How to go out VIP with the Clubbable app.

1. Create a new party group by pressing the "Go Out" button or on "Request Guest List/Book Table " on a club listing. 2. Invite the friends you want to go out with in the app and/or from your phone book. 3. All the best promoters will send you offers of guest list or table quotes for the best venues in town. 4. You (the party group organiser) then accept the offer you like the most. 5. After accepting, chat directly to the lucky promoter who will arrange your entry into the venue. 6. Make sure everyone has ID with them. Very important. Clubs are very strict on this. 7. Dress to impress. Ladies are recommended to wear heels and dress in most countries. Men are advised to wear a shirt. Avoid sportswear and trainers. 8. Be on time for guest list access. If you are late you risk not getting in. Make sure to say exactly what your promoter tells you to say at the door. Note: Just accepting an offer does not put you on a guest list or reserve the table. The group organiser needs to chat to the promoter who will confirm when you are on the list. Make sure you have push notifications enabled for the Clubbable app and mark emails from us as safe so you can get notified when you get new offers from promoters and you get chat messages from friends or the promoter you accepted an offer from. You can view this help again from the menu in the app.
Read more about how to go out VIP on the blog and about the possibility to invite and get invited to join a VIP table.

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