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Urbanización Marbellamar, Conjunto 1, Local 1-1º, Marbella, Spain
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"We are a different club, something sacramental. A heaven for those who believe in the divinity of house music as way to have fun with no regrets. We are good music and champagne lovers, a place for sinners and saints. Our ambiance is inspired by all corners around the globe, creating a unique, exotic and extravagant feeling. Book your VIP table inside or spread your wings on our stunning rooftop outside under the stars. Confront your demons, escape reality, forget your sins.. be blessed at Bless Marbella.”
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Bottle menu:

Standard 0.75L 130€
Premium 0.75L 150€
Magnum Belvedere 1.75L 350€
Belvedere 3L 600€
Belvedere 6L 1.000€

Moet brut 150€
Moet NIR 180€
Tequilas/Jagger 150€

Shishas 30€ x 1 o 50€ x 2
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