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Av. Cnel. Niceto Vega 5635, Buenos Aires, Argentina



8:00 PM - 1:00 AM


8:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Minimum Age: 18

Open for food and drinks. Pre booking is mandatory. Maximum 4 people per table.

Located at Coronel Niceto Vega Avenue, in Palermo Quarter, INK Club offers, not only night club elements, but also a restaurant comfort. It is located on a surface of 750 m2, with two floors, three bars, two VIP areas, with tables and comfortable seating areas, characterized by minimalist décor. There is also a smoking area, so important for those who don’t want to spend a night without their favorite cigarettes. Start your evening in this distinguished trendy restaurant & lounge bar, tasting some of delicious dishes from the club’s menu, and then go to dance, around the club, through the night. Argentina is famous for late dinners, so dinner starts from 10pm and lasts until 1am, when the disco starts.

The prices are high, but Buenos Aires is a bit expensive city. It is certain that INK Club provides an appreciated service for chick elite of Buenos Aires. Because of that, you can meet many football players, followed by many silicone blonds, many celebrities and argentine TV stars.

At 11:30 PM you will enjoy attractive and funny shows – participatory comedies with a quick change actors, musicians, magicians and, and variété. INK, therefore, presents a mix of cabaret, small theater, lounge, restaurant and discothèque, and it is perfect for those who don’t want to change places during one night and who prefer to spend all night in only one place. So, first enjoy the delicious dinner, good show performances, and then continue dancing until late hours! Progressive trance beats, 80s&90s Pop music, Reggaeton, House music and Commercial dance, high level lightening & sound system, with the giant screens above the dance floor; will convert this restaurant and lounge bar in amazing night club after 1 AM!

INK Club offers also the possibility to organize private parties.

If you are a part of Buenos Aires chick class, or you are tourist and want to be chick for one night, the doors of INK Club are open for you!

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