A night at Project nightclub in London


Since we held our crazy party at Project Nightclub it has been completely revamped as Scandal, which we really encourage you to check out, as it's one of the best clubs in London, hands down.

But what was Project like?

This venue was still a fun, pumping club like Scandal is, but when we hosted our party back in 2017, but it was a less sexy venue, with a younger, more fun-oriented feel to it, perhaps with a touch of the retro. We loved the hip hop tunes that were played here, the beautiful dancers, and the pure energy of the crowd as our guests danced the night away. It was truly in the spirit of everything we stood for and still stand for: providing the most thrilling, exciting, luxurious club experiences for our guests. All we could see on our guests faces, all that we were being told, was that this is exactly what they always expected from a great night out.

This event threw fuel onto the fire of our passion for delivering a great nightlife experience. Why should anyone settle for anything less than perfection when we can be there to guide them towards the most fun they've ever had in their lives?

Although this was one of our earlier events, it was also when we were beginning to gain momentum at an insane pace, and you could feel in the air that something new was happening. It was like a switch was flipped and people were beginning to realize that all the stereotypes about the "bad night out" didn't have to be true, that there was a better way, that nightlife could be fun and relaxed again.

We hold fond memories of our 2016-2017 events and the venues they were held at. Although our app was launched in September 2016 with a big launch party over at the DSTRKT Club in London, as time has gone by we've truly snowballed, and every year means new changes and progress. Those earlier days were sort of challenging in their own way, but also charmed, with mere hints of what was to come.

Of course we will miss London's Project Nightclub. It holds dear memories for us, and we will always think of it fondly. But, much like Project evolving into the newer, edgier, sexier Scandal Club in London, Clubbable is always evolving and adapting as well. We feel happy for what we have experienced in the past, but we are always hungry for the experiences that are waiting in our future!

And no matter how nightlife changes and evolves with time, no matter which clubs open or close, which tunes are the most popular, which brands provide the most amazing drinks, or where all the sexy young people are going, you can bet that we'll be there to let you know all about it.

Clubbable is more than one or two events, more than an app. Clubbable is an essential part of living well. Clubbable is a mood. Clubbable is a lifestyle. Clubbable is the future.

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