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26 rue Pierre-Fontaine 75009, Paris



7:00 - 2:00


7:00 - 2:00


7:00 - 2:00


7:00 - 2:00
Âge minimum: 18

In the heart of the famous red-light district of Paris, the Moloko is a festive restaurant, which also houses a cocktail bar, located at 26 rue Pierre Fontaine in the 9th arrondissement. Famous restaurateurs Olivier and Julie Demarle – who already run several successful places – opened their latest restaurant called Moloko Pigalle, a festive restaurant housing a cocktail bar. The club has modern Asian cuisine, world-class mixology, and outstanding design. Respected restaurateurs Julie & Olivier Demarle partnered with Miami-based chef Jose Mendin to open this venue focusing equally on unique experience and outstanding food. The selection of sharing plates embarks guests on an exquisite journey through Asian specialties with international escalates. During the evening, the restaurant turns into a trendy cocktail bar featuring international music artists. On weekends, it’s a musical bar where one can dance until the break of dawn to soul, funk, black, vintage, and hip-hop music. 

As for the other restaurants opened by the Demarles, Moloko enjoys a design and sophisticated setting, a chic and trendy restaurant. The ambiance of the place filled with history (of Parisian nights) is lounge-like, rather dark – but not too much – with soft light. The bar is made of polished concrete walls, exposed bricks, and stones. The architecture of the establishment creates a chic underground decor.

Covering two floors, Moloko Pigalle enjoys a bar on each floor. The cocktails provided are Asian-inspired and original. For instance, Emperor Kir is based on Taittinger champagne, aloe vera, and lychee mangoustan. Very bubbly and decorated with a flower, it’s so delicious it’s highly addictive. The Araki Room, so named for its decoration consisting mainly of photographs of the famous Nobuyoshi Araki, is also located on the first floor. Slightly off-center from the main room, it offers a more discreet space. After dinner, for guests who want a more intimate atmosphere, the Salon Araki turns into a private lounge area. The lounge bar, located on the ground floor, has 11 tables, but also a bar where you can dine or enjoy one of our signature cocktails. The main room is connected to the second bar of the establishment, as well as to the DJ booth. It serves both as a restaurant area and as a dance floor after midnight. The glass dance floor allows a light flow between the two levels. On weekends, everything becomes a bar restaurant with a musical atmosphere where you can dance until the end of the night.

There are so many good things on Moloko Pigalle's menu that make it hard to choose what to devour. You better come several times to taste everything! Live DJ music is performed every night for dinner, but not too loudly. From Thursday to Saturday, a second DJ takes over from midnight and the music is turned louder.

Moloko Pigalle is THE new spot you want to try for cocktails, food, and music. We couldn’t recommend more prior booking for your dinner or night out at Moloko Pigalle. 

Modern Asian cuisine, world-class mixology, and outstanding design! What are you waiting for? 

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Bottle menu

Ruinart Blanc de Blanc €350
Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Magnum €700
Dom Pérignon €550
Dom Pérignon Magnum €1200
Dom Pérignon Rosé €900
Dom Pérignon Rosé Magnum €2000
Moët & Chandon €220
Armand de Brignac €600
Cristal €600
Cristal Magnum €1800
Cristal Rosé €1200
Cristal Rosé Magnum €3800

Grey Goose €300
Grey Goose Magnum €600

Don Julio 1942 €950
Don Julio 1942 Magnum €2000

Bombay Sapphire €300
Hendrick’s €350

Bacardi 8 Years €300
Diplomatico €350

Otar €300
Hennessy Very Special €350

Jack Daniels €300
Jack Daniels Magnum €600
(The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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Moloko Pigalle à Paris 30 mai 2024

jeudi, 30 mai 2024

07:00 - 02:00

Moloko Pigalle à Paris 31 mai 2024

vendredi, 31 mai 2024

07:00 - 02:00

Moloko Pigalle à Paris 1 juin 2024

samedi, 1 juin 2024

07:00 - 02:00

Moloko Pigalle à Paris 2 juin 2024

dimanche, 2 juin 2024

07:00 - 02:00

Moloko Pigalle à Paris 6 juin 2024

jeudi, 6 juin 2024

07:00 - 02:00

Moloko Pigalle à Paris 7 juin 2024

vendredi, 7 juin 2024

07:00 - 02:00

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