Tester No previous experience required

08 Nov 2017

Tester No previous experience required

Part remote work from home. If you know your way around a smartphone and is somewhat organised you can do this job. As a tester you typically do 2 things: 1. Check that what developers say they have done is done and it works. 2. Click around the app and try to break it. There are however a million other things that you can get to do as well if interested. You work according to a specified process but there is room to grow this role into project management if you are good and can take initiative and responsibility. As a part of the screening for this position we ask all candidates to find one issue in the app and on the website and report that in as detailed way as possible. Being able to find, reproduce and describe issues in a clear is what this job is all about. So please reply with your findings and attach a CV. If you do not have one please write a few lines about what you have done before, even if it is just school.

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