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  • Party at Brünett VIP nightclub in Paris. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Brünett VIP nightclub in Paris. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
1 place jacques rouché Paris
Minimum Age: 18

A fantastic club for early evenings and nights, Brunett Club Paris is at the forefront of what the locals call the "ephemeral terrace" phenomenon, offering a day and night luxury clubbing experience in the open air.

What exactly is an "ephemeral terrace", though? Ephemeral refers to how short-lived beautiful things are, and in this case means the fleeting pleasant weather in Paris. The terrace part obviously means that the venue has an open-air environment. Put together, we have open air environments that are as beautiful, joyous, and fleeting as a warm Summer's day. This is part of a growing European trend moving towards living with the seasons, rather than fighting them.

As one of the most stunning examples of an ephemeral terrace, Brunett Club in Paris is at its very best in the Summer, when you can fully enjoy its relaxed decor and outdoor spaces. Inkeeping with this seasonal trend, they sell various light bites and drinks that change depending on what is local, seasonal, and sustainable. Who said you have to give up your environmental conscience to go clubbing?

The outdoor patio area, with plants and soft lighting, has a wonderful relaxed Mediterranean feel to it, especially on a clear night under the stars. The seating is comfortable both indoors and outdoors.

The music here focuses on modern, upbeat mixes, such as deep house and top 40 tracks. If you like to dance the night away, or watch beautiful people dancing all night long, then this sexy Parisian club is an amazing spot for you. The energy levels are through the roof, especially when you hit the busy dance floor.

If you are more of a fan of Paris lounges, the venue also hosts art installations, including video projections, sculpture, and paintings. So you can take a cocktail, settle into your VIP seating, and enjoy the music and atmosphere without feeling pressured to spend the night on your feet.

Speaking of drinks, the cocktails served at this popular Paris nightclub are varied and delicious. It counts on a full bar and attentive bottle service, which includes a wide range of champagne and cocktail options. Make sure to check out their original drinks menu for something new and refreshing, or ask their expert mixologists for a traditional cocktail made just the way you want it.

The guests, much like the atmosphere, are sophisticated, young, beautiful, and trendy. The dress code is a bit relaxed, allowing flats and trousers for women, and smart polos and jerseys for men. Sportswear and loungewear are still strictly prohibited, of course. But if you are the sort of man who likes to wear some jewellery, or a woman who likes a nice, light, airy dress or shirt, then the Brunett nightclub is one of the best clubs in Paris for you.

This club closes in the early hours of the morning, so you might want to switch venues if you want to party much after 2am. It is a good idea to leave the venue around 1, or 1.30. There are plenty of nearby Paris clubs that are open until the sun comes up, so it's not like you won't find anywhere awesome. Of course, remember that by this time many clubs will be packed, so make sure to book a table to every venue you want to check out!

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