Best NYE parties 2020

27 Mar 2024

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We are once again approaching the end of another year, taking all that has happened in 2020 we think everyone is happy that this eventful year is coming to an end. 

Hopefully we can all remain positive that the future will bring a sense of normality back in our lives and resurrect the greatly missed nightlife.

If you are currently living within the EU you already know that celebrating the New Year is prohibited by all governments, which means that public celebrations are not allowed. You might be allowed to host a small house party with a maximum of 6 people, depending on which country you live in, but that is the best one can do regarding this situation. 

Check the availability of flights to the following destinations, you might get lucky and be able to party in a more tolerant country.


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As we have mentioned in our up to date post about When will nightclubs open again, Dubai has been the hot spot of partying since this summer when most countries have still been kept under partial lockdown. 

If you go to this luxurious city the options of parties going on everyday are just amazing. Tens of events being host on a daily basis with famous djs, bands or live shows entertaining you while being served your favourite champagne or conceptual cocktails. If you prefer to dine before partying, host your own private boat party, tan at a beach club or cool down in a swimming pool the choices are almost countless in comparison to other cities.


All clubs are fully booked!

The most happening city in the States! Florida is well known for it's hot days that last throughout the year which makes Miami a refreshing holiday destination. 

Miami's nightlife is flourishing this season so don't hesitate to give it a go, it will definitely not disappoint you. From proper nightclub events to outdoor beach or pool clubs and even boat private parties you can pick what suits your party tastes best.

There are some tickets left at Compound in Atlanta, buy them here.

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