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11:59 अपराह्न - 5:00 पूर्वाह्न


11:59 अपराह्न - 5:00 पूर्वाह्न


11:59 अपराह्न - 5:00 पूर्वाह्न
न्यूनतम आयु: 18

Liberty is an exclusive nightclub that opened its doors in November 2016, formerly known as Zoé Unusual Club. It is located on Juan Bravo Street. At the club, you start your new nocturnal lifestyle where you can enjoy three irresistible experiences at once: dinner first, then drink, followed by the best party. Liberty is your exclusive restaurant and also your exclusive nightclub. Liberty is one of the top clubs in Madrid’s posh neighbourhood Barrio Salamanca! 

Dress to impress! Collared shirt, jeans, dress shoes for guys. Avoid anything that can be considered sportswear (track jackets, jerseys, sneakers, hats, etc). Unless you’re a celebrity – in that case you can dress however you please.

The interior of the club is lavish and luxurious, with plush velvet couches and crystal chandeliers adding sparkle to the ambiance. The dress code is strictly enforced, so no T-shirts or jeans allowed. Instead, patrons must don their finest designer duds; think tailored suits and cocktail dresses for men and women respectively.

The music at Liberty Supper Club ranges from classic to modern; DJs spin house tunes, hip hop jams, Latin rhythms, and more. To match the vibe of the music there are three different dance floors: a main floor that hosts a live band every Friday night, an underground level for those looking for something more intimate, and an outdoor terrace ideal for catching some fresh air between song-and-dance sets.

The Liberty Supper Club has seen many famous faces grace its doors over the years; celebrities like Eva Longoria, Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, Maisie Williams and J Balvin have all been spotted here partying alongside local Madrid socialites. It's not just celebs that frequent this establishment though; you can also find businessmen rubbing elbows with fashion royalty as well as up-and-coming entrepreneurs looking to make deals while having a drink or two.

If you're looking to experience one of Madrid's trendiest nightlife spots in style then head over to Liberty Supper Club - it won't be hard to miss with its distinctively decorated façade featuring large neon signs advertising its wares! Inside this fashionable club you'll find yourself surrounded by luxury décor along with a vibrant atmosphere filled with music and laughter - perfect if you want your night out in Madrid to be truly unforgettable!

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आगामी रातें

Liberty Supper Club में Madrid 20 जून 2024

गुरुवार, 20 जून 2024

11:59 अपराह्न - 05:00 पूर्वाह्न

Liberty Supper Club में Madrid 21 जून 2024

शुक्रवार, 21 जून 2024

11:59 अपराह्न - 05:00 पूर्वाह्न

Liberty Supper Club में Madrid 22 जून 2024

शनिवार, 22 जून 2024

11:59 अपराह्न - 05:00 पूर्वाह्न

Liberty Supper Club में Madrid 27 जून 2024

गुरुवार, 27 जून 2024

11:59 अपराह्न - 05:00 पूर्वाह्न

Liberty Supper Club में Madrid 28 जून 2024

शुक्रवार, 28 जून 2024

11:59 अपराह्न - 05:00 पूर्वाह्न

Liberty Supper Club में Madrid 29 जून 2024

शनिवार, 29 जून 2024

11:59 अपराह्न - 05:00 पूर्वाह्न

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