29 Jun 2017

Model Status

We are always on the lookout for new faces to represent our brand and what we stand for.

As a clubbable model you enjoy the following benefits:

* Represent the Clubbable luxury brand
* Uber taxi to or from the club refunded
* Will be featured on the @clubbableapp Instagram
* Possibility to get paid for promoting our brand & app on your social channels and IRL
* Possibility to get paid to go out
* Attend Clubbable private events & launch parties

To get model status, you either sign up with a referral code from a partnered modelling agency, or you tag some pictures of yourself with @clubbableapp and #MakeMeClubbableModel - we will select the ones we find suitable. You will need to have a bit of following to be considered. Of course you will have downloaded the app and have made yourself familiar with it, as well as follow us on our social media channels.

We also have the Clubbable brand ambassador programme where you get paid for promoting Clubbable. Ask us for more details around this if interested.

A service we provide to all models is TFP deposits where typically both the photographer and the model deposit a sum to us that we return when both are happy or give to the one who did not deliver. Contact us for more info.

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