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Carrer de Lincoln, 15, 08006 Barcelona, Spain



11:59 - 5:00


11:59 - 5:00


11:59 - 6:00


11:59 - 6:00


11:59 - 6:00
Âge minimum: 18

Club Otto Zutz is founded in far 1985 and exists more than 30 years, following always new trends and innovations! When it was opened, it represented some kind of revolutionary concept, of something new, never seen before in Barcelona nightlife. It was built in a place of an old textile factory, in Lincoln Street, therefore, the factory has been converted into a club, what is something that wasn’t so usual in Spain in the ‘80s. Open spaces decorated with hard materials, concrete, cast iron pillars, iron beams, and ceilings vaulted denim, has made an atmosphere of industrial environment of Berlin or New York. This type of clubs, built inside of old factories or industrial halls, had already started to be all the more present in European metropolis in the ‘80s, so the idea to create similar industrial environment also in Barcelona was a real shot! Among many luxuries and elegant clubs of Barcelona, when you can meet celebrities and where the door policy and the prices are very high, the club such is Otto Zutz, more modest and simple, more devoted to people who prefer simple evenings, simple dress code and less glamour – so-called hipsters, was real refreshment in Barcelona nightlife. Not everyone wants to pay 500$ for one bottle, being surrounded by elegant people and security that has a strong entrance policy. For a long time Otto Zutz Club is a symbol of Barcelona underground scene and of its social working class, so similar to working class in other European big cities, such as Berlin, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Manchester, Hamburg, etc.
The truth is that the Latino way of fun is a bit different of other European cultures – Latino means – beauty, fashion, nice music, good food and that is why this type of clubs started later in countries such as Italy and Spain, but there is always a class of hipsters and artists who prefer to have their own space for changing ideas and spending nights. Large old abandoned spaces became, therefore, ideal spaces for making clubs in all Europe for the people who make part of this social class.
Even that the idea at the beginning was to avoid glamour and exaggeration of the high – class, the Club started to be visited in several years also by many famous visitors, especially from 1992, when the Olympic Games took place in Barcelona, and when the owners decided to convert the third floor in open roof, perfect for those who want to pass hours overlooking the city. The third floor became privé, called “Los altos” (The high), so the celebrity, high class and international visitors started visiting also this club. Besides this, the club strives to keep its first concept - the spaces which are not glamorous and elegant, keeping more industrial and urban concept and décor.
The Club is divided into 4 rooms: Main Room, Commercial Room, Hot Room, Los Altos. Main Room is the most visited, where the guests can enjoy the best residential and international DJs and Hip-hop and R&B hits. Commercial Room is a smaller space, where you can enjoy the hits from ‘80s and ‘90s, and good pop and rock music. There is also a cocktail bar and “Chupiteria” where you can drink excellent shots. Hot Room is a space colored by blue lights, the most “rowdy” room, where you will enjoy Dance and Pachanga hits. Comparing with another 3 rooms, Los Altos Room is a unique elegant and most exclusive room/lounge, with a different private access, own toilet and cloakroom. An average age is higher-over 25 years. The music is blended – from ‘80s and ‘90s hits until modern commercial sound. Along the wall you will find a premium bar, so, relax and taste the best cocktails!
All the rooms can be used for private parties – birthday, business, wedding and other type of parties, or business and other dinners, so there is a possibility to order the best dishes from the Club’s menu (only over 25 people). There are different menu options, so all tastes will be satisfied! 

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Vidéos de Otto Zutz à Barcelona


Otto Zutz à Barcelona 18 juil. 2024

jeudi, 18 juillet 2024

11:59 - 05:00

Otto Zutz à Barcelona 19 juil. 2024

vendredi, 19 juillet 2024

11:59 - 06:00

Otto Zutz à Barcelona 20 juil. 2024

samedi, 20 juillet 2024

11:59 - 06:00

Otto Zutz à Barcelona 21 juil. 2024

dimanche, 21 juillet 2024

11:59 - 06:00

Otto Zutz à Barcelona 24 juil. 2024

mercredi, 24 juillet 2024

11:59 - 05:00

Otto Zutz à Barcelona 25 juil. 2024

jeudi, 25 juillet 2024

11:59 - 05:00

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