22 févr. 2021

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If you are a club goer you already know that getting into a club can sometimes be a tricky job and if you’re a nightlife newbie then the following information is essential to know and keep in mind. 

Let’s start with the key word here, promoter. 

What is a promoter?

A club promoter is someone who works for clubs. 

Promoters are very passionate about the entertainment business so they help clubs to keep a fun, upbeat atmosphere by bringing many guests into the club and keeping them entertained. It is also their job to make sure only good guests come in.

There are two types of promoters:

The first one is the in house promoter which means that the promoter is working directly with the club making him/her a trusted person by the club and by guests.

The in house promoter can offer special table deals and has his/her own guest list.

The second type of promoter is the freelancer one. They have agreements with all the clubs they work with but are not hired directly by the club and usually do not have the same priority or authority as inhouse promoters.

This promoter can still offer a guest list but most of the time it will be someone else’s guest list. 

Then there are sub promoters who are junior promoters working on behalf of a senior promoter who has the deal with the club.

For example Adda is a freelance promoter and she will be offering guests John’s guest list, John being an in house promoter he has his own guest list.

But why would you need a promoter anyway?

That’s because most venues are not taking bookings directly, instead they are paying the promoters to take care of bookings.

If you try messaging the club you will most probably not receive a reply. Many nightclubs are just impossible to get into without a promoter.

Now that you know how important a promoter’s role is you’ll soon find out that finding a good one is not as easy as it might seem. 

We have noticed the need for a space where party people can find those good promoters who give good deals and can add you on their guest list, where the upcoming parties, newly opened clubs and the ones that close their doors are always up to date.

Using Clubbable to go out makes the entire process stress free and easy. 

You can either book a table for the set prices that are suitable for your group or you contact us if you have special requirements and we will make it happen. 

If you want to be on the guest list you can apply for it by creating a group with details such as date, preferred club, number of guys/girls, age and pictures for yourself and your friends. Our promoters will be notified about your group and offer you to be on their guest list. If you like their offer you can accept it which will then let you chat with the promoter to find out about all the extra details. 

It really is that easy. 

If you are a promoter check out how it works for you.

Picture by @wayhomestudio

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