4 Tips That Will Help You Enjoy Drinking Whisky More

14 Dec 2020

4 Tips That Will Help You Enjoy Drinking Whisky More

Whisky is something magical. You can share the enchanting elixir with friends and family or you can make new friends at your local cocktail or dive bar over a fine pour of the stuff. Whisky has such a diverse palette that it can appeal to almost anyone: bourbon, rye, single malt, blends. And you wouldn't mind using a few quick tricks to make your whisky taste better if you like the taste of alcohol. To learn how to enjoy drinking whisky more, read on. 

  1. Straight or Neat

When you have a glass of whisky next time, fight the temptation to throw ice into it immediately. You'll find that many whiskies are greatly improved by ice, but if you don't at least try a neat whisky, you'd be doing yourself a disservice. If you find you don't like your whisky neat, that's totally okay. A glass of straight whisky can be like a slap in the face to your taste buds with its high alcohol content (approximately 40 percent to 43 percent alcohol by volume) and bold flavor profiles.

  1. Whisky Varieties

Whisky drinkers love whisky because of its array of flavors, ranging from light and fruity to rich and smoky. Whisky experts from Glenfiddich 15  strongly recommend experimenting with various types, ages, and proof of different whisky varieties to find your preference. Also within a single form of whisky, a lot of variety can occur. Don't just try one form of Irish whisky, for instance, and decide it's not for you - you may prefer another bottle that's been aged a bit longer or has a higher or lower alcohol content. Ordering your next whisky won't be a challenge after you've heard about the various types of whisky and how best to enjoy each variety, whether you want to savor your whisky straight or a blend.

  1. Cocktails

Cocktails can be a perfect means of discovering their way into the world of whisky for beginners. We advise you to try it in a cocktail if you really don't like the taste of whisky by itself. A well-balanced cocktail will highlight the versatility and sophistication of the spirit to those who may have been put off by some whiskies' strength and strong flavors. Embrace whisky's special complexities by drinks, as it comes in many variations. If you want a sweet and easy drink, you should try the Old Fashioned Classic first. Or drinks such as Manhattan, Mint Julep, Hot Toddy, or Whisky Sour that have been time-tested.

  1. On the Rocks

Although some whisky lovers turn their noses towards the thought of drinking whisky on the rocks, there's nothing wrong with adding a little ice if you like. If you prefer chilled and diluted whisky, consider adding large ice cubes or a sphere of ice instead of small cubes to your whisky glass. The larger the ice, the slower it melts. This will allow you to experience and enjoy multiple flavors of the same drink with patience. If, without the dilution and you want the freezing effect, you might try adding chilled whisky stones.

Whisky is extraordinary when drunk in moderation. On a celebratory day, you should share a good shot of whisky with your friends and family. While there might be strong opinions from some serious drinkers about the proper way to drink whisky, there are really no hard and fast laws. Hope you can make sure you're drinking and serving the best-tasting whisky with these tips. Enjoy your drink the way it pleases you.

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