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25 Rue de Richelieu 75001, Paris, France
Minimum Age: 18
L'Art Club has changed to the renewed LE MAGNIFIQUE which before was the old Vanity Club so check those for more pictures.

It opened in the beginning of October 2018.  It brings the space bang up to date with urban graffiti art, an open warehouse style dance floor, and amazing modern beats. This central Parisian club is frequented by young, beautiful, classy men and women from around the world.

Of course, a venue with this pedigree and prime location is going to be a little expensive. Expect a door fee, even if you are on the guest list. The easiest way to avoid a door fee is by reserving a table instead. Bottle service is available with a wide range of champagne, spirit, and wine options.

Depending on which DJ they have on for the night, the tunes are going to vary. They offer plenty of local and international DJs, as well as special themed nights, such as Latin dance nights full of regetón. No matter what your tastes, Art Club Paris has a night for you, so make sure to check out what they have on.

The ambiance will change with the music. After all, ambiance is half venue, half clientele. Rest assured that every night will see only the most beautiful and interesting of people. However some nights will be very biased towards French guests, others will attract more tourists, some will have music that draws in younger people, and some nights may have fewer teenagers. Basically, check who the DJ is if you want to know what sort of person might be hitting this hot French nightclub. But, if you just want to check out the best club for dancing in central Paris, then whatever the night you will have a great time.

The minimum age of entry is 18, but, like many European clubs, they may ask you to prove your age if you look much under 25, so don't forget your ID! This is a great opportunity for people to enjoy drinking in a country where they legally can do so. And the cocktails themselves are absolutely delectable. Most of them are modern mixes, but there are a few classics and specials on the menu at the full bar.

They have valet parking and a cloakroom, which are very convenient, but you don't have to use them if you would rather have your coat and bag at your table. Of course, to do that you would need to reserve a table!

This venue does not stay open as late as some other European clubs. But, as it closes in the early hours of the morning and is one of the best clubs in central Paris, you have plenty of time to check out other venues before the morning! If you want to hit another club, leaving at two in the morning will give you plenty of time to get your coat, wait for your car, and find somewhere else to enjoy the next four or five hours of partying.

Because this club is very young, trendy, and fun, expect it to be packed. Be on the guest list, or you will not be getting in. A table reservation is also a wonderful idea, especially if you want to just sit back and enjoy your drinks and the view.
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