5 Mar 2019

How to get into a nightclub top 10 ways to enter a club easy options getting in try to successful make sure

Not everyone actually gets into a nightclub, wanna be sure you’re part of the ones who do? Follow our best tips on how to do so!

First of all, a really obvious one, you have to bring your ID. 

To prepare you should also have a photocopy of either your passport or ID on your phone in case something happens with your originals and can’t be shown.

Dress to impress and make sure to follow the dress code for the club.

For short or average girls, if you didn’t already know high heels are a MUST, you can have a pair of flats with you to change later but don’t let the bouncer know that. Taller ladies are lucky and can get in wearing flats but they have to be elegant, no sporty shoes, no trainers, sneakers etc. Boys height doesn’t matter but you have to wear proper shoes to be 100% sure you’re getting in, not everyone thinks Yeezy’s are cool.

We provided the dress code for some clubs for both men and women but a good tip is to have a look at their latest social media pics and note what the crowd is wearing!

Best way to make sure you get in is if you get in touch with an inhouse promoter, they are usually (but not always) better since they have more influence over the door lady and can often queue jump their guests. 

Soon we will show the average success ratio on promoters in the app meaning how often they actually get people into the club. Pick offers where the promoter says he or she will be there personally to let you in. If they just instruct: say my name at the door, you are usually better off pressing skip on that offer to then pick a new one.

If you are lucky enough to get invited to join a VIP table definitely go for that since with a table booking you’re definitely getting in and skipping the queue.

It is not everyone's “right” to get in and it can seem pretty harsh and shallow but the clubs are businesses and they need to make sure they have a top quality crowd to attract the VIPs buying expensive tables. The door staff always has the final say if someone gets in or not regardless of any guest list. If they don’t like a group for whatever reason they will make up some reason why they are not coming in. Keep this in mind and respect it. Don’t try to claim it is your right to get in because you are on some list. 

One rule of thumb is that the more males you have in the group, the harder it will be to get past the door lady. A trick that usually works is to put the girls in the front of the group and have the guys at the back. Think about what the door lady sees. Shorter ladies should generally stand in front of taller ones since they wouldn’t otherwise be seen.

Make sure you know the group count before you reach the front of the queue so that when the door staff asks how many you are, you can answer how many girls and boys without having to turn around and do a headcount.

Remember that the interaction with the door lady/security is like an interview. The questions they ask are not necessarily because they really want to know exactly how many drinks you have had prior your arrival, it is usually just a tool to gauge how intoxicated you come across and how well you carry yourself. Try not to appear nervous or shy as if you don't think you are worthy of entry but at the same time it is important to not be arrogant as if the door lady doesn’t have the power to stop you.

Now the tabu way, bribes:

Sometimes it may be possible to bribe yourself in if it’s done elegantly. The way to do it is to fold up a note in a little square that fits in your palm without sticking out and make sure the number in the note is clearly visible. You press it against your palm with your thumb without covering the value of it. You angle your hand so that only the security guy you are trying to bribe can see it, no one else, don’t forget about security cameras. You put your hand up in a confident way as if you are about to shake his hand while making eye contact. You need to see that he sees the note in your hand before he grabs it since if he shakes your hand without seeing the note, he may get caught off guard and freak out. You may want to quickly signal with the eyes to look at your hand so he knows what is going on. Add a cheeky smile and say something like: “Hi, you know my friend from before right?” 

In the US in a top club you need to give a $50 while you can get away with a $20 at some clubs. In London, UK a £20 should still do it. If you are coming with a friend he should have a note prepared just in case the security guy is hesitating, then your friend might stick out the hand as well. Remember, no one wants to get caught taking bribes so timing in this is crucial!

Create your group in the Clubbable app early to have time to get many offers and make sure to accept an offer ideally before 8pm to give the promoter the chance to sort things out. Later can work as well but earlier is better. Keep the conversation going with the promoter. Confirm in early evening that you are definitely coming.

Make sure to say to say what the promoter said you should say at the door. For example: If the promoter says: X guest list at the door, you then say: I am on X guest list. Not: My name is Emma and I am on the guest list with this Clubbable app thing.

Always have £10-20 in cash per person in case the club is getting full or the door lady is not impressed by the group, she might decide to charge you. The promoter has no control over this but it is more likely that a promoter with a good rating has a better track record of getting people in without paying anything.

If you wear glasses, take them off before getting in front of the door lady, it’s not a must or anything wrong with it but you want your face as visible as possible, same goes around hats that might cover your face. 

When its cold you should open up your jacket just before your reach the front of the queue so the door lady can see your glamorous outfit, you don’t wanna look like an eskimo covered up in a polar jacket.

The best way to guarantee you definitely get in is always to book a VIP table for your group if you have a special night and want to be sure there won’t be any complications. Sure they are expensive, particularly at the most popular clubs such as The Box, but you’ll have your own table, no need to queue and you will have top level table service. If you want to know how much a table is for your group just select Request Table Quotes when you create your group in the Clubbable app.

If you want a more elaborate scheme to go VIP clubbing without paying anything check this video.

So here you have it! From dress code to bribing and other tips and tricks on how to get into a nightclub. 

Make sure to share this with your clubbing friends, you want them in, right?

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