Growth and marketing manager

We are looking for someone ambitious that are willing to put in hard work to eventually take a leading role in the company.

There will be a base salary plus share of increased profits and stock options to earn a share in the company.

You would start by learning the ropes to get a good understanding of how everything works. You will then be able to and happy to jump in at any task needed to be done.

We need someone who can and want to get things done.

You will essentially be the CEOs right hand person making his ideas come into reality which will be setting up new partnerships, marketing campaigns, content production, getting the development team to implement new features and much more.

If you know how to edit videos that is great but if not you will hire freelancers to do it for you.

Coming up with own ideas is highly encouraged but you will have to be strong enough to not get emotional and quit if some of your ideas gets a no.

There will be complicated clients, partners and disagreements so this is not for the fainthearted. The important thing is to always handle issues professionally and with a good attitude.

It can be fully remote or in the office in Lisbon, Portugal.

Champagne cup design competition

Design our own style of stylish champagne cup/glass which will be the drinking vessel at the coming pool parties at the Clubbable villa in Portugal.

The prize: Win a all inclusive 3 night stay at the villa and enjoy drinks by the pool from the cup you designed!

Be innovative and quirky while still making sure your design has class.

It should have the CLUBBABLE logo on it in a way so that it will be readable in photos of people holding them. Do not worry about keeping it simple to in order to be able to manufacture them since they will be 3D-printed. The printing will have 2 colours.

If you are not a wizard with 3D design/modelling it is fine to submit your design drawn on paper and photographed.

We encourage you to be innovative so do not restrict yourself to only one leg of the glass.

It does need to be stable and somewhat durable so it does not fall over or break.

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