Chateau Nightclub in Las Vegas


Your experience in Las Vegas will not be complete without a night of clubbing. Can you imagine a Dj party under the stunning steels of the Eifel tower? That is exactly what you will live in Chateau and without having to travel to Paris. So, leave the fascinating world of casinos aside for a few hours and lose yourself in the music by dancing hip hop, rap and the best gold classics; Just check out some of the best djs and producers who have played the stage and how amazing your night can get to b.

All that, without saying that Chateau is the only major nightclub in town that offers direct access to the Strip, which means that you don’t have to walk through the casino to get there.

If you ever thought that being in Las Vegas was like living a dream, you have to take a look at the panorama that can be seen from the terrace; it is simply breathtaking.

Of course, getting in can be a real challenge if you are not in a guest list or have a table, but do not worry, that is what Clubbable is made for, contact our promoters to ensure your entry.

Finally, make sure you know how the club dress code works; you do not want to stay outside just for a pair of sandals! If you have any doubt, please check out this link for more info:  it is never a bad idea to double check.

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