24 Oct 2019

Make Money

Make £10 by getting 3 friends to download the app and go out once in the app! Or make £50 if you get someone to book a VIP table! This is only valid for new users and the night out need to be booked through the app and the day after survey filled out by all. You get another £5 if you post a picture of all of you and the promoter plus venue and @clubbableapp all tagged and link sent to us. VIP table needs to be of at least £1000. If less but more than £500 you get £25. If you recruit a promoter we will give you 10% of what we make on this promoter forever. When the person you recruited has gone out they get prompted to fill out a survey where he or she say if they actually did go out or not. If they say yes you will get get notified and can see the reward as Tracked on your transactions tab in the app. We invoice the fee to the promoter monthly and when the promoter has paid his or her corresponding fee it will get marked as Paid and you can press the button to request a payout. If you do not for some reason get automatically notified then please contact us with the names and date and we will sort it out.

We also offer a more long term option for promoters and people we set up as brand ambassadors where we share the profits we make on your recruits 50/50 with you no matter where they go out in the world every time they go out.

If you are a blogger and want to write about us get in touch and we can sort out a deal!

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