Private boat parties

30 Sep 2020

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 We have decided to share with you the best option there is right now to have fun and party.

The coronavirus, which was first found in a seafood market late last year in 2019 December, has spread to at least 177 countries, making the Global Health organization declare a pandemic on 11th of March followed by month of quarantine and most public places to shut down. 

Since that people have been staying at home, some countries allowed party venues or outdoor locations to hold events under certain safety rules but we know that everyone is longing for having some good fun, meeting people, drinking, listening to music and dancing respecting the uneventful pandemic.

How to party during covid?

Rent your own private yacht/boat. 

We know that it sounds a bit extravagant but the prices of booking a big boat for a day have dropped significantly and it really has become the most popular way people party nowadays.

The benefits of renting your own yacht are:

- unique party experience 

- similar price as booking a table in a VIP nightclub

- personalised party

- have around only the people you like

- blast music as loud as you want

- there's no bouncer not to let you in 

- you make the rules

What we also help with is providing a DJ to perform live, bring the booze (any type of drinks from soft drinks and beers to the finest Magnum champagne bottles), offer some finger food and last but not least get together a mixed group of people.

If you don't know who to invite or don't know enough people that can attend your boat party we can certainly get a fun crowd together.

In Miami prices start from $1500.

In Dubai prices start from AED4000. 

Book directly on our website or contact us for more details.

We are sure that you will love the experience of hosting your own luxurious yacht party!

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