Up and Down New York


Up & Down is a new entry into the Butter Group empire and it’s only a few blocks from 1OAK, the highly successful club owned by Butter Group. Being that the two clubs are so close in distance, Frost has programed Up & Down as a different type of environment so that the group doesn’t have to compete with itself. Up & Down has a great many celebrities roll through its properties, but unlike many places, they keep it on the down low. The rooms are programmed as polar opposites. “The music upstairs provides the atmosphere of a modern day nightclub, a mixed format of current hits and surprise performances while the downstairs is more of a musical scavenger hunt, covering all spectrums, from classics’ to music that is just a bit ahead of the curve,” says Frost. 

 From time to time, you’ll see celebrities partying and sometimes even performing!

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