How Clubbable works for promoters

If you want to have promoter access to be able to see the groups wanting to go out and to send them offers of guest list and VIP table quotes then press 'Apply for promoter access' in the menu in the app.
1. On the "New" tab you can see new groups you have not seen before who not yet accepted an offer from any promoter. 2. Click on a group to view photos and where they want to go. 3. Click "Make Offer" to offer the group guest list or give a quote on a table booking. 4. Groups you have seen already, regardless if you sent offers to them or not can be found on the "Seen" tab. 5. When a group has accepted one of your offers you can find them on the "Accepted" Tab. From there you can see photos again, see the offer you made them and chat to the group organiser to arrange entry for the group. You are NOT ALLOWED to exchange any contact information in chat or in person. All contact goes through the app. The guests can call you though by pressing the CALL PROMOTER button but this will be from a masked number. Also note that they have the address already so no need to send that. You can view this help again from the menu.

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