Club Culture and its Contemporary Persona

30 Jan 2020

Club Culture and its Contemporary Persona

The club culture that once brought places like Ibiza in the limelight has since then changed tremendously. No longer are clubs just a destination to drink and party, but are, in fact, wholesome entertainment spots that allow people to have fun and make merry. 

This transformation of the club culture has come up based on people wanting a lot more from their night outs. Yes, letting your hair down and dancing away your worries is still a popular excuse, but guests who are visiting the tops clubs of the world are now demanding far more value from the amount of money they spend. Thankfully, it seems the clubs are listening. 


At the very core of the club culture is still the idea of partying. However, elements such as music have integrated even further, with many establishments catering to multiple preferences by having separate dance floors playing different types of sounds. Add to that the bonuses that can range from inviting topmost DJs, live performances, or having dance competitions to foam parties; clubs are attracting customers by doing unique and exclusive events regularly.  


A lot many people feel passionate about sports, and by linking it to the club culture, quite a few organisations have increased their customer base. Sports betting is another popular pastime and while clubs cannot function as bookies, thanks to online betting sites it is possible to quickly view NFL betting odds or that of any sport and place wagers while enjoying the game on a large screen in your favourite club. By becoming the occasional “sports bar,” clubs allow people to enjoy sports and also party afterwards, all at the same location. 

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Clubbing has always been about increasing the social factor. One way to do that is by holding events that encourage people to mingle with each other. Dancing and drinking are all excellent, but many a time, people tend to stay in their own groups, not able to make the most of being in a crowded place filled with like-minded individuals. That is why clubs around the world are hosting special bingo events that take a step away from the age-old format of the game and add dancing, music, food, and interaction into the play. These events are particularly popular with the Millennials who are always open to experimenting with new-age formats of vintage classics.  


Health, staying fit, and having that perfect beach body is a way of life now. As a result, we see a massive revival of pool parties around the globe. People now want to see and be seen, and the best place for that is around the water. Thus, clubs are not hesitant to move out into the open and create a space that is both sexy and still laidback enough to let people relax and enjoy the music in their own way. 


Although drinks have always been an integral part of the club culture, food has come up hugely as well. People now expect good food no matter where they go out to party. That is why clubs are focusing on making sure that they offer excellent dining options in a casual manner, which is quite a leap from the greasy pub grub one expected in the earlier days of clubbing.  

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