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743 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
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Rockwell operates under a new name, Vendome and has new owners but most things will remain the same.

If you're looking for celebrity performances aplenty, rocking energy, and sexy bodies on the dance floor, then you need to see Rockwell nightclub in Miami. Launched by Chris Paciello, nightlife entrepreneur extraordinaire, Lil Kim, Wiz Khalifa and more have performed on its stage. And when it comes to the non-celebrity guests, they are some of the sexiest people in town.

Rockwell focuses on great hip hop beats and performers over and above the actual DJs playing. This means that when there isn't a celebrity headliner, the experience comes first. It's a unique twist, but by bringing local talent to the stage and encouraging a complete, rounded experience, this trendy Miami club really begins to feel like home. You can expect a lot of top 40s and general pop music, as well as 80s and 90s rock and pop, as the night progresses.

The venue gets insanely busy through the night, and during peak times there isn't as much space to dance, making it a perfect opportunity to get back to your table for a drink.

Table service is a must. It is the cherry on top, providing that final touch of glamour you just need to feel like king or queen of the castle. Stunning bottle girls in sexy outfits will bring a premium selection of drinks to your table and serve you and your party. The perfect way to relax after hitting the dance floor for a few great tracks. The VIP tables are very central, giving you plenty of room for people watching and, of course, to be seen as well.

The dresscode is very upscale. Suits, business casual, loungewear and eveningwear are the best options. No sportswear and no streetwear. Men must wear polished leather shoes and women must wear heels. If you show up looking anything less than polished, you're not getting in.

The security here is pretty tight, with a zero-tolerance policy for violations of dress code and club rules. If there is any sign that you might be underdressed, already drunk, or generally looking for trouble, they will turn you away. Be patient, make sure you're on the guestlist and have a table booked, and be polite and you'll get through the door no problem.

The upside to this is the club is exclusive, full of beautiful, fun-loving people, and very safe. All round, the experience is enjoyable from when you walk in the door until closing time.

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Belvedere $450
Belvedere Magnum Luminous $950
Grey Goose & Flavors $450
Grey Goose Magnum $950
Ciroc & Flavors $450
Ciroc Magnum $950
Ketel One & Flavors $450
Ketel One Magnum $950
Absolut Elyx $450
Absolut & Flavors $375

Bombay Sapphire $450
Tanqueray $450
Hendricks $450

Bacardi All Flavors $400
Captain Morgan $400
Malibu $400

Grand Marnier $400
Jägermeister $400

Dewars $375
Glenlivet 12 Year $400
Glenlivet 15 year $400
Johnnie Walker Black $450
Johnnie Walker Gold $600
Johnnie Walker Blue $800

Hilhaven Lodge $450
Jameson $400
Crown Royal $400
Crown Royal Special Reserve $450
Bulleit $400
Jack Daniels $400
Fireball $400

Avion Silver $450
Avion Reserva 44 $1,000
DeLeón Platinum $450
DeLeón Reposado $500
Don Julio Blanco $450
Don Julio 1942 $900
Don Julio 1942 Magnum Luminous $2,100
Clase Azul Reposado $900
Casamigos Blanco $500
Patron Silver $450
Patron Silver Magnum $900
Patron Platinum $975
Patron Platinum Magnum $1,700

Hennessy VS $400
Hennessy VSOP $600
Hennessy XO $800
Remy Martin VSOP $450
Remy Martin Louis XIII $6,000
D’ussé VSOP $450
Remy Martin 1738 $500

-Yellow Edition
-Orange Edition
-Blue Edition $50


PJ Grand Brut $450
PJ Blason Rosé $550
PJ Belle Epoque Luminous $650
PJ Belle Epoque Rosé Luminous $1,000
PJ Belle Brut Magnum $1,000
PJ Belle Rosé Magnum $1,900

Dom Pérignon Luminous $900
Dom Pérignon Rosé Luminous $1,400
Dom Pérignon Magnum Luminous $2,200
Dom Pérignon Rosé Magnum Luminous $3,400
Dom Pérignon Jeroboam $6,100
Dom Pérignon Rosé Jeroboam $11,000


Moët Imperial $400
Moët Imperial Rosé $450
Moët Imperial Nectar $400
Moët Imperial Nectar Rosé Luminous $650
Moët Imperial Nectar Rosé Virgil Abloh Limited Edition $750
Moët Imperial Rosé Magnum $850
Moët Imperial Nectar Rosé Luminous Magnum $1,350
Moët Imperial Jeroboam $1,900
Moët Imperial Nectar Rosé Jeroboam $2,800
Moët Imperial Bright Night Magnum $900
Moët Nectar Rosé X Public School Magnum $1,050
Moët Nectar Rosé X Public School Jeroboam $3,500

Ace of Spades $1,100
Ace of Spades Rosé $1,700
Ace of Spades Magnum $2,400
Ace of Spades Rosé Magnum $3,200
Ace of Spades Jeroboam $10,000

Veuve Yellow Label $400
Veuve Yellow Label Magnum Luminous $800
Veuve Yellow Label Jeroboam Luminous $1,800
Veuve Clicquot Rosé $450
Veuve Clicquot Rosé Magnum $1,000
Veuve Clicquot Rosé Jeroboam $2,500

Cristal $1,000
Cristal $1,600
Cristal Magnum $2,600
Cristal Jeroboam $13,000

Le Chemin du Roi Brut Rosé $1,000


6 - Dom Pérignon Luminous

12 - Moët Imperial Nectar Rosé Luminous

...I ROCKWELL!! $18,000
20 - Dom Pérignon Luminous

6 - Ace of Spades
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