Clubbable London Launch Party DSTRKT


Clubbable's launch party in 2016 feels like it happened decades ago, and yet only yesterday. Like bringing home a newborn baby, or buying your first house, or falling in love for the first time ever, the passionate waves of emotions were so very real that night. We knew it was the start of a new episode in our lives, and, let's be honest, nobody quite knows what to do with all the excitement, joy, nervousness, and sheer energy that floods you when you're standing on the edge of the future, ready to dive right in.

You see, to make a boring history lesson short, in the 1780s the word "clubbable" or "clubbability" was coined to describe someone who was suitable to belong to a club, who was sociable, interesting, extroverted, and generally deserved the experience of a club. The idea was that you didn't need to be royalty to be a great asset at a club or an event, but that different people had all sorts of traits (fame, wealth, beauty, fun, connections, talent...) that made them suited to club life.

And that's the distilled essence of the Clubbable app: you are a clubbable person! There are certainly some things about you which will make you the perfect person to spend a rocking night out with. Maybe you're the beauty queen who enjoys dancing the night away with everyone, maybe you're a talented musician who knows where to find all the best music, maybe you're the life of the party who always brings the energy the dance floor needs, maybe you're the guy who loves to treat everyone to bottle service, or maybe you're that person who likes to sit back at the bar, relax, people watch and have a great time with an intimate circle of friends. Whatever the case, there is a club out there with a "you-shaped" hole in it.

Our mission is to get you there.

We want VIP guests and party organizers to be able to access exclusive nightlife deals. We want you to create your own perfect night out, whether it's dancing to the latest beats, watching incredible and eccentric shows, or rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. We want you to be able to actually enjoy your night out, not stress about this fee or that fee, parking, closing times, etc.

So we have collected all the information that is available about different clubs: Their themes, music, policies, DJs, dress codes, timetables, events, etc. Literally everything you want to know, including your guest list and reservation options, are available right there on the app.

And yet the control is still in your hands! Rather than letting someone else organize your night out, or driving yourself crazy trying to find promoters on social media, with a few taps of your phone and swipes across the app you can plan your own stress-free nightlife experience.

That was the message we wanted to convey at our DSTRKT Club launch party: We are not "an app for finding clubs", we are the app for a true VIP nightlife experience.

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