14 Mar 2023


What is a Clubstaurant?

A Clubstaurant, sometimes also called Clubsteraunt, is a new concept, perfect for people who are not fans of going to proper nightclubs. Moving from the loud and crowded clubs to a more mature setting is a natural progression for some party goers. Everyone in the nightlife industry realizes how easily a "mature" venue can become "boring" therefore clubstaurants are the perfect balance between a classy venue and a fun nightclub.

A Clubstaurant combines the fun, party atmosphere of traditional clubs with the luxury dinner services offered by private member clubs, and adds a dose of the surrealism and brightness of themed clubs. The end result? A stunning immersive experience that offers an entire night out in one crazy venue.

Although Clubstaurants are only getting hot right now, they do have some history behind them. The first modern nightclub was opened in the late 80s but before that private members clubs have offered young people a place to enjoy music, attend in fun activities, wear daring outfits and partake in social groups. The happenings inside these clubs has changed with time but the core concept has always featured a complete experience.

This trend is only looking to get more popular, as more and more people demand a true oasis away from city life. Some of the biggest troubles with clubbing are related to getting to the venue, or changing venues. If you want to enjoy a complete experience on a night out, a Clubstaurant is a fantastic idea, letting you have dinner, dance, get some drinks, socialize, and enjoy thrilling shows, all in one place.
One of the best Clubstaurants is located in New York. TAO is one of the oldest running Clubstaurants, featuring modern Asian fusion cuisine in both uptown and downtown NY, set in a traditional East Asian restaurant and a modern club.

Clubbable has a wide range of Clubstaurants available in most major cities, contact us to find out if the city you're in has this type of venue.

MNKY HSE in London is another Clubstaurant with plenty of space for dancing and dinner tables in a luxurious setting. You can enjoy a delightful meal out surrounded by art, followed by a night of dancing, drinking and having fun.
A few other clubstaurants worth visiting are Matignon in Paris Hyde Sunset in LA, Vudu and Mosh in Marbella, all featuring art and shows, modern local cuisine and an amazing nightclub experience. In Stockholm everyone is talking about Hell's Kitchen

If you are looking for a truly unique Clubstaurant experience near you, check out your city's available clubs on the Clubbable website or app.

After all, trends come and go, so if you want to experience the best Clubstaurants near you, you'll want to see them now, before the next clubbing trend takes over!

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