New Years Eve in London

19 Dec 2018

New Years Eve in London 2018

To celebrate the New Years Eve in London is truly a great way of breaking in the new year and has for many years been very popular so ALL nightclubs will require tickets to be purchased in advance.

Entry price at the VIP nightclubs start at £60 and up but not just anyone can just buy a ticket at most of them. Your group needs to be at least 75% female unless you are a baller and go big with a VIP table which also eliminates all the queuing. Your group also needs to be approved for ticket purchase. This is done by creating your guest list group in the Clubbable app as you normally do. Then if approved a promoter form the club will send you an offer of guest list with the entry price attached. Once you accept the offer your promoter will provide you with payment instructions and you have your exclusive spot reserved.

Here are some of our favorites:

Winter Wonderland New Years Eve at Reign Showclub

Reign showclub New year

The London Reign welcomes you to celebrate the new year in our winter wonderland. With an amazing year coming to a close we want to wish our friends and family a happy new year and we look forward to celebrating it with you all. Expect the glamour and opulence that The London Reign is famous for. Our host at Reign will provide you with complimentary drinks. Tickets cost 60

Scandal at the Grand Budapest Hotel is at Scandal nightclub, not the actual hotel, in Budapest but sure to be a one to remember

Scandal New year

At Libertine they have an extravagant MASQUERADE New Years Eve party so get your masks ready!

Libertine New year

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