The best parties in London on New Years Eve

18 Dec 2017

The best parties in London on New Years Eve

The biggest party night world wide when more Champagne corks than ever are popped is coming up! The London VIP clubs are all having huge NYE celebrations and we at Clubbable are of course listing the most exclusive and sparkling parties and events.

As the VIP clubs and their events are very exclusive and difficult to attend, Clubbable works by listing all VIP clubs, member clubs and private events, which guests then are able to request to attend. You can request to book your own VIP table or to get on the guest list. New years eve is no exception - as the VIP clubs are for the coolest and most attractive audience, you will have to apply to attend. Although, on new years, all clubs demand prepaid tickets at the door. With the Clubbable app, you will request guest list or table booking to a certain club and promoters will send offers to attend as usual (guest list or VIP table) but for new years eve with a ticket price. In some rare cases, promoters do send free entry to groups they like particularly, but if so, please double check that this is actually on offer - so you won’t turn up outside the club on New Years Eve without a required ticket to enter. The best way to celebrate the new year and make sure you won’t have to get crowed with others is to book your own VIP table. By booking it with the Clubbable app you will get table quotes to all VIP clubs in one go with exclusive prices and an availability overview. Let’s sparkle up and pop those Champagne bottles!

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