Los Angeles Launch Pool Party


We had an absolute blast last St Patrick's day at the VIP pool party. We held it in collaboration with musician Andrew Cole, and a whole horde of VIPs and celebs descended in The Iron Sides, LA. The Clubbable app finally launched in the USA and we were super hyped to be collaborating with so many amazing American venues and famous faces in our first steps towards providing a unique, global clubbing app.

Although we have all the faith of the world in our brand, it never ceases to amaze us how quickly word spreads about Clubbable, and what amazing people are behind us. Julien Magic's show was absolutely amazing, Andrew Cole is a truly inspirational man in person, as are Damien LeRoy (DJ Ammo from Black Eyed Peas) and DJ Amazonica (Marilyn Manson's tour DJ). It's been a complete and utter whirlwind as we crossed the Atlantic to launch our brand in such a luxurious setting, surrounded by such inspiring celebrities and brands... the American dream is alive and well!

But this amazing launch party was a crazy fun event combined with a dead serious message: The #NoJoke song and film, an anti-bullying campaign we are a hundred percent behind. Andrew Cole himself was bullied, believe it or not, and he is still haunted by those memories to this day. To provide support for those going through bullying, as well as raise awareness of how different it can be to the stereotypes, he is joined by Jeff Goldblum, Chad Smith from RHCP, Meatloaf, and even the internet's sweetheart Patrick Stewart, who confesses to feeling ashamed for having bullied others as a child. All these people have come together to show that the world is more than black and white, and that you can rise up from bullying and go on to be a happy, successful person.

This was such a beautiful theme for us to collaborate on, as it shows both sides of the coin: That people with great talent and vision can be victims of bullying, but also that these dark times do not define anyone, and that if you keep pushing ahead, your future will be bright.

Because of the slightly different tone, and to mix things up a little, we celebrated this event in the evening, in contrast to our Cannes launch party in 2017. Cannes was a roaring daytime beach club party, which was perfect for the location and the beautiful energy surrounding the Cannes Film Festival, but not quite the right tone for St Patrick's Day in LA. The bright Summer-love style luxury of an over the top beach party was traded in for the glamour of a private villa garden, cocktails and gourmet Irish food prepared by genius chef Dixon Matthews.

This video offers some of the highlights of this beautiful, inspiring event, that brought together so many different people, from all different backgrounds and walks of life, from all around the world, to celebrate the light at the end of the tunnel, the sweet success that awaits, no matter what lies in your past. We can't wait for the next Clubbable party!

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