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C.so Garibaldi 97, 20121 Milan, Italy



11:30 - 5:30


11:30 - 5:30


11:30 - 5:30


11:30 - 5:30


11:30 - 5:30
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The Club is located in the heart of the Brera District, in Milano, and it was founded in 2005. For over 15 years it represents one of the most popular Milan nightlife points. It is open 5 nights during week – from Wednesday to Sunday, and each of these nights has its own identity, offering always new elements. It is not only a nightclub, but also the place for organizing private events, supported by professional and kind staff, that will lead you in order to find the best solution and form for your birthday, wedding party or business meeting. It is a leader in Milanese nightlife and among many clubs of this beautiful city. Milano is top of the top among Italian cities, and the Club is top of the top of Milano. Italians are famous as a nation that, more than all other nations, adore and pay much attention to a concept of beauty, style and fashion, so the styling and interior of any club must be admirable. It is rare that Italian women and men get out of their home dressed without carefully chosen clothing and makeup (women), and it is also rare that one big club, such the Club is, can be with interior that was not carefully projected and designed. The Club is visited by many famous persons, such as top models and football players, and it keeps its elegant and high class image. Its VIP areas are, therefore, full of famous people that come here to see and to be seen. Anyone who “means something” in this city came in the Club at least one time. If you are looking for a special night, then think about reserving your table. The Club hosts very often events related to a world famous Milan Fashion Week, so if someone has a dream to be surrounded by beautiful top models, this could be a chance! During Fashion Week, the Club is indeed full of Italian and international celebrities. The musical selection ranges between house, dance and hip-hop,so that is the place of the most famous artists, DJs, such as Marco Carola, Solomun, Dmitri from Paris, Louie Vega, Skins, Andy Flatcher, Depeche Mode, and many others.
The events to visit are: WEDNESDAY ONE TWO PARTY (in collaboration with Radio Deejay, this party was affirmed as the best Wednesday party of Milanese nightlife. Numerous local and international DJs make a part of this big event, creating an amazing cool atmosphere, including the international famous DJ Tony Touch); THE FAMILY FIRST STREET on Fridays (After having been established in Italian and international scene, the Family First Street has inaugurated its first street fashion party. Interesting styles seen on the streets became wanted also in the clubs in other European countries); GIRLS REPUBLIC on Saturdays, followed by DJs Ale Bucci and Wladi; THURSDAY SECRET NIGHTS, followed again by Bucci and Wladi certainly will be favorit parties by a bit younger guests. TUESDAY FIDELIO MILAN (FIDELIO was born in far 1998 from idea of Poldo Longhi and Gabriel Piemonti. They took the inspiration from the famous scene from the Stanley Kubrick’s movie “Eyes Wide Shut” and by the patos of the play music Fidelio. Psychology, mystery and soft eroticism, so present in Kubrick’s movie, have been successfully united by a creative team of Longhi, Piemonti, Davide Cavallari, Luardi Carlo and Marco Toto. The elements have been merged in one night called FIDELIO, dedicated to trend setters. FIDELIO is consisted by a group of truly talented artists – the dancers of EWS Performers Group, the vocalist Gaty, the saxophonist Mauro Capital, the percussion Alessio Donati, and the keyboards Rio Maximilian. This cooperation between FIDELIO and the Club has been a real successful shot)!
Il riassunto (such the Italians tell for resume) is that the Club necessarily should be visited if you are at least a couple of days in this large city. Maybe you’ll be lucky to see some hot top model or some attractive football player from Inter or Milan. Good luck!
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