• Opium nightclub Barcelona
  • Party at Opium VIP nightclub in Barcelona. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Opium VIP nightclub in Barcelona. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Opium VIP nightclub in Barcelona. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Opium VIP nightclub in Barcelona. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
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Passeig Marítim, 34, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
Minimum Age: 18
The Opium club in Barcelona caters very strongly to tourists and is one of the most visible nightclubs in Barcelona, with an open stone facade and a bold sign outside. You literally cannot miss it. Many people get interested in it after seeing it from the beach during the day.

The outside includes some outdoors seating which is especially good in the Summer, but a bit too cold in the Winter. It is on an elevated deck, so you can look out over the beach front without worrying much about sand or passers-by. It still retains an air of intimacy even though you are out under the stars. The outdoors seats are very comfortable, with large white couches and stools, and plenty of cushions. If the weather is warm you will love it out here.

Indoors the lighting is beautiful, with ornate glowing LED patterns in the ceiling and some night spotlights. It might be a bit bright for some people, but it is generally quite a pleasant lighting and still very flattering for selfies and dancing. The seating indoors may seem a bit random, with curved couches wrapping into each other a bit like a Paisley print, but it's actually very well designed for people who want to mingle and have fun with the other club-goers.

The stage is very visible from everywhere in the club and you will be able to enjoy the music and show wherever you are seated nor dancing. They play very loud, international music, with a bit of an American leaning. This Barcelona nightclub has a bit of a Las Vegas feel to it.

The drinks are pretty standard for a Barcelona club, but pretty good nonetheless. The price for drinks and hookah runs quite high, and you are paying more for the experience and the venue than for the drinks themselves, which aren't amazing, even if they are good.

It can get insanely crowded with a very international community as the night goes on. As it attracts mostly tourists you will find it easy to talk to people in English. Thanks to how many people are drawn to it during the day, it tends to be buzzing with life as the night goes on. It also opens late, as most Barcelona nightclubs do, with the biggest energy building in the early hours of the morning. And it stays open literally all night long, so if you have the energy you can have a great night out clubbing and just wait for early in the morning to have a coffee and set off around the city again.

The venue is in very high demand and you may not be able to get in much after one or two in the morning. It is recommended to sign up on the guest list so that you can get in early and sometimes receive free entry. Otherwise there is a pretty standard door fee for men, and a fee sometimes waived for women.

Opium is opening a sister club in London
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300 Ballantine’s
700 Ballantine’s 2L
350 Cardhu 12 Años
350 Chivas Regal 12 Años
400 Chivas Regal 18 Años
700 Chivas 2L
300 Dewar’s White Label
350 Glenmorangie 10 Años
300 Jameson
300 Johnnie Walker Red Label
400 Johnnie Walker Black Label
1000 Johnnie Walker Blue Label
350 Macallan Amber
500 Macallan Sienna
900 Macallan Ruby
300 Four Roses
300 Jimi Beam
350 Maker’s Mark
350 Jack Daniel’s

300 Absolut 70cl
600 Absolut 1,5L
1500 Absolut 4,5L
350 Absolut Elyx 70cl
700 Absolut Elyx 1,5L

700 BELUGA Cold Line

350 Belvedere Pure 70 cl
750 Belvedere Luminous 1,75L
1400 Belvedere Luminous 3L
2600 Belvedere Luminous 6L
350 Ciroc
750 Ciroc
1400 Ciroc
350 Grey Goose Original
700 Grey Goose Original
2000 Grey Goose Original
350 King Peter
900 King Peter 1,75L
1400 King Peter 3L

20 Long Drinks
25 Cocktail

400 Atlantico Private
300 Bacardi
350 Bacardi 8 años
350 Bacardi Superior 1L
300 Barcelona añejo
300 Brugal Añejo
300 Cacique Añejo
350 Havana Club 7 años
900 Havana Club 7 años 3L
300 Havana Club Ritual
300 Matusalem 7 Años
350 Matusalem 15 Años
400 Zacapa 23

300 Batley’s
300 Hierbas Ibiza Mayans
300 Sambuca
300 Jagermeister

300 Beefeater
350 Beefeater 24
300 Bombay Original
350 Bombay Sapphire
350 Bulldog
350 Hendrick’s
300 Rives 1880
350 Rives special
300 Martin Miller’s
300 Tanqueray
350 Tanqueray N° Ten
350 Sloane’s

400 Don Julio Reposado
350 El Jimador Reposado
300 Estripe Reposado
350 Herradura Reposado
300 Jose Cuervo
350 Jose Cuervo 1800
350 Patron Cafe
500 Patron Silver
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