• Bikini nightclub Barcelona
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  • bikini nightclub barcelona full night party dancing people having fun
  • bikini nightclub barcelona view of the club with colored lights and empty dance floor
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Avenida Diagonal, 547 ,08029 Barcelona, España
Minimum Age: 18
If you thought amazing, luxurious, relaxing dayclubs were just a feature of the Las Vegas landscape, then Barcelona is about to wow you. The Bikini Club in Barcelona has a capacity of 800 people, and although the focus is more on the night club side, it is a perfect example of how the dayclub party lifestyle is infecting all of Barcelona with its fun, luxurious take on a Summer holiday.

Bikini operates standard nightclub hours as well as dayclub hours, with a stronger focus on its nightclub side, which features regular concerts, special events, and themed days. During daytime hours the focus is all on customer service, making sure you can enjoy the luxury of the club and just chill out.

The venue is spread out over two rooms, but they are only divided via a partition wall, so sometimes they will join the rooms to really open up the dance floor, especially when they have a big event going on. Even with the rooms separated, there is plenty of space to dance and mingle with the other guests, which is perfect, as the music is usually very danceable. When the rooms are split you can expect techno and EDM most of the time in one, and a dedicated salsa room in the other. Although the venue is fairly large, the setting is quite intimate, especially on special event and concert days.

The music varies from R&B and hip hop to house and electronica, depending on the night. They also have regular Reggaetón, trap, and Latinx music nights. The DJs are local talent, and they also open the stage for local indie artists from time to time as well. Their concerts are exclusively held during nightlife hours, and the sound system is to die for. State of the art, and always perfectly calibrated for whatever music they are playing for the night.

The drinks here are pretty standard fare. A full bar, a few big name bottles, enough to meet most taste requirements, but not many speciality cocktails or small batch drinks. If you like knowing what you're getting and have a go-to drink, this would work really well for you, though.

The venue is pretty upscale and, day or night, maintains a strict dress code and entry policy. You need to be dressed to impress, with women in cocktail dresses or classy Summer dresses and heels, and men in business casual or smart casual. Coats are obviously not required, but no matter how warm it gets they don't exactly take kindly to people showing up in beach clothes, streetwear, or sportswear.

There is usually a modest entry fee, which they waive from time to time for women, but I wouldn't count on it. If you've got a table reserved or you're on the guestlist you're unlikely to have to pay an entry fee, and you can often skip the queue and get in even when the club is pretty busy and not letting many more people in. Without being on the guestlist or having a reservation it can be hard to get in.
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