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The Centrium, 60 Wyndham St, Central, Hong Kong



5:00 - 11:59


5:00 - 11:59


5:00 - 11:59


5:00 - 11:59


5:00 - 11:59
Âge minimum: 18

Currently open as a lounge and restaurant

Dragon I is a “3 in 1” place – a lounge bar, restaurant and nightclub – all together. It is open 12 years ago and it is still surviving all changes and issues that the Hong Kong clubs need to combat. Many clubs were open and lot of them closed soon, because of various administrative issues, big competition, and really expensive and rising rental costs in the Island’s Downtown, but Dragon I is still surviving the cruel conditions of Hong Kong clubbing. The club is one of the most commercialized clubs in Hong Kong. It still represents the symbol of Hong Kong party life, passing successfully the test of time. The truth is that is not easy manage and handle one club so big as Play Club is, all 7 days in week, therefore, it deserves to be on the list of the best clubs in the Far-East area.
The internal of Dragon I is a mix of Chinese and modern international details. It kept a traditional décor, but offering also modern elements, respecting many tourists who come here. You can find China in Europe and Europe in China, the meeting of 2 civilizations. The music always follows the world most famous hits, and you can hear all the rhythms that you hear also in Germany, Spain, England USA or Australia.
Before an evening starts, so after 11 pm, you can have lunch or dinner, or just a pre-drink moments. The staff start to serve food from 3 pm. It is a traditional Chinese food, with elements of other Asian cuisines. You will enjoy the real exotic dishes, completed with Asian décor and ambient. After 11pm the club starts to warm up, so the fun is guaranteed. The club has 3 separate rooms, including bars and dance floors, as well as multiple sitting booths for those who want to take a break of dancing. DJs play different music styles in each room. The main stage is reserved for mainstream, HIP HOP, R&B and EDM tracks. Explore the other club’s areas to find more of an underground, bass heavy music policy. Beautiful Chinese dancers will leave male guests breathless. You can hear local, but also international DJs. Check the program in advance on facebook page.
Entry charges and times vary and depends on night (again check their Facebook page for their well-published list of monthly events). If you’re planning just to rock up in the club, remember to bring smart and expect a cover charge of 100-300 HKD (12 – 36$).
Dragon-I Club is easily reachable from Central MTR Station. Go towards Lan Kwai Fong and you will find the club around the back on Wyndham Street. Lively Lan Kwai Fong quarter consists of a few streets in the Central area, forming a rectangle that was previously used by hawkers before the Second World War. Today the zone is home to some of the best bars and clubs in Hong Kong earning itself the moniker ‘party central’.

The club has a very strict dress policy. People who come are usually businessmen and their female followers with expensive handbags, sitting in VIP area and drinking the most expensive champagnes. Therefore, if you are tourist and you are not really prepared to be a part of this elegant and a bit snob atmosphere; don’t go there if you don’t have some elegant cloth and shoes to wear. It is usual scene to see a long row in front of the Club, waiting to be admitted by a strict doorman. Certainly, the privilege has businessmen and rich well-known persons of Hong Kong, after them the rest of the world. The tourists are at the last place.
The club offers 3 in 1 elements: restaurant, lounge bar and discothèque. It is open all week, so people can eat, drink and dance there for 7 days in week.

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Vidéos de Dragon-I à Hong Kong


Dragon-I à Hong Kong 22 juil. 2024

lundi, 22 juillet 2024

05:00 - 11:59

Dragon-I à Hong Kong 24 juil. 2024

mercredi, 24 juillet 2024

05:00 - 11:59

Dragon-I à Hong Kong 25 juil. 2024

jeudi, 25 juillet 2024

05:00 - 11:59

Dragon-I à Hong Kong 26 juil. 2024

vendredi, 26 juillet 2024

05:00 - 11:59

Dragon-I à Hong Kong 27 juil. 2024

samedi, 27 juillet 2024

05:00 - 11:59

Dragon-I à Hong Kong 29 juil. 2024

lundi, 29 juillet 2024

05:00 - 11:59

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