• Chrystie boîte de nuit Cannes
  • Soirée dans la boîte Chrystie VIP à Cannes. Trouvez des promoteurs pour la liste des invités sur Clubbable
  • Soirée dans la boîte Chrystie VIP à Cannes. Trouvez des promoteurs pour la liste des invités sur Clubbable
  • Soirée dans la boîte Chrystie VIP à Cannes. Trouvez des promoteurs pour la liste des invités sur Clubbable
  • Soirée dans la boîte Chrystie VIP à Cannes. Trouvez des promoteurs pour la liste des invités sur Clubbable
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22 Rue Macé, 06400 Cannes, France



11:59 - 5:00


11:59 - 5:00


11:59 - 5:00


11:59 - 5:00


11:59 - 5:00


11:59 - 5:00


11:59 - 5:00
Âge minimum: 18

What is Chrystie? Is it a feeling, a mystery, a fleeting avatar or an imagination? Even the name is something that you do not keep your finger quite perfectly on. Like a temptation that never succeeds, Christie is always out of reach, which employs it characteristically in the spotlight. Both passionate and fascinating, it sets the stage with perceptive supreme grace creating an atmosphere that radiates remarkable energy in every aspect. Though inspired by many feelings, it has made her mark and style statements to create a masterpiece. Its proponent means that people cannot get enough of it. It is both excited and exciting; highlighting its all-powerful style. It wants you to follow it on the edge of the earth. Its spirit exudes the vibratory power that reigns over everything around it. You will fill this statue of Chrystie with a troubled blend of heart and reality. Here, the magic lies in the combination of venue and divine souls, an icon straight from the imagination. Chrystie’s magic lies in the secret place and spiritual spirit through a false symbol of life in the imagination.

Your event at Chrystie? Chrystie personalises according to your requirements, stirring your guests during a congress, a seminary, an incentive or other private events. This is a fantastic place; private and unforgettable. Cocktail is an art to Chrystie Cannes nightclub. It has an exceptional ability to create an instant connection as a bar epitomises a venue's personality. The world's famous Bartender highlights extra souls and keeps an artist's emotions in his talent. If the cocktail is an art, sensory delight is the point that Jeremy uses to create a masterpiece. He finds a new taste and texture to create a menu that takes you on a voyage of discovery.

Chrystie nightclub has an exciting and delicious menu for its entire guest. Chef Laurent Beaumont’s menu serves inspired dishes to awaken the senses, gives a twist to the classics and lets you get unexpected. The bold, contemporary and innovative roots are Chrysties’ shiny personality. The food reflects the phenomenon of "A Sharing Menu". Lawrence Beaumont gave a passionate twist on a classic with his Prestige and Gourmet dishes. There is a whole host of choice. The chef can take a witch dietary experience, but he has a goal: "To put a smile on your face".

Chrystie’s milestone events are exciting. The venue turns out as the night goes on. Every week, with a strong identity and quiet entertainment, Chrystie is turning into a vibrant showcase for choreography music, cabaret and wine tasting. This is an exciting way to get the Cannes nightlife scenes.

Chrystie Night Club has a strict door policy. There is a dress code like many other clubs. Therefore, you must be on the guest list or have a valid table in order to avoid the disappointment of complying with the code. It is common that New York City dress codes are strictly enforced, so you have to follow the dress code for Chrystie too. For any other requirement, please contact Chrystie.

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Chrystie à Cannes 14 juin 2024

vendredi, 14 juin 2024

11:59 - 05:00

Chrystie à Cannes 15 juin 2024

samedi, 15 juin 2024

11:59 - 05:00

Chrystie à Cannes 16 juin 2024

dimanche, 16 juin 2024

11:59 - 05:00

Chrystie à Cannes 17 juin 2024

lundi, 17 juin 2024

11:59 - 05:00

Chrystie à Cannes 18 juin 2024

mardi, 18 juin 2024

11:59 - 05:00

Chrystie à Cannes 19 juin 2024

mercredi, 19 juin 2024

11:59 - 05:00

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