PlaySchool Every Monday at Toy Room Dubai


Many know of the ToyRoom in London but if you ever head to Dubai and happen to be there on a Monday you should definitely check out PlaySchool at ToyRoom Dubai.

For many who have never visited Dubai, the party atmosphere at the clubs here is truly shocking. But, although at first it can be hard to think of "United Arab Emirates nightclubs" and "trendy, sexy, luxurious nightclubs" as belonging in the same category, once you've seen Dubai it all comes together beautifully. And the Toy Room nightclub in Dubai is the epitome of Dubai's capacity for excess. After visiting this Dubai hot-spot on a Monday, you will know what the club scene in Dubai is all about.

If you're already in love with trendy Dubai nightclubs with a bit of an edge, the latest music, and all the high-tech features you expect at a luxury venue, then this is the place for you. This venue boasts state of the art lighting and sound systems, as well as some of the best feature effects around, from their smoke machines that consume the room, to the infamous Toy Room bear that roams the rooms, ready to pose for your selfies and group photos.

The perfect combination of luxury and surrealism, the Toy Room Club in Dubai is all about adult fun. Starting the night with slightly more smooth hip hop beats and cocktails is ideal. The earlier you get in, the better the range of energy you will feel. Kind of like an actual playschool for adults, it starts out slow with some awesome cocktails from the full bar to get your energy pumping, and then the beats just get better and better as the night goes on, until you won't be able to stop dancing.

But what good would all these luxury features be if the music isn't good enough? Fortunately, the Toy Room is Dubai's go-to club for the best in hip hop, from live acts to international DJs specializing in the genre. If you want to dance, play, and party all night long, and consider yourself a hip hop connoisseur, then this is your home from home.

The venue is a smaller one, but that really brings out the fun and energy. Unlike some larger clubs, there is hardly a quiet corner in the whole venue. Everyone is there to have a good time, so even if you show up alone or with a small group, you're bound to make new friends to party the night away with.

It can be hard to summarize a Monday night at the Toy Room in Dubai. It is the best place for a night out in Dubai. The sexiest people, the best drinks, and amazing hip hop beats... what's not to love?

The only downside to this venue is that, unfortunately, it has such a limited guest capacity that it's hard to get in on a Monday night. If you can get on the guest list or book a table at the Toy Room Dubai, then you will have the time of your life - but you won't just get in at the door at a venue like this, especially not on one of its hottest nights!

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