How Clubbable works for promoters

If you already are a club promoter that wants to get hold of groups of guests then apply for the promoter account within the Clubbable app to gain access to the hundreds of guests that want to go out all the time. You have to log in with Facebook, open the menu and fill the "Apply for promoter access" form with as many details as possible. Our team will review your request and get in touch as soon as possible.
Steps of how to use the promoter mode: 1. On the "New" tab you will see all the groups that you have not seen before 2. Each group will have a picture and the age of every guest including their preferred club and the party date 3. Tap on one group to see the full size pictures, some guests might have more than one picture of themselves 4. Tap on the "Make Offer" button from the right top corner to offer the group to be on your guest list or give a table booking quote 5. Groups that you have already seen, regardless if you have sent offers to them or not can be found on the "Seen" tab 6. When a group has accepted one of your offers you can find them on the "Accepted" tab. From there you can see all the group's details again such as their pictures, the offer that you have made and access the chat to the group organiser to arrange the entry and discuss any other info. You are NOT ALLOWED to exchange any contact information in chat or in person. All contact between you and the guests goes through the app. The guests can call you by pressing the CALL PROMOTER button so if you need to talk just tell the guest to call you by pressing the phone icon within the app on the chat page. Note that the guests already have the club's schedule and address, if there is any change for a particular event you are responsible to let them know. If you have any questions don't hesitate to use the Contact us form.

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