that if you are up all night, or for two... three... four nights partying, you won't be told to leave the room at ten in the morning when you're trying to sleep.

Regardless of where you are choosing to stay, remember to consider the area. London is a vast city, and sometimes a very cheap hotel, or a hotel with last-minute rooms available, is nowhere near the centre of the city, which can make it very hard to get to the clubs you want to stay in.

No matter what your budget or preferences, don't forget that the sooner you book, the more likely you are to get a place to stay and the cheaper the place will be. So once you find your perfect spot, see if you can make an online reservation securely. If their website seems suspect to you, always check it out on trust rating sites and review sites before ordering.

When you are staying in London, don't forget to consider how you will get around! By far the most comfortable way to travel is luxury vehicle hire. Taxi services here are surprisingly cheap and convenient too. Although public transport is very cheap per trip and both the underground and the buses can be good for certain routes, remember that for convenience it is best to invest in an Oyster card.

Best place to party all night: Kadie's Club.

Unlike in much of the rest of Europe, London's nightclubs tend to have a more American feel, with the party getting thumping by ten or eleven and the club closing by one or two. This can be a little confusing or even disappointing to those who are used to the party getting started at two and not ending until the sun is up.

Some clubs, however, do open until three to six in the morning, for example Kadie's Club, which is open until five AM.

Best place for a complete nightlife experience: Café de Paris.

Some people want to hop from club to club and experience two or three great venues in one night. Others like to go out for dinner and then to a separate venue for their club night. But if you like to be able to have great food, drinks, a show, and an all-night-long dance experience in one venue, then Café de Paris has you covered.

Best place for a chill lounge experience: The Cuckoo Club.

There is no single "best clubbing atmosphere". It depends on the era, the city, the subculture, and of course your own personal tastes. And although London is well known for having a vibrant, young, energetic club atmosphere, many clubs have also retained the easygoing, classy vibe that has been characteristic of private members' clubs in this great city since the Victorians.

The Cuckoo Club in London offers a wonderful lounge experience, with great music, comfortable seating, and constantly flowing delicious drinks.

Best place for people watching: Drama.

If you aren't one to dance the night away or chill out in your own private corner, perhaps you would prefer the mid range. Clubs that are great for people watching have all the necessary space and great tunes for dancing, but also offer seating that focuses on the dance space. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere and dancing without taking part in it. It also opens up the possibility of watching celebrities in the flesh, which can be fun as well.

Drama nightclub in London is the perfect setting for people watching in a club.

Best place to blow your mind: The Box.

Just because your tastes are less conventional doesn't mean there are no clubs that cater to you. Most clubs are designed in a more typical way, with their own twist of course, but if you like to be thrilled, surprised, and maybe scared a bit on your nights out, they might not be so appealing to you. However every major city has one or two clubs with alternative leanings, complete with mind-blowing and provocative shows.

The Box nightclub in London is in the heart of Soho, and as such it is in the middle of a community of creatives, libertines, and boundary-pushers. Here you can expect to not only find great drinks and amazing music, but shows that test the limits of convention, fashion, and, some would argue, taste. Expect strip shows, burlesque, drag artists, and other acts that play with the conventional senses of what is appropriate.

And know that the audience will be a little different to in a less extreme venue. Here you can meet artists and actors, dancers and writers, people from the LGBT community, all around the world, and various subcultures. If you feel uncomfortable when surrounded by more unusual, extreme people, then you might not feel at home here. But if edgy and peculiar is your jam, then you will feel at home here.

Things to do before hitting the clubs:

While you're waiting for the clubs to open and your night to begin, there is no reason not to enjoy the wide range of activities available in London.

If you are eager to get to know the city, there are countless tour options, from the famous red bus tours right down to exploring on your own or with fellow adventure-seekers. You can use this time to get to know the culture better or to scout out great places to see and things to do when you have some spare time.

Shopaholics will love the options available on Oxford Street and in Camden Market, where you will be able to find some great souvenirs as well as some beautiful clothes and accessories for your night out clubbing. Remember to bring enough money at Camden, as not everywhere does cards. If you are looking for a more luxurious experience you can go to House Of Fraser or Fortnum and Mason, which are both frequented by literal royalty.

A nice meal out might not be what everyone wants to do before clubbing, but if you hate to drink and dance on an empty stomach, London has a wide range of restaurants to suit all tastes. Traditional English pubs and fish and chip shops are countless, so if you want to taste authentic British cuisine you will have a few great options wherever you are. The cuisine of Asian nations such as Lebanon and India has become part of the fabric of life in this multicultural city, and you can enjoy some of the most authentic curries in restaurants ran by natives of these nations. There is also the more typical choices, from burger joints and BBQ houses, to pizzerias.

If you like taking it easy before going out, then there are countless places, from the Royal Gallery to the British Museum to the Harry Potter tour, where you can appreciate art and culture from England and the rest of the world as well. Or, if you would rather get the party started right away, there is a tree-top park including ziplining and climbing, a place to take circus lessons, and many more options for the high-adrenaline crowd.

Things to do after a night of clubbing:

Of course your first priority ought to be making sure you have transport. Make sure you know underground and bus routes, as well as taxi numbers, in advance, so you can easily and safely make your way back to where you're staying or to your next stop.

If you still have energy when your favourite club has closed, there are still a few options, even at this late hour! If you want to carry on drinking, then there are a range of clubs that open later, such as Kadie's Club, Maddox, or Raffles.

If you feel hungry, you don't need to settle for the stereotypical kebab and chips - although that can totally hit the spot some nights, we've all bee there. There are a range of eateries open until late, and many 24/7 megamarkets have their own hot deli counters and food courts so you can get something to have before getting some rest.

Wild Weekend Tour.

If your time in the English capital is limited, then you might want to really make the most of your short stay. Here we have designed the perfect club night routine for both a two day and a four day stay in London, so that you can experience the best, most luxurious, most fun clubs in the city.

Friday Night:

If you plan on enjoying a regular weekend or a long weekend, Friday nights are when everyone truly lets loose. Whether you are enjoying an endless tour of clubs around the world or you're just starting your weekend, expect everyone else to be full of energy, the drinks to be flowing, and the clubs to be packed. So you're going to have to make sure you book in advance and get in early to really make the most of it. Because everyone is more relaxed you will probably be able to meet new people quite easily, so if you're looking for a sexy night out, this is the time.

Saturday Night:

Saturdays are perfect for that high-energy atmosphere with a show. Everyone got the "let loose drinking" out of their systems on Friday, but are still full of energy. This is the perfect night to enjoy themed clubs, live music, and big shows. It is also a great night to make new friends.

Sunday Night:

The lounge experience on a Sunday is where it's at. Maybe you're resuming your travels or back to work on Monday. Maybe you plan on partying all of Monday too, and just need to get your energy back up. Not everyone is around on Sundays and the energy is a bit more mellow. This is the ideal time to find a place to sit back, have some drinks, and talk, rather than dance, the night away. Which means you want to be in a truly luxurious venue.

Monday Night:

If you are staying an extra night, Mondays can be interesting. Many clubs don't even open Mondays, so your choices may feel limited. Most people are back at work, so now is the time when you are likely to come across true rebels, artistic types, and young people who still have the energy to rock out after a day at work. So, naturally, Monday is the night for edgy and unique clubs.

Clubbable referral code
4 ноя 2018

Clubbable referral code

If you already have installed and opened the Clubbable app you probably noticed that your got asked a few questions the first time you started the app about how you got to hear about us. Among the options there is on button that says "I have a code". This is primarily used for 4 purposes:

  1. A friend of yours thought you would also like the app. Using his or her code will add you as a friend in the so you can easily be added to party groups.
  2. Your friend already created a party group and send you an invite. Using that code will automatically put you in the party group and add you as a friend.
  3. When we recruit promoters we give them a special code which gives them promoter access straight away without having to apply for it in the app.
  4. Brand ambassadors and bloggers have their own code so we can track their performance.

Getting your friends onto the app offers an opportunity to not only introduce them to something really cool but also to make some money.

On occasion we run competitions and campaigns where recruits can win prices and rewards. Currently we occasionally pick winners of special treats who use the code VIP

Referral code is also referred to as signup code.

The picture for this post is of one of our promoters in Paris named Juliette from Versailles.

4 ноя 2018


What is a Clubstaurant?

A Clubstaurant, sometimes also called Clubsteraunt, is the next stage in the evolution of nightlife. Moving from the perhaps slightly infantile clubs of a few decades ago to a more mature setting was a natural progression. But now, as club owners realize how easily "mature" can become "boring", they are drawing inspiration from various sources to create the Clubstaurant.
A Clubstaurant combines the fun, party atmosphere of traditional clubs with the luxury dinner services offered by private member clubs, and adds a dose of the surrealism and brightness of themed clubs. The end result? A stunning immersive experience that offers an entire night out in one crazy venue.

Although Clubstaurants are only getting hot right now, they do have some history behind them. Nightclubs didn't begin in the 90s with the explosion of the club scene, or even in the 50s and 60s with discos and other such venues. Private members clubs have offered young people a place to enjoy music, fun activities, sexy outfits, and all sorts of mind-altering substances since Ancient Greece. Of course, depending on what the law said about how people are allowed to have fun, the happenings inside these clubs has changed with time. But the core concept has always featured a complete experience.

This trend is only looking to get more popular, as more and more people demand a true oasis away from city life. Some of the biggest troubles with clubbing are, after all, related to getting to the venue, or changing venues. If you want to enjoy a complete experience on a night out, a Clubstaurant is a fantastic idea, letting you have dinner, dance, get some drinks, socialize, and enjoy thrilling shows, all in one place.
Some of the best Clubstaurants are located in New York right now. TAO is one of the oldest running Clubstaurants, featuring modern Asian fusion cuisine in both uptown and downtown NY, set in a traditional East Asian restaurant and a modern club. Vandal is another Clubstaurant with plenty of space and an art-gallery full of the work of Shepard Fairey. You can enjoy a delightful meal out surrounded by art, followed by a night of dancing, drinking and having fun.
But that doesn't mean you have to miss out if you live, or are visiting, anywhere else! Clubbable has a wide range of Clubstaurants available in most major cities. Such as MNKY HSE in LondonHyde Sunset in LA, or Wan in Singapore, each featuring art or a show, modern local cuisine, and an amazing nightclub experience. In Stockholm everyone is talking about Kasai.

If you are looking for a truly unique Clubstaurant experience near you, check out your city's available clubs on the Clubbable website or app. Or, if you want someone to give you a helping hand, get in contact with local promoters via the app and tell them exactly what you want.
After all, trends come and go, so if you want to experience the best Clubstaurants near you, you'll want to see them now, before the next clubbing trend takes over!

Interview with a promoter
4 ноя 2018

Interview with a promoter

We at Clubbable decided to do a post for you with an interview with one of our favourite promoters.

1. Hi! What is your name and where are you from?

   Hi! My name is Shahzeb and I am from Gothenburg, Sweden.

2. For how long have you been promoting?

   I have been promoting for 6 Months.

3. How did you get into it?

   Well I had always been approached by promoters in the past to start promoting with them, because I had a wide network of friends who partied in Mayfair. However I was not into promoting, but one day a close friend of mine temporarily stopped to promote, so I jumped in to help out his “partner” and when the friend came back after a few weeks; I was not only enjoying it, but I was doing a good job which led to us all working together.

4. What do you do when you are not promoting?

   I work full-time for Nigel Frank who are the global leaders of Microsoft Recruitment. I’m specialised in .NET & BI freelance market for Sweden.

5. Many promoters have a signature hat or outfit. Do you have one? If so, which one?

   Well I recently started changing it up, but my signature outfit would be all-black (ripped jeans), leather jacket and designer black shoes. Finally, I always have a silver chain hanging on on the side of my jeans.

6. Favourite DJs right now?

   I might be somewhat bias but I will go for DJ Aik, DJ Jojo & DJ Toni Vegas (all from Maddox).

7. What songs should they stop playing?

   I personally feel songs like “Oasis-Wonderwall” needs to stop playing in clubs NOW!

8. What is the best part about promoting?

   For me, the best part about promoting is that I get to meet a lot fun people from all around the world who come and party with me. I get to party for free and earn money on top and also the network with lot of interesting people inside mayfair clubs.

9. What makes a club really good according to you?

   1. I would say a semi-strict door policy which enables the ratio of  65% girls and 35% Boys, compared to what a lot of Mayfair clubs have which is 80% - 20%.

2. Dress code is vital, should not have to be formal, but it has to be “Stylish/Swag”.

3. The DJ lineup should always be of good standard playing the latest music.

4. Occasional celebrity appearances is a must to keep the club hyped up.

5. The staff of the club should be fun and engaged with the guests.

10. What are your best pieces of advice you would give to a group of people planning to go out to a VIP club?

    Well besides the fact that you need to dress accordingly to the club’s requirement, be on TIME (whatever time your promoter has told you). Also, let your promotor know the ratio guys to girls are because sometimes in the last moment, people decide to bring along more people and that just does not work out at times so they’re risking to not get in.

11. Which is your favourite night of the week to go out?

    Personally I used to love Thursdays when I was a student but now I stick to Fridays and Saturdays. I Would love a Sunday night out in Mayfair as limited clubs are open and they are all full.

12. Don’t you get tired of going out all the time?

    A lot of people ask me this but I love it! I work hard from Mon-Friday at my regular job which does not give me time for a social life outside of work. A lot of my friends come to Maddox, so I get to catch up and hang out with everyone whilst making money on top!

13. At what time do these clubs usually peak?

    Maddox Club is known to peak late compared to other Mayfair clubs as the club runs until around 5 am so it peaks around 1.30 am. Other clubs such as Mahiki and Tape close at 3am so ideally the clubs start popping around 12.

14. What is the silliest reason you can remember that someone got rejected at the door for?

    Well I have seen the occasional drunk people and guests who wear trainers who get rejected. The silliest reason I recall would be guests trying to get in with a fake promoter’s name as they did not have a promoter for the club. (Just be honest to the door manager and sometimes you do get lucky!)

15. What is the best excuse for forgetting to bring the ID you have heard?

    Not heard many good excuses to be honest, but the silliest excuse would be when a guest had taken out her ID in the Cab to be “prepared” and that ended up with her forgetting it in the Cab as she put the ID down while drinking...

16. How often does it happen the guests have not dressed up enough to get in?

    In general I think in all Mayfair clubs that happens every night, but with my guests it has only happened once. My guests know the dress code, and I always inform my new guests as I would not want anyone to get rejected!

17. If someone wants to become a promoter, how should they do that?

    Well first step is to go out a lot to the club you want to promote for (I mean a lot! 2x minimum per week). Make friends with the regulars and the staff in the club and obviously the promoters you like. Final step is to bring a lot of girls and big groups to the club as this will catch the eye of promoters and regulars (the word spreads!) If the promoter is a good friend, he will want you to join, otherwise he will love for you to keep doing what you are as he/she will be earning loads from your guests! Alternatively, if you are a straight up person (which this job requires you to be), one can always make deals with a promoter to ensure you get paid for your guests when coming to party. I have personally paid some of my friends when they bring guests as sometimes it is a win-win!

18. What do you, as a promoter, like about Clubbable?

    Clubbable is a great tool for people like me who have office jobs, because I do not have time to be out and about and meet new people and promote. Secondly, a lot of the guests I get are from Sweden (tourists), this enables guests to find me rather than me finding them on social media etc. Thirdly, the layout/design is cool and easy for users to adjust to. Lastly, love the fact that it provides us the platform to offer guests optíons such as  “Dinner, Free drinks & Free entrance”, as these are good selling points promoters utilise when promoting face to face.

19. What new feature would you like to see?

    It would be nice to message groups before they actually answer your invitation as this could actually change their minds to accept. Just like linkedin has “Inmails”, one could have a limit for messages, so one does not message everyone. As in real life one is allowed to talk to people and that gives one more chance. Also, it would be nice that promoters can give a rating back to guests (like uber) as sometimes guest-ratings can be inaccurate and the promoter ends up getting an unjustifiable rating.

Thank you Shaz for your time and great answers. We are looking forward to keep working with you. We have taken onboard your suggestions and will add a text field on the offers for trusted promoters. As for rating the guests, this is something we are still discussing but the first step in this is that we record if people did turn up or not so we will show the promoters the statistics on the guests in the groups that will indicate how likely they are to actually come.

If you are a promoter yourself you can read more how to promote for VIP nightclubs with Clubbable and also what a so called inhouse promoter is.

This brilliant picture of Shaz is taken at Drama nightclub in London.

Nightclub Dress Codes
4 ноя 2018

Nightclub Dress Codes

The biggest dos and don'ts when it comes to what to wear

When it comes to choosing an outfit for a night out, it can be hard to work out exactly what each club wants. What one club accepts in the VIP, another rejects at the door. And a club without an advertised dress code could turn out to have one that is not usually advertised.

Now, let's just make it clear that there is no one outfit that will get you into all the clubs you like. Some even have dress codes that directly contradict one another. But if you follow these guidelines, you will have a better idea of what a club expects of you, and of what to pack when you go on a club-focused holiday.

The Smart Casual:

This look will help you get into most nightclubs. Many of us are familiar with this look, as it's how we dress when we want to make a little effort: smart jeans, a polo shirt or button down shirt, and some nice shoes. Women can get away with a nice shirt and jeans, but regardless of your sex or dress style, you need to make sure you're making a visible effort.

Black Tie:

If you will be attending an exclusive event, this will probably be the dress code. The rules are at their strictest for men, who are expected to wear a tuxedo or a three piece dinner jacket suit, preferably with a black bow tie and a starched white shirt. Something many men neglect is a pocket square, which really elevates an outfit from "rental tux" to "Hollywood lux". Women need to wear a gown, or at the very least a high-end cocktail dress in black, metallics, or jewel tones. And women should not neglect the details either! Jewellery ought to be attractive, kept to a minimum, and matching where possible. Shoes must be heels or very expensive-looking flats.

Black Tie Optional:

Contrary to popular belief, "black tie optional", or BTO dress code, doesn't mean "like black tie, but without the tie"! What it actually means is you can choose between black tie dress code, or formal business dress code. This allows those who wish to dress very formally to dress up as much as they like, but for those who do not have a tux in their wardrobe to attend without renting one. If you choose to wear business style clothes, make sure that you dress as you would for the most important interview of your life. The tie is, in fact, not optional. Women would do better to wear a cocktail dress at the very least, but a dressed up pencil skirt and blouse could work. You can't really be overdressed at a black tie or BTO event.

Business Casual:

This is a dresscode anyone who's worked in an office will be familiar with. A comfortable suit, tailored or non-tailored, a button-down shirt, no need for a tie or cufflinks. Women can wear smart office dresses, or pencil skirts with blouses. Something you could wear to work, but a bit more relaxed.

Evening/Lounge Wear:

Think "celebs at the Oscars". This is pure class, but with a touch of the casual, a touch of the personal. Unlike black tie, or BTO, you can wear much more extravagant cuts and colours. You could get away with rhinestones, or printed fabrics as well. So long as you look expensive and glamorous, this dress code offers plenty of creative freedom.

Super Sexy:

Many first-time club-goers, or people used to hitting "junior" clubs and other clubs targeting a younger audience may assume this is the best way to dress when clubbing. Outfits that cover the bare essentials and nothing else, v-necks down to the navel, and fetish wear for miles. However, other than for very specific clubs, this can be too much, and even if you get in, you might feel uncomfortable if you are the only person so bare. Instead, aim for eveningwear or a party style outfit.


A slightly more sophisticated take on the super sexy looks, you are more covered, but still showing off, with a touch of the fun and casual. Think skater dresses, a loose-fitting silk shirt and jeans, a white suit, or a bodycon dress that creates a sleek outline.

Pool Clothes:

Unless you are at a dayclub pool party, they are an absolute no-go. However at some pool parties they are mandatory.


No matter what the club is like, you are at risk of being turned away if you show up dressed like a highschooler straight out of gym class. Avoid any plain, untidy/dirty, or highly functional sportswear. You might get away with calling your Adidas hi-tops "streetwear", but your toe shoes are not getting in. Ever. Save them for the gym.


Included in streetwear is: stylized and/or non-functional sports shoes, casual shoes, men's jewellery, baggy clothes, anything denim except jeans, leather outfits, etc. Some clubs have very strict rules against streetwear. Others are more lenient. The rule of thumb is to avoid distressed or sporty looks, but besides that, stylish streetwear is accepted in some venues.

Alternative Looks:

Alternative fashion is by no means discriminated against in clubs. That said, if you get turned away from a club for looking like a rejected member of KISS, you weren't turned away for being goth, but for being sloppy. Make sure your look is classy, and it won't matter if your hair is blue, your lipstick is black, and your earrings are little spider webs.

Coats and Bags:

A Catch-22 of clubbing: You need enough bag and/or pocket space to carry your money, and maybe even a change of shoes if the weather demands it. But you also need to travel light, as bulky coats and bags are discouraged in clubs. Not only are they unattractive, and cumbersome to handle, but they can become a tripping hazard, or even get lost in a busy club.

If you must bring a large coat or bag, take what you need with you and check it into the cloakroom. You will save yourself, and the club staff, a lot of trouble.

Shoes, shoes, shoes...

Wherever you go, unless you are hitting a pool party, make sure your shoes are elegant. For gentlemen, this means shiny leather shoes. For ladies, this usually means heels, though if you cannot wear heels, some beautiful ballet flats will suffice.

Finally, remember once again that every club has its own dress code and rules, and that these might change for special events! So always make sure to look up a club's dress code on Clubbable, and if in doubt, to ask your promoter about the dress code before booking.

Clubbable launch at Cannes Film Festival
25 окт 2018

Clubbable launch at Cannes Film Festival

The 70th Cannes Film Festival has now started! The Clubbable team couldn't be more excited! After almost a year of success in London, Clubbable is hosting an extravagant launch party to show what our brand is really about. An app that helps users discover high-end night life, Clubbable found the perfect opportunity to show Cannes, France, what it means to have a good time. Boasting special guests, models, famous celebrities, and champagne, this launch party is on everyone's list! The launch party will be held during the Cannes film festival on the 19th of May at our private luxury beach club at prime location on Boulevard la Croisette with a very exclusive guest list. The launch party will be held between 12pm and 6pm at La Gold Plage beach club, branded and run by luxury jewellery brand De Grisogono. This event is for selected guest only - actors, models, influencers, bloggers, celebrities and spenders. It will be a luxurious and exclusive event with music, performances and mingling. The star chef is from Coya Restaurant, so the menu will be amazing! Are You one of us - are You Clubbable? The event will have an exclusive guestlist and restrictive door policy. All VIP clubs will be listed in the Clubbable app. By requesting guest list to events/clubs, you are able to receive exclusive offers for your night out - like pre-drink, free entrance, free drinks, etc. Table bookings are also done using the app. During the Film Festival, the clubbing scene is a bit different. Because of the high attendance pressure at the clubs and events during the festival, guest list requests acceptances are very rare. All exclusive celebrity parties during the Film Festival will be listed in the Clubbable app - but have in mind that these events are very exclusive and with expensive tickets - guestlist requests can be done using the app, although, it's extremely rare to be accepted to guestlist for these events. You can buy your way into the celebrity parties, but the tickets are extremely expensive - usually around several of thousands of euros each. A few luckily have actually been offered through the Clubbable app to join Leonardo DiCaprio's Yacht Party - yet tickets are still required. I.e you will have to be VIP to even be able to buy tickets. Clubbable brand is bringing the luxury to You! Join the fun and celebrate our launch in Cannes on Friday the 19th! Apply for guest list or table booking for the amazing lunch through our app. 

The best parties in London on New Years Eve
24 окт 2018

The best parties in London on New Years Eve

The biggest party night world wide when more Champagne corks than ever are popped is coming up! The London VIP clubs are all having huge NYE celebrations and we at Clubbable are of course listing the most exclusive and sparkling parties and events. As the VIP clubs and their events are very exclusive and difficult to attend, Clubbable works by listing all VIP clubs, member clubs and private events, which guests then are able to request to attend. You can request to book your own VIP table or to get on the guest list. New years eve is no exception - as the VIP clubs are for the coolest and most attractive audience, you will have to apply to attend. Although, on new years, all clubs demand prepaid tickets at the door. With the Clubbable app, you will request guest list or table booking to a certain club and promoters will send offers to attend as usual (guest list or VIP table) but for new years eve with a ticket price. In some rare cases, promoters do send free entry to groups they like particularly, but if so, please double check that this is actually on offer - so you won’t turn up outside the club on New Years Eve without a required ticket to enter. The best way to celebrate the new year and make sure you won’t have to get crowed with others is to book your own VIP table. By booking it with the Clubbable app you will get table quotes to all VIP clubs in one go with exclusive prices and an availability overview. Let’s sparkle up and pop those Champagne bottles!

Kensington Roof Gardens Closing
24 окт 2018

Kensington Roof Gardens Closing

Finally the party’s over! Celebrity haunt Kensington Roof Gardens to close after more than 37 years. For more than 37 years, one of the best known places in London, owned by Kensington Roof Gardens, Virginia said, is a challenging market that has struggled much to profit. For more than 37 years, Roof Gardens highlighted top DJs and live musical talent, as well as a variety of events, parties, awards ceremony, wedding ceremonies and dinner in their award-winning restaurant Babylon. Which is consequently being sold in a £225m deal. The club had 1.5 acres of beautiful garden on the sixth floor and this is a view that would make you breathe. The building continued as a restaurant and nightclub until 1981, when Sir Richard Branson became the owner and transformed the interior into an amazing event venue, restaurant and private members club. This Venue was a favourite spot or venue for most of celebrities including Jessica Wright, Jasmin Walia, Daniela Hantuchova, Dominika Cibulkova, Donna Vekic, Maria Sharapova etc as well as local and international tourists also. On TripAdvisor, where the bar has four stars, the reviews are full of praise. One reviewer, who was at the bar recently, wrote, “The views and atmosphere at the roof garden are first class.” Another said, “The Roof Gardens in Kensington is a hidden gem.” A total of 85 staff will lose their jobs due to closure, which is linked to rising inflation and high business rates. Virgin said its working closely with affected employees to find substitute employment in the group and hospitality industry. It is a sad moment for us at Clubbable having sent many happy guests to the Kensington Roof Gardens who then rated their night and the venue highly.

Club Rating
24 окт 2018

Club Rating

How good are the clubs really? How do you actually know what clubs are good or bad? At Clubbable we are proudly claiming to have the only available reliable and accurate rating of the VIP nightclubs. If you look at any other site who has ratings of any decent nightclub you will pretty much always find a terrible rating since the people who make the effort to create a review are mainly the upset guests who did not get in. In fact these types of ratings have almost gone so far that the lower rating a club has the harder it must be to get in which in turn means it is popular and therefore must be good one might assume. This is not really the case though since it more often reflects how delicately the door lady handles the refusal of guests not deemed clubbable. That is a chapter on its own nicely described by The Telegraph. The Clubbable club rating on the other hand, is purely based on the feedback from the guests who actually did get in. Also this rating is done by everyone who did use the app to go in, not just the ones who did not like the club or so. This means that our rating truly describes the experience at the club and should be a reliable source of recommendation for anyone planning a night out. Apart from rating the club, the guests also get to rate the promoter who took them in, which is then used to calculate a average rating of the promoter. The rating of the promoter is visible on every offer you get from the promoters in the app, when you have created a group for going out. Not only does this give you as a guest a good indication of which promoter you decide is worthy of your choice to be the lucky one to take you onto the club, but it also keeps the promoter on his toes to give you the best possible night out, since he or she very much would like to maintain a high score - much like a uber rating. For a serious promoter is having a high rating crucial in order to get their offers selected by the guests. Let's create the best conditions for VIP clubbing together - by rating clubs and promoters in the Clubbable app, resulting in guaranty for a safe and fabulous VIP nightlife!

London Fashion Week 2018 February
27 мар 2024

London Fashion Week 2018 February

London Fashion Week 2018 is just round the corner, the city is getting ready to welcome Stars and VIP’s from all around the world. The streets are coloured with red carpets and camera flashes, creating an atmosphere that only the British Capital can do best. As with every year, around this time, the “Fashionistas of London” drop into the squares and streets wearing the latest couture from the movers and shakers of the industry. From Piccadilly Circus to Covent Garden, Shoreditch to Soho, there are dozens of events hosted in Europe’s most bustling metropolis. The annual festivities are not only reserved for industry juggernauts such as: BURBERRY and ARMANI but also play host to up and coming new talent pushing the boundaries of high fashion and design.

The most famous Fashion Festival in Europe, will open its doors on Friday 16th of February at 17:00 with Katie Eary’s Skate Park Event, continuing for the next 4 days with an intense and busy schedule of events including fashion shows, interviews and exclusive parties all around the City.



  • Here you can find the complete schedule of the LFW Events 2018: Schedule

On day one, the promising young British designer ASHLEY WILLIAMS will open the Parade, followed by new interesting faces of fashion, like RYAN LO and XIAO LI the young talented Chinese designer who grew up in London.

Day two will host a mix between sector masters such as BURBERRY as well as new contemporary fashion brands such as the British HOUSE OF HOLLAND and the Irish SIMONE ROCHA whose collections have gained her some of the most prestigious stockists in the world including Corso Como in Milan.

On day three we will enter into the heart of the Show with the always eagerly awaited performances of the two greatest exponents of Made in Italy fashion; Armani will present the EMPORIO ARMANI Collection and VERSUS will be presented by Versace.

Regarding the fourth day, there is particular trepidation for JULIEN MACDONALD the Welsh fashion designer who has appeared as judge on the television programme, Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model. Great things are expected also from the now navigated CHRISTOPHER KANE whose collections are now distributed in over 30 countries across more than 150 wholesale accounts.

The difficult task of closing the Show , on day five , will be entrusted to the interesting Irish designer SHARON WAUCHOB who always brings an unpredictable, unconventional edge to the world of contemporary luxury.

But of course the attention of the participants to the coolest event in London is not just about fashion and fashion shows , in fact, it would be impossible to neglect the London nightlife during these dates which stage some of the most exclusive parties of the year in the United Kingdom.

So the question that you are surely asking is: Which will be the Clubs chosen for the after parties this season?


In particular, Two of the most exclusive venues that will be staging events on the week from Thursday 15 to Saturday 17 February:

  • THE BOX: The Soho Night Club consists of a 7,000 square foot three-level building, including a reception foyer and two floors; It’s situated on the former site of the famous Soho Revue bar, from the outside the club looks exclusive. A large door which is closed makes the mysteriousness of The Box Soho all the more appealing.Box auditorium nightclub Soho is a full-service production facility. They can provide entertainment specifically tailored for your event, from a single performance for a full-length show.The Box Club boasts one of the strangest nightclub experiences in all of London’s nightlife and attracts a wide variety of people from all around the world. From A-listers to supermodels, local artists to Hollywood icons like Lady Gaga and Keira Knightley have been guests several times.The Box Club is unique insofar as the fact that it is one of only a few nightclubs in London which does not have an own guest list. There is no need for it to do either.There are people queuing around outside the club each and every day that is open; For this, it is advisable to reserve through which offers free drinks with the guest list for women.

  • CIRQUE LE SOIR: Cirque Le Soir nightclub was awarded by the London Club and Bar Awards in 2010, 2011, and 2012 as the best London nightclub. Since the red-hot beginning in 2009, Cirque Le Soir has perfected the immersive experience for the party-goers internationally and now has many branches all over the world, including, Cirque le Soir Dubai and Cirque le Soir Shanghai.The list of guests of Cirque Le Soir on Friday and Saturday is highly demanded, so booking an initial guest list is highly recommended. { YOU CAN DO IT HERE → } .With the host of performances in the world’s best circus action, Cirque Le Soir does not fail to make you believe that you cannot get such entertainment from any other place in the world. Precisely for this reason, it is the London club favored by numerous VIPs internationally. Celebrities such as William of the pop group ‘Black Eyed Peas’ has been the main performer on some shows at Cirque Le Soir. Pop superstar Justin Bieber said that this is his favorite party hotspot in London and he visits a couple of times a year. Louis Tomlinson is also spotted at the hip venue rumored girlfriend Danielle Campbell, here. Cara Delevigne also came to Rihanna, as they played with Cirque Le Soir acts. Here is your party Cirque Le Soir, you’re going to be drawn and will keep on coming back every night here!

As you can imagine from the level of clientele, the door policy in these clubs is quite limited in terms of dress code and guest list especially during this season.

The CEO and founder, Magnus Ahlin, is precisely that, to allow all of us to share a special evening with friends in the name of good fun in one of the most luxurious clubs in the city, brushing shoulders with London’s elite.

Clubbable, London’s VIP nightlife App allows you to choose the Club that inspires you, share with your contacts, create a group with friends, then plan the night through a top level promoter whether it be a guest-list entry or a drinks table with bottle service.

If you are looking forward to booking the next night out, download the app or go to for more information.

Magnus Ahlin , CEO Clubbable ,

Swedish DJ AVICII found dead
24 окт 2018

Swedish DJ AVICII found dead

Artist, DJ and producer from Sweden Tim Bergling, a.k.a. Avicii, died this afternoon in Oman, according to a statement from his rep. He was 28 years old.

“It is with profound sorrow that we announce the loss of Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii,” the statement reads. “He was found dead in Muscat, Oman this Friday afternoon local time, April 20th.  The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy in this difficult time. No further statements will be given.”

In 2016 he had retired from performing live music saying “I was nervous when I made the announcement, mainly that I would look ungrateful. But I've gotten so many supportive texts from friends in the industry, other DJs, other artists. The fan response has been incredible. And even the press response has been incredible. So yeah, its been a lot better than I expected.”

His health was one of the reasons for his retirement, Avicii had suffered from very public health problems for the past few years, including acute pancreatitis, in part due to excessive drinking. After having his gallbladder and appendix removed in 2014, he canceled a series of shows in attempt to recover.

Avicii also said “To me it was something I had to do for my health. The scene was not for me. It was not the shows and not the music. It was always the other stuff surrounding it that never came naturally to me. All the other parts of being an artist. I'm more of an introverted person in general.It was always very hard for me. I took on board too much negative energy, I think.”

Tim Bergling was far from healthy but he was trying to enjoy life as it is “I just feel happy. I feel free at this point. Like I have my private life back and focusing on myself for the first time in a long time,” he says. “This was obviously the hardest decision of my life so far. But so far it has paid off tremendously in terms of well-being for me. I'm happier than I have been in a very very long time. Stress-free more than I have been in a very long time. I can't say I'm never going to have a show again. I just don't think I'm going to go back to the touring life.”

He posted the following statement on his website last year:


For me it’s creating music. That is what I live for, what I feel I was born to do.

Last year I quit performing live, and many of you thought that was it. But the end of live never meant the end of Avicii or my music. Instead, I went back to the place where it all made sense – the studio.

The next stage will be all about my love of making music to you guys. It is the beginning of something new.

Hope you´ll enjoy it as much as I do.”

Tim Bergling was born 8 September 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden. Avicii's publicist Ebba Lindqvist confirmed that he had died at the age of 28.

No Cause of death has yet been announced.

Tim Bergling built a powerful following with his amazing tunes. A talented musician, he was skilled with both digital and traditional musical tools, merging the past and the present into songs that often touched the very soul of his audience.

His tracks focus on the power and intense experiences of being young. For example his famous song "Wake Me Up" is a reply to the typical comment of older generations that "you'll understand when you're older". Avicii called out the hypocrisies of some members of the older generations and flaunted the powerful, progressive, emotional beauty of being young and full of life. His track "Sunshine", for which he and David Guetta won a Grammy, celebrates young love and passion.

Although he has left us far too soon, his memory lives on through his music.

Cannes Film Festival 2018 Parties
24 окт 2018

Cannes Film Festival 2018 Parties

Starting on Tuesday the 8th of May, running until the 19th, the Cannes Film Festival, arguably one of the most glamorous international art and culture events in the world, will be bringing us the heights of sophisticated company, exclusive previews, and, of course, amazing nightlife experiences. You will never live nightlife like Cannes Film Festival nightlife.
In fact, as every year is unique in its own way, you will never experience Cannes Film Festival 2018 unless you are there.

Happening at the most desirable and dreamy scenery – the French Riviera – where the world’s elite gather to amuse themselves and network, you’ll get life changing experiences. What about spotting your teenage movie star crush on the red carpet, or crossing paths with rising stars of today on the beach promenade, La Croisette, dancing with music artists at Baôli, partying at Leonardo DiCaprio’s yacht or attending VIP beach parties by Clubbable ?

But even with 11 days of events, and approximately two weeks to discover this vibrant city, it can be a struggle to know where to go and what to do. And really, there is no right answer as to which of these hot clubs and parties you ought to hit. It all depends on your personal taste.

If you haven’t been personally invited to each party, it can be difficulties to actually get in to the events. Do not worry - as Clubbable is the way to the VIP nightlife, you are able to “request” to attend all private events through the Clubbable app.

As well, the queues to the nightclubs can be quite long. By requesting guest list or make a table bookings to all clubs in one go with the Clubbable app, you’ll be certain you’ll have a memorable night out among movie stars and friends!

Here follows a rough guide to the best and most exclusive parties during the Cannes Film Festival 2018 that you are able to request to attend through the Clubbable app, as well as the reasons why you might want to go there..


The opening ceremony at Festival de Cannes:

Tuesday 8th of May, from 5pm to 2am, the Opening Ceremony
will be held, hosted by none other than actress Audrey Tautou. Look out for the
red carpet looks, the celebrities walking the city all morning, and the
cocktail parties as the day goes on.


Chopard Gents' Night at Hotel Martinez

The annual party will be held at the Hotel Martinez Rooftop
on the evening of the 9th.


The Chopard Annual Party at the Carlton Hotel

On the 11th of May, at the Carlton Hotel, this exclusive
black tie party is held as it has been for many years. This party is one of
many where A-List celebrities rub shoulders. Last year it saw guests such as
Will Smith, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Bruno Mars. There are even meet
and greet options if you book soon enough.


The John Travolta Lunch at Hotel du Cap

On the 12th of May, at the Hotel Du Cap, this exclusive day
party promises to be elegant and decadent.


Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief:

On the 13th, at the Cannes Mandelieu Airport, Naomi Campbell
will host a huge fashion show event, including a cocktail party, fashion
auction, and after party, raising money for charity.


Blackkklansman Documentary:

On the 14th there will be an exclusive showing of this
thrilling documentary, followed by an after party with the cast, director, and
VIP guests to the showing. Not one to miss.


Solo - A Star Wars Story:

On the 15th you can enjoy a new twist on the nostalgic duo,
Han Solo and Chewbacca, followed by an after party with the cast, director, and


De Grisogono 2018 at Hotel du Cap

On the 15th of May, at the Hotel Du Cap, the Swiss brand
will throw it usual mid-festival party. Expect A-listers, up and coming artists
from the fashion and film worlds, and a fun, lively atmosphere.


amFAR Gala & Party at Hotel du Cap

If you want to enjoy one of the festival's highlights whilst
raising money for a worthy cause, this is a place you need to be. Every year
amFAR host their Cinema Against AIDS benefits, which include a gala rubbing
shoulders with A-Listers, a live charity auction, exclusive viewings, surprise
performances by international stars, and a party that rocks all night long.


The Closing Ceremony:

On the 19th, the show is wrapped up. Also hosted by Audrey
Tautou, we can expect the closing ceremony to be a stunning gathering of the
most brilliant minds in film today, wrapped up with a glamorous after party, of

The Key's "After the Festival":

The Key Club Paris has set up a temporary rooftop
club in Gray d'Albion for the duration of the Cannes Film Festival. It is the
best place for a relaxed evening, with amazing views of the sunset, La
Croisette, and Cannes coming to life. From 5am to 9am every night you will
enjoy an exclusive experience surrounded by celebrities, fine champagne, and a
five star buffet. Access is extremely limited, so make sure to book now.

The Local Clubs: 

And, of course, every night in this beautiful city you can hit the town and
visit some of the most extravagant and exclusive clubs around.


Gotha is currently not open.

Baoli is open every single night of the festival, providing a wonderful place to amuse yourself, surrounded by beautiful people, celebrities, great music, and delicious drinks.

also opens Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays over the festival.

Not all event dates have been announced yet. But watch this space, as here at Clubbable we aim to bring you the latest information and reservations for the hottest parties throughout the
Cannes Film Festival!a

As many of you already know Clubbable was last year elected the second best thing to do in Cannes during the film festival by the Huffington post after launching there with an extravagant launch party.

DSTRKT closed after stabbing
24 окт 2018

DSTRKT closed after stabbing

One of London’s famous VIP clubs: DSTRKT has now been closed down permanently following a knife stabbing on Sunday night. DSTRKT which was located at prime location at Londons iconic Piccadilly Circus has been in the press the recent years for all the wrong reasons. There has been various accusations about perceived racism, argues and complaints. According to rumours there was an argument during an Albanian private party allegedly involving several criminals that led to one person's life got taken during a knife attack.

This video is allegedly showing the stabbing outside DSTRKT.

Our thoughts are with friends and family of the victim. We at Clubbable are currently looking into solutions where we can help by providing background checks of the guests. DSTRKT was the venue where Clubbable celebrated our launch of the app in September 2016 so we are very sorry to see the end of this legendary nightclub. We thank Kalin Le for assisting us in making it a great night and of course our headlining performer magician Julien Magic.

Many people get the spelling wrong like DSTRK, DISTRIK/DISTRICT, DESTRIKT. The correct was without vowels and with K.

How to go out VIP
24 окт 2018

How to go out VIP

With Clubbable the control is moved back to us - the party people. You will yourself create the best conditions for a successful luxury night out VIP clubbing with the Clubbable app - all with a few clicks on your smartphone! You will be certain how your night will work out when arranged in beforehand with the Clubbable app - you can just enjoy the fun! Usually, to be able to enter exclusive VIP clubs in metropolitan cities like London and party places like Cannes, you either have to book your own VIP drink table by phone or email, or you will need to know a so called ‘promoter’. A promoter is a kind of party planner that have contact with the clubs, and decides who to let in where and when. In many cases, people don't know promoters (especially tourists) and they have no chance in entering VIP clubs. And if you do know a promoter, you will not be able to plan your evening yourself, it will be the promoter that you happen to know that will decide what club you will attend and the arrangements for the night. With Clubbable, the control is moved to you - you have yourself the power for your night out! The way the app works is that you create a group in the app with your party crew. You pick a date, invite your friends and select which clubs you would consider. Here, you have two options to make; you either request guest list, or book your own VIP drink table. Ladies preferable request guest list and guys book a table. If you book your own VIP table, everything will be arranged for you at your arrival and the service at your table will be magnificence. If requesting the guest list, you will get many offers for that night from all the best promoters in that city. The offers include free entrance to the club, free drinks, often taxi, pre-drink on a nearby bar, queue jump to the club and sometimes dinner. Here, you have the control. You discuss with your party crew in an associated chat in the app what offer you like the most, and after accepting an offer you are also able to discuss the details of the evening with the promoter in the chat. The promoters will not be able to contact you before you actually accept an offer. A new cool feature in the app is the possibility to join a VIP table through the app. People with a VIP table can invite others to join their table, and people on the guest list can request to join a VIP table during the evening. This is a great way to meet new friends and drink lots of Champagne! With the Clubbable app you can in this way yourself arrange the best conditions for a successful luxury night out - all with a few clicks on your smartphone! Please don't mix this with making VIP clubbing 'easy' to do - it's only for ‘Clubbable’ people - but for us it will be smooth - and as mention, putting the power over the night with us - where and how!

Model Status
24 окт 2018

Model Status

We are always on the lookout for new faces to represent our brand and what we stand for. As a clubbable model you enjoy the following benefits: * Represent the Clubbable brand * Uber taxi to or from the club refunded * Will be featured on the @clubbableapp Instagram * Possibility to get paid for promoting our brand & app on your social channels and IRL * Possibility to get paid to go out * Attend Clubbable private events & launch parties.

To get model status, you either sign up with a referral code from a partnered modelling agency, or you tag some pictures of yourself with @clubbableapp and #MakeMeClubbableModel - we will select the ones we find suitable. You will need to have a bit of following to be considered. Of course you will have downloaded the app and have made yourself familiar with it, as well as follow us on our social media channels. We also have the Clubbable brand ambassador programme where you get paid for promoting Clubbable. Ask us for more details around this if interested. 

24 окт 2018


Fancy a cool Clubbable snapback? During the launch party in Cannes during the film festival the snapbacks were in high demand and people were bidding high for them. Now there are 3 ways for you to be lucky enough to get your hands on one. You can share this or some other photo and make sure to tag it with @clubbableapp and #WinClubbableSnapback on either Facebook or Instagram and you can win one. If you manage to get 3 friends to get the app and successfully go out you will get one for sure. Just send us their names in the feedback form in the app when they have gone out. Just message on the website or in the app. If you tag a photo with @clubbableapp where you are wearing one of these snapbacks we will feature you on our Instagram.

Top 5 rooftop bars in Shoreditch
24 окт 2018

Top 5 rooftop bars in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is still the go to area in London if you want a guaranteed great night out with lots of variety. We’ve spoken with local girl and blogger Stephanie from to give us her rundown of the top 5 rooftop bars in Shoreditch. 1) Queen of Hoxton A firm favorite whether in Summer with it’s playful lawn and lush cocktail menu or the super cool wigwam in the winter, this bar has it all. What makes this venue especially good is the uninterrupted views of the city. Not content with an amazing room terrace they also have a cool club in the basement, a heaven on a cold night. Top Tip: The roof terrace closes at 10pm and it becomes paid entry only. Make sure you get there early to enjoy the sun and then free access to the rest of the club.

2) Shoreditch House

This is easily the coolest of rooftops in the whole of London with the only heated rooftop pool that I know of. The catch being that you either need to be a member or know someone that is. No easy task and don’t try and blag your way in, the reception just won’t have it. But once you’re in sit back and enjoy the stunning views across London. Make sure you get there early to grab a double bed in the Secret Garden for some rays and people watching. Top Tip: call in sick and go during the week, the crowd is cooler and you will get more chance of snagging that deluxe bed. Also for a lunchtime nibble you have to try their pizza’s, they are THE best!

3) Golden Bee


Not the most obvious choice as it is tucked away down a side street and with a strict door policy so make sure you get on the guest list. Great for watching the chaos below on commercial road as you sip an ice cold mojito. One of the larger roof top bars so plenty of space to find somewhere to sit and enjoy the night with friends. Top Tip: make sure to go on a warm night or take a good coat as it backs onto a tall building which obscures the sun after 5pm.

4) Sushi Samba


This rather swanky venue is just a stroll from Liverpool street and has one of the best views of London. Located on the 42nd floor you can just rock up and go for a drink but it can get busy so if you can arrive early. A very glam crowd go here so make sure you dress to impress. Top Tip: Go all out and enjoy dinner with a view. You have to try the wagyu beef, totally delicious and worth the steep price!

5) The Court House  A new arrival on the Shoreditch Scene and a great addition. This converted police station has bags of character and an amazing view back into the city. The bar has all bases covered with a great cocktail menu so make sure this is on your list. Top Tip: hit up the barman for whiskey sour, they are amazing!

Promoter License
24 окт 2018

Promoter License

If you are a well established nightclub promoter who has good connections with the clubs you work with we can award you a promoter license. This allows you to switch the app over to promoter mode where you can see what groups want to go out. You can view the profiles of the people in the group, what clubs they are interested in going to and if they want guest list or VIP table booking. After reviewing the group you can choose to send them a tailored offer of either guest list or a table quote and what is included. The group organiser will get notified instantly and can review your offer. If they choose your offer a chat channel will be opened and you can chat directly to the group organiser. In the chat you as a promoter will provide the instructions of where to go, what to wear, how to get in and when to meet etc. To get a free promoter license simply download the app and click "Apply for promoter license" in the menu and Clubbable will get back to you.

Cannes Film Festival
24 окт 2018

Cannes Film Festival

Date confirmed for the Cannes film festival launch party: 19th of May. Its a beach club party from noon to 6pm. The film festival in Cannes every year attracts the worlds elite, celebrities and jet sets for almost two weeks of extravagance and parties. We are extremely proud to announce that Clubbable is expanding to also offer access to the best parties in Cannes after proving that the app really works in London. This will be celebrated with a exclusive launch party at a private beach club at prime location on the Boulevard du Croisette in Cannes during the film festival.. There will be special guests, famous performers, DJs, celebrities, models, photographers and of course lots of Champagne. The event is listed in the app so apply for a table quote or guest list there. Apart from the main event there will be black tie parties, beach parties, club nights, yacht parties and some of the most sought after private events and much more. Accommodation in Cannes during the film festival is always very difficult and expensive. Clubbable will have some flats and a villa with some rooms available. If you want to stay at our flats/vila message Clubbable as soon as possible and we will get back to you with availability.

Swedish House Mafia in leather jackets announcing a reunion gig
24 окт 2018

Swedish House Mafia Reunion

It's confirmed! The Swedish House Mafia reunion is a go, with tour dates being released already for eager fans to start making plans.

Their split in 2013 took the EDM world by surprise. After forming in 2008 and releasing two amazing albums, Swedish House Mafia looked to be one of the best EDM artist collaborations ever. And that was, in fact, part of their reason for splitting: They felt they had done all they could do together, and felt they couldn't keep producing such fresh tunes. So, rather than keep milking the phenomenon, they retreated to focus on their own projects.

However understandable their reasons for splitting were, fans everywhere have been holding onto the hope that they might come back together. After all, given nearly six years to work on their own music and projects, they have no doubt developed new techniques and ideas to explore with one another. In fact, they had even said as much. During their hiatus Axwell explicitly said that he would not rule out a reunion forever. That "Maybe one day something will happen inside of us that says 'boom'."

For a while, that seemed like a fairly empty musing. After all, they weren't exactly doing badly on their own. During their hiatus they each worked on an array of hit singles, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso formed Axwell Λ Ingrosso in 2014, and Steve Angello released his debut studio album in 2016. It seemed they were really making the most of their time apart, and many fans began to lose hope that the supergroup would actually have a reason to get back together.

After they got together for the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, fans felt lucky to have had the opportunity to see them once again. But it seemed like this wasn't the last we were going to see of them. It seemed that having so much fun together and seeing fans so happy made them reconsider a reunion. Even the late great Avicii was supposedly inspired by Swedish House Mafia's reunion when he returned to DJing shortly before he passed away this April. It was a monumental thing for all electronic music artists and fans around the world.

The spark had been lit.

Back in July this year, Angello, Axwell and Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia seemed to be hinting at something. Their Instagrams were dropping cryptic messages and an injoke seemed to be starting up. Their "Dancing Alone" billboard was glitching... or was it? It displayed the three dots of their logo. We were still unsure if it was a mistake or a hint at what was coming up.

On the 8th of this month their website and Instagram stories displayed a timer and posters were seen displaying three Nike swooshes, and STOCKHOLM three times, hinting at the Swedish House Mafia logo. With all the clues being dropped, we felt fairly certain that this was the countdown to the big reveal, but we still held our breath. After all, this wouldn't be the first time that a supposed reunion or return to the spotlight was a hoax, a joke, or a misunderstanding.

What was really going on?

Luckily for fans everywhere, this reunion is legit. After Axwell and Ingrosso's performance at the Amsterdam Music Festival on the 20th, the trio finally revealed that they would be all coming back together for a tour that is already looking to be huge. The mysterious countdowns led to a live stream where, in Swedish, they explained their reunion and the upcoming show.

At first most fans had no clue what was going on! Swedish House Mafia has fans all around the world, and not all of us speak Swedish. So it was kind of confusing, even though it was clear something was happening. And this wasn't the first time they teased us in Swedish! In June Steve Angello did an interview with Sydsvenskan, a Swedish publication, where he literally said they would be back in 2019. But because this interview happened around the time of Ultra Miami, this little bit of information was lost. It's only now that all these little details have come together.

Hindsight really is 20/20, isn't it?

This would make it their first proper reunion in six years! Not only that, but they are promising they have been working on new music together. Axtone Records released edited footage of their performance at Ultra Miami, featuring music that is not from their first two albums together or any of their solo careers. They have also dropped hints that they might have new tracks for us.

Clearly something big has been in the works for a while now.

The reunion show will be in Stockholm on the 4th of May 2019 in the Tele2 Arena and fans are already hyped for brand new tunes. After all, if they split up because they thought their work together might get repetitive, it would be hypocritical to get back together to play the same tunes, wouldn't it?

It makes sense, knowing their commitment to always being new, fresh, and exciting, that they would be working on new tracks together.

And if you want to be one of the first people to see them live, you might not even have to travel to Stockholm. Hints have also been dropped that they might be touring. They mentioned they would be pausing their own individual projects to put together a proper tour package as Swedish House Mafia once again. And during his set at Ultra Mexico, Steve Angello said "Mexico, I'll see you next year with Swedish House Mafia."

Yeah, that is more than just a hint. That is basically a promise. So first Miami this year, next Sweden in May 2019, and after that Mexico. We can't help but wonder what other countries they will be gracing. The UK? Germany? The USA? Considering how long they kept the details of their reunion hidden, I am sure they will have more surprises up their sleeve for us.

As for the confirmed Stockholm date, the tickets will start selling on the 27th of October at 12am. We predict they will be sold out by around... 12:01 am. Click this link to get yours!

inhouse, in house, club, promoter, nightclub, nightlife, clubbing
18 окт 2018

Inhouse Promoter

A so called “in-house” promoter is someone who is working directly for the club unlike a freelance promoter. The freelancers tend to do a different club each night of the week while the inhouse ones typically only work for one club or possibly a few within the same ownership.

Since the inhouse promoters work directly for the club they most often have a good relationship with the door staff and can arrange for smoother entry if you as a guest accept a guest list offer from them. They may also be able to get a more generous supply of free drinks for their promoter table. That said though there are plenty of top freelance promoters who have excellent relations with the clubs and can sort out hassle free entry and plenty of booze anyway.

In Clubbable club managers/owners and promoters who work directly for a club club can get awarded inhouse status for that club which then gives them the following perks:

  • Offers from inhouse promoter are marked as recommended in the list of offers the guests receive

  • They are authorised to edit the details of the club on our website which is also reflected in the app

  • They can upload posters for upcoming events

If you fit the criteria simply contact us and we sort it out for you. With our recommendation to the guests comes extra responsibility. If you as a in-house promoter fail to get the guests in we will remove the inhouse status privilege without warning unless the circumstances are understandable.

At some point inhouse users will also be able to post job ads on behalf of the club for any job openings at the club which our users can see and apply for in the app and on the website. In the meantime people who are keen to work in a nightclub is welcome to apply on the bar staff job post in our careers section on the website. Club managers who are recruiting are encouraged to get in touch and we will put you in touch with the candidates we have.

If you are a promoter but not yet have the the Clubbable app or promoter access simply download the app and press "Apply for promoter access" in the menu in the app and we will review your application. It is completely free to get the app and get promoter access. You can read more about how it works for promoters.

In the photo you see Syed who is one of the top promoters in London and he is highly recommended. Even though he operates at several clubs he is considered inhouse at Reign Showclub in London

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