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Calle del Doctor Cortezo, 1, Madrid, Spain, 28012



11:59 - 5:30


11:59 - 5:30


11:59 - 6:00


11:59 - 6:00
Åldersgräns: 18

Icon Madrid is a nightclub located in the heart of the capital, just below the spectacular Teatro Calderon. Located at 1 Calle del Doctor Cortezo, Icon Club is in the heart of the city where partygoers converge for a night of fun and excitement. The venue has hosted some of Madrid’s most successful events such as Fucking Monday and Independance Club. After proper renovation work the venue opened again in 2021 and the club is better than it has ever been before! 

This club stands out for its impressive stage, its wide dance floor, easily accessible bars, its incredible sound quality and its exclusive and select VIP reserved. Upon entering the club, guests are greeted by the club's aesthetic design and top-notch lighting system that sets the mood for the night. The club's modern interior and state-of-the-art sound system provide an immersive atmosphere that's bound to get anyone moving to the beat of their favourite tunes.

Icon Club has very nice VIP areas which include some details to make it a real experience. The most visible one is called Super VIP which is a bit elevated and right between the DJ booth and dance floor. There is also a private VIP area that is perfect for big groups of birthday celebrations. Icon Club is renowned for hosting some of the best DJs in town, playing a variety of music genres that cater to all preferences. Whether it's house, techno, R&B, or hip hop, Icon Club has something for everyone. The club's music selection is expertly curated, ensuring that the crowd is always on their feet, dancing and having a great time.

Speaking of the crowd, the club is a melting pot of music lovers, locals, and tourists alike. The club draws a diverse crowd of individuals looking to let loose and enjoy the night. The energy at Icon Club is infectious, and it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement of the crowd. It is the place to be for those seeking a night of pure entertainment, electrifying music, and an unforgettable atmosphere. 

 Icon Club has a strict door policy with respect to dress code and documentation. So make sure you are well dressed (no sports wear) and bring a valid ID.

In summary, Icon Club Madrid is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a night of unparalleled fun, great music, and electrifying energy. Whether it's a weekend with friends or a night out to celebrate a special occasion, the club is always ready to provide club-goers with an unforgettable and incredible experience! 

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Icon i Madrid 5 dec 2023

tisdag, 5 december 2023

11:59 - 05:30

Icon i Madrid 7 dec 2023

torsdag, 7 december 2023

11:59 - 05:30

Icon i Madrid 8 dec 2023

fredag, 8 december 2023

11:59 - 06:00

Icon i Madrid 9 dec 2023

lördag, 9 december 2023

11:59 - 06:00

Icon i Madrid 12 dec 2023

tisdag, 12 december 2023

11:59 - 05:30

Icon i Madrid 14 dec 2023

torsdag, 14 december 2023

11:59 - 05:30

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