Clubbable launch at Cannes Film Festival

02 Aug 2018

Clubbable launch at Cannes Film Festival

The 70th Cannes Film Festival has now started! The Clubbable team couldn't be more excited! After almost a year of success in London, Clubbable is hosting an extravagant launch party to show what our brand is really about. An app that helps users discover high-end night life, Clubbable found the perfect opportunity to show Cannes, France, what it means to have a good time. Boasting special guests, models, famous celebrities, and champagne, this launch party is on everyone's list!

The launch party will be held during the Cannes film festival on the 19th of May at our private luxury beach club at prime location on Boulevard la Croisette with a very exclusive guest list. The launch party will be held between 12pm and 6pm at La Gold Plage beach club, branded and run by luxury jewellery brand De Grisogono. This event is for selected guest only - actors, models, influencers, bloggers, celebrities and spenders. It will be a luxurious and exclusive event with music, performances and mingling. The star chef is from Coya Restaurant, so the menu will be amazing! Are You one of us - are You Clubbable? The event will have an exclusive guestlist and restrictive door policy.

All VIP clubs will be listed in the Clubbable app. By requesting guest list to events/clubs, you are able to receive exclusive offers for your night out - like pre-drink, free entrance, free drinks, etc. Table bookings are also done using the app.

During the Film Festival, the clubbing scene is a bit different. Because of the high attendance pressure at the clubs and events during the festival, guest list requests acceptances are very rare. All exclusive celebrity parties during the Film Festival will be listed in the Clubbable app - but have in mind that these events are very exclusive and with expensive tickets - guestlist requests can be done using the app, although, it's extremely rare to be accepted to guestlist for these events. You can buy your way into the celebrity parties, but the tickets are extremely expensive - usually around several of thousands of euros each. A few luckily have actually been offered through the Clubbable app to join Leonardo DiCaprio's Yacht Party - yet tickets are still required. I.e you will have to be VIP to even be able to buy tickets.

Clubbable brand is bringing the luxury to You! Join the fun and celebrate our launch in Cannes on Friday the 19th! Apply for guest list or table booking for the amazing lunch through the app, our different forums (Facebook, Instagram) or email to PR

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