Paris dress code

12 Jul 2021

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We assume that you are reading this because you’re either planning your trip to Paris or just about to go out in the city of love and you’re wondering, what to wear in Paris?

When you think about Paris you probably imagine a little chic café, paved streets, the Eiffel Tower, couples holding hands and people dressed up as if they are coming out of a Vogue magazine. 

But when it comes to dressing up for a night out, what do you actually wear?

If you know that the door policy at evening restaurants and clubstaurants is fairly strict, then the nightclubs are 100x times more rigorous. No worries though, we’re here to help.

Clubbable helps people to get in the hottest clubs worldwide all the time, but Paris is one of our main spots so we know the dos and don’ts more than anyone around! 

Dress codes can be confusing, so let us help you with our detailed, visual guides of what can pass the door staff and what never gets in. 

We will split this in two, for ladies and for men, so it will be easier for you to find what you’re looking for. 

As always, ladies first. 

What does get in?

Please keep in mind that we did not make these rules but they are enforced by the club’s policy.

Parisians love an elegant, chic but sexy look. So anything that’s young, badass or flirtish, depends on your personal style, will get in. 

Let’s show you some real examples from girls who did get in at various clubs in Paris to make this easier. 


  1. Elegant, dreamy, vaporous short dresses 

  1. Edgy look - biker, leather jacket/pants, skirts with a cool top or mini dress, mainly black

  1. Jeans, but only if you make it fashionable, it’s recommended to wear some type of higher heels with this look 

  1. Long dresses, in Paris you can never be overdressed so don’t worry about putting on that fancy dress 

  1. One word, sparkle! 

  1. That tight short dress that looks like your second skin

  1. Proper pants with a casual or elegant top

So as you can see, the styles are very versatile and fit different types of taste when it comes to what one is comfortable to wear. 

You can go all the way out and put on the most expensive royal looking dress or have a laid back look by pairing jeans with a nice blouse or cropped top. 

What’s very important are the shoes, if you’re a very tall person, above 1.75m/5’9, then you might get in wearing flat shoes, nothing sporty though, but if you’re shorter you will have to wear platforms or some type of higher shoes, even heeled boots can work depending on your outfit and the nightclub.

A few examples of what would not get in are: 


Do NOT wear big sweaters, unified jeans/ pants, granny dresses, sneakers, sports wear, puffer jacket, beach wear, flip flops..

That’s it for you ladies! 

Just look put together as per dos above examples and you’ll be fine.

Now what should our guys wear?

Booking an expensive table does not guarantee you entrance, if you want to spend 5k on a nightout but show up at the door dressed poorly you will not get in and we can’t help with that. 


We’ll keep it short and simple for the nightlife men, shirts! 

  • Proper shirt

  • Floral shirt

  • Funky shirt

  • Casual shirt

You name it, just wear a shirt! 

Pair it with smart casual jeans or pants and you’re good. 

Go for a blazer or leather jacket rather than a puffy jacket to keep you warm.

You can also opt for a sweatshirt, turtleneck or a simple t-shirt but they need to look smart. 

Accessories such as watches, necklaces, hats are also very welcomed. 

Or the best option that doesn’t ever fail you, a proper suit

Keep in mind that your shoes are also very important, pick the ones that look smart or even formal shoes

Footwear is also very important and even if you have a nice outfit on your shoes can determine if you get in or not. Only wear 1 - proper shoes or 2 - smart shoes

Here are the examples 

Proper, formal shoes

Smart casual shoes (careful with these, they shouldn’t be too casual)

Now that you know how to dress to impress and be allowed entrance you must know what to avoid.


NEVER wear fanny packs, caps, sports wear, backpacks, sneakers, hoodie over head, jogging bottoms, tennis shoes, tank tops, an overly colorful outfit that doesn’t match, sandals, visible socks, flip flops, big designer logo. We repeat NO big logos on your clothes. They will for sure get you turned down at the door.

There you have it, what to wear and what not to wear when going out in Paris for girls and guys. 

If you follow our advice you will be looking good in the eyes of the door staff but you also need to have a good attitude, be sober and behave while waiting to get in. 

Good luck at the door and most importantly always have fun! 

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