Madrid में वीआईपी नाइटक्लब खुले आज

Madrid में अन्य नाइटक्लब जो खुले नहीं आज हैं

Blackhaus नाइट क्लब Madrid


Fanatico नाइट क्लब Madrid


Fucking Monday नाइट क्लब Madrid

Fucking Monday

Liberty Supper Club नाइट क्लब Madrid

Liberty Supper Club

Misericordia The Club नाइट क्लब Madrid

Misericordia The Club

Nazca नाइट क्लब Madrid


Panthera नाइट क्लब Madrid


Shoko नाइट क्लब Madrid


Teatro Barcelo नाइट क्लब Madrid

Teatro Barcelo

Teatro Kapital नाइट क्लब Madrid

Teatro Kapital

Teatro Magno नाइट क्लब Madrid

Teatro Magno

The Agua Bendita नाइट क्लब Madrid

The Agua Bendita

Toy Room नाइट क्लब Madrid

Toy Room

Vandido नाइट क्लब Madrid



Madrid is a fantastic blend of traditional and modern Spain, embracing the history of the entire Iberian Peninsula and turning it around into a modern metropolis.

Unlike Barcelona or Marbella, Madrid seems less keen to show off its modern and multicultural roots, and if you stick to the usual daytime tours and cultural experiences you might believe there is no nightlife here at all. But that couldn't be further from the truth! If you stop by the right streets, or go out after dark, you will discover a thriving nightlife in Madrid unlike any other you will see elsewhere in Spain. Or, even easier, you can log into the Clubbable app and see what clubs are near your hotel. After all, why waste time exploring different back streets and districts when all tonight's open clubs are available at the tap of your finger?

A part of why Madrid seems so sleepy and quiet is because by day the trendy people are either working or sleeping. In fact, the rest of Spain often calls those from Madrid "gatos", or "cats", because of how much they love staying out all night and sleeping all day!

Because many Spanish cities have planning laws which focus on keeping the streets as authentic as possible, many clubs are hidden away, either on less obvious streets or, better yet, in rooftop bars and clubs from where you can see all of Madrid! These bars can be so entrancing that it might be easy to forget just how much extra the city has to offer. So don't just stick to the same venue every night, because Madrid has as much variety as any other clubbing city.

In Madrid there is a very active dance culture. Unlike many other cities where all clubs are a stylistic free for all, some Madrid clubs are geared towards specific dances, such as salsa and tango, and have connected dance studios. This doesn't mean you can't rock out in your own style, but it does mean that you might see plenty of beautiful and talented dancers, not just on stage but also hitting the dance floor with you. Which is also a huge win for those who love to people watch more than they like to dance themselves.

The atmosphere around some of these more niche, dance-oriented clubs is just delicious, and you will be able to enjoy some amazing remixes and new renditions of current top forty tracks, as well as cocktails specifically made to fit the theme of the venue, and staff in classic outfits with a twist. All in all, when you hit the streets of Madrid by night, the city transforms from a demure and elegant lady into a sensual clubbing goddess, full of hidden surprises.
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